The Lodgers

The thing is, when you do a story starter and just go with whatever pops in your head you have to go with it to the end- it’s fun but a little creepy at times- and I mean  creepy  in a good way. Today’s challenge:  Fandango’s Story Starter #116

You should have seen the look on his face

when I dared him to turn around and take one look, just one quick look

at what was nailed to the wall behind him.

The thing behind him roared like a house on fire, it barked like a dog, it even bellowed

like a bull

but he was to afraid to turn around and look it in the eyes which were as green

as mold on a rotten piece of meat.

” Go on, take a peek, it can’t hurt you, it can’t even move. “

But he didn’t believe me, he just stood there like a corpse .

” If I do what you say, will you let me go? ” he asked the wall in front of him.

I counted to three, just to make it seem like I was considering his plea and I said ‘sure’.

He turned around and looked at the thing that was nailed on the wall behind him-

the cracked mirror in the broken silver frame, nailed to the wall.

The broken bones in his neck creaked  as  he turned his face away from me and back to

the wall in front of  him

and then he roared like a house on fire, he barked like a dog, and bellowed like a


as my lodgers will surely do, in this house I no longer haunt alone.

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