Fences Are Awesome

It’s Time To Share My World

1.  How well do you know your immediate neighbours?

I know their dog’s names and they know mine and that’s about all I know about my neighbors and I am going to keep it that way.

I only moved to Toilet Town to be closer to my family and that was NOT one of the better choices I have made in my life, so nope. I haven’t made any neighborhood friends and I don’t intend to any time soon.

2.  Do you notice changes in your neighbourhood : ie. new car, new dog, home improvements, etc.

Don’t know. Don’t care. Unless there’s a new dog- like I said, my neighbors and I don’t know each other’s names but we encourage our dogs to play together in the dog park.  It’s the only time we really talk to each other.

The kids in the neighborhood hang out together and play soccer and ride bikes and stuff like that, but the parents don’t really socialize.

3.  Should new neighbours move in next door, do you introduce yourself once they are settled in?


4.  Have you ever had to complain to your neighbours?

I don’t care about loud music or kids making noise or barking dogs- as long as there isn’t any domestic violence situations I tune it out.

Bottom line: I could care less if they chase each other around their yards with chainsaws as long as they  stay on their side of the fence.

3 thoughts on “Fences Are Awesome

  1. Thanks for sharing your world. I have to admit I remember people’s dogs names rather than theirs! I am also more likely to know people by the dog and not recognise them if they are without it!

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