Better Than Me


Writer’s Write January Prompt

#2 Rouge

Rouge your cheeks

curl your hair, wear something like all of the other women wear

so much better than you.


Ask them where they found that dress, got their nails done

and learned to be so much more than you.


How can they be so much more attractive

 than you

put together so much more stylishly than you

even on their worst day?

He asked me, begged me, wheedled at me about it






So I tried and tried to be something better than me

sexier then me

so much more than me.

Until it came to me, in a flash-

what suit I would  bury him in.







right choice

at last.

I wonder if he will agree.

Probably not.

But I won’t care.

Because nobody can dress a corpse

better than me, more stylishly  than me

even on




67.110.45 0002

2 thoughts on “Better Than Me

  1. Loved this one!!! Like the day I told the ex what knife I would disembowel him with. Wonderful look of surprise on his face!

    • Heard this line on my current fave tv show The Blandings:
      ” I’m going to peel your face off with a spoon that is ill equipped for that purpose -”
      Ouch 😂😂😂

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