A Fresh Coat of Paint

RDP Monday: COAT

Industrial Education Magazine -1910

When we see an old house

with weathered boards, cracked windows and a slightly unreliable roof

we want to patch it up, fix it, force some life into its wall and make it look like all the

other houses on the street.

When we see an old body

with a weathered face, cloudy eyes and an slightly unreliable roof

we want to patch it up, fix up it and force new life into it’s bones

because it makes us feel so much better

about ourselves.

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. I like it, but I also disagree. I’m old. So it is. But my experience makes me better in helping people with their health insurance. So that is as well. The experience of age with a prettier body? A perverted version of Dorian Gray?

    • That’s the question I posed to myself. Why the demand we look a certain way? Deny who we are based on age? Why is the ” right” to self expression extended to everyone EXCEPT people over 50?

      I think it’s to make people afraid of aging feel better…if you can’t see it, its not real

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