Mrs Finch’s Curious Visitors

RDP Thursday: Curious


There’s a little room

at the top of the stairs in my house

where darkness lives, and daylight stops by

for little visits

now and then.


The air is cool

and now you can hear

the wasps in the walls buzzing and humming

happily feasting on the bits of meat

they stole from Mrs Finch’s garden.


There is so much there

that they’ve grown quite fat

and the Wasps who live at the top of the stairs

where daylight visits, now and then

don’t care about flowers anymore.


Sometimes they leave the wall

and sit at the window

and watch the sun rise and set

and they say to each other,

” Let’s fly out tomorrow and find something sweet to eat instead. ”


But of course they never do.

They tumble and stagger

to Mrs Finch’s Garden, to the feast she buried behind her Tulips

under the thinnest of dirt blankets.

and with all the effort they can muster  they  harvest and then take away their food.


Or as Mrs Finch would call it, that nosey neighbor who couldn’t mind her own damn

business and got exactly what she deserved.