The Princess of Darkness


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy


When I was about 9  years old I went outside of my comfort zone for Halloween and dressed up as a Princess- I wore a sparkly crown and a Princess Dress.

It was pink and had a light blue sash.

I went to a house with a bunch of pumpkins in the yard and orange and black crepe paper streamers hanging in the windows.

I had never seen such a pretty Halloween House in my life.

I felt like belonged there.

When I knocked at the door the lady of the house opened the door and she was holding a tray with candied apples and popcorn balls and scattered around the try were little hard candies wrapped in purple and orange waxed paper.

It was breathtaking.

I said ‘trick or treat’  and she said,

” What are you supposed to be.”

” A Princess.”

She reached into a little bowl on a table just inside of her door and tossed a little candy bar into my treat bag,

” You’re no Princess little girl ” she said.

She looked like she was smelled  something bad.

The door banged shut in my face.


On my way back to the road I kicked all of the pumpkins in the pretty Halloween House over and when someone asked me what I was doing I threw my crown at them.

Like the lady of the house said, I was no Princess- that was for sure.

Vintage Paper Mache Jack-O-Lanter Trick or Treat Bucket

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