Hello From A.M. Moscoso


Do you know on other blogs how people put up these really clever posts about themselves and what their blog is about?

This isn’t one of those pages.

 I like to do the writing challenges, I write short stories, I like to take pictures. Sometimes I travel and I love pizza.

Without pizza I would starve.

Seriously,  I write and blog because it’s fun and I opened this up for people to look at because I’m a writer through and through and writers want to be read-

at least this one does.

I’ve been writing stories since I was 9, I was a mortician’s apprentice, I loved to ride motorcycles I play the guitar, love going to the symphony and did I mention I love to write.

I’ve seen a lot, I’ve met interesting people and I see weirdness everywhere  and the stories I could tell you-well-

You can count on this:

I will.

Thanks for stopping by.


10 thoughts on “Hello From A.M. Moscoso

  1. Do you know on other blogs how people put up these really clever posts about themselves and what their blog is about? Well, I really like this particular one 🙂

  2. animar64: I really enjoy your site: It is unique and caught my attention.

    I want to thank you for all of your “likes” on Through The Cracked Window.You did something few others bother to do, you went back to the old stuff and hopefully got some perspective on the path my writing has taken. I was surprised and happy you did. I read some of those posts and it almost seemed someone else had written them. I thank you for reminding me where I used to be and where I am now. – Stephen.

  3. ha ha. I never understood how they come up with that stuff. X likes blogging, sunflowers and teacakes. ho hum. Mortician’s apprentice! Now I’m picturing Six Feet Under. 🙂

    • I used to suffer from horrible anxiety attacks, when I was experiencing them I was absolutely sure I was going to die.
      So I made it my business to learn about death and what it could do, because in my mind I thought I would know when it was ‘real’. At some point I began to view things that scared me as wicked little creatures with big personalities and a warped sense of humor and it colored my stories.
      I guess I had learned to manage my fears and one of the ways was to, in a way accept them for being unique with a sense of humor.

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