Siri- Make Me Real

The right color eyes

the creamiest peachiest skin

not a golden hair out of place

a life set to music


Instagram, Immortalized on Facebook

envied by numberless aching hearts beating in bedazzled phones world wide.


I want to be that woman

who exists in perfection with  the swipe of a finger


A command to Alexa an order to Siri

Hey Google

make me like that wonderful girl

that  refined and delicious woman

who wants world peace and never has to open a door for herself


Hey Google,  can you cut my muscles, rearrange my bones fill me with gel and fat until I’m a work of art too?

Can you make me sound like her, move like  Her Alexa?

Will I be valid then Siri?


I want to be as real as her.

The girl who exists in perfection

with the swipe of a finger

against a  plastic cover

on a bedazzled phone.


FOWC with Fandango — Valid


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