Stories , Poems, and More By A.M. Moscoso

Each word every phrase etched on the page escaped from my brain to my pen ran into your eye hid in your darkness waiting for you to sleep. Goodnight Sweet Dreams My monsters will sing you to sleep.   Daily Prompt: Conjure

Lower your voice look down hands to you side silence.   Still your thoughts still your tongue look down hands to your side silence.   Smile. Always smile. As wide as you like as long as you want With your arms at your side but We  must  insist on your silence.   Daily Prompt: Insist

  ” I trusted you! ” his eyes were bright, his breath was sharp he pushed his face close to hers. ” I did everything you asked of me, gave everything I promised to give, I broke the rules, changed the rules, I ended lives, I set the hills and sky on fire for you. …

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