Halloween Prompt Challenges 2023


1. Weird new neighbours with a secret

2.  A doll or stuffed animal that is alive

 3.  Waking up sealed in a wall, in a coffin, or in an electric chair or a terrifying

dark place, such as a basement, attic, or cellar

4. Walking alone in a graveyard

5. Waking up in a room with no doors, windows – no way to get out

6. Fear of and contact with spiders or snakes

7. Scary clowns chasing someone

8. A door that appears in a wall that leads to another world

9. Waking up with no eyes, or nose, or mouth

10. The discovery that a family member is a serial killer

11.  A repetitive scary noise without any apparent source

12. Objects suddenly flying off surfaces and crashing on the floor

13. A Halloween pumpkin or scarecrow coming alive

14. Opening the door to the scariest costume ever

15. Being lost in the woods at night and something following you

16. Waking up in an insane asylum with a straight jacket on

17. Finding out you had a close relative you knew nothing about that was insane

18 Garden gnomes and other cement decorations of people and animals come alive

19. A mannequin in a department store that is alive

21. Making the mistake of stealing from witches

22. Neighbours suddenly start dropping dead for no apparent reason

23. A glance in the mirror reveals fangs and a hairy face

24. Waking up in your bed and seeing the floor covered with snakes

25. Dating someone you discover is not human

26. Losing any knowledge of who you are or where you live

27. Your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or the most dangerous part of town

  • Write about a group of witches meeting up on Halloween night.
  • Write about someone’s first Halloween as a ghost.
  • You have a few friends over for a Halloween party. You’ve just finished watching a scary movie when the power goes out and the door is slammed open. What happens next?
  • Write about a caveman who accidentally time travels to present-day Halloween, only to become unexpectedly popular in the town because of a surprising talent: pumpkin carving.
  • Write about a caveman who accidentally time travels to present-day Halloween, only to become unexpectedly popular in the town because of a surprising talent: pumpkin carving.
  • “Wow, great costume! How’d you make it?” you say to the kid dressed as the Grim Reaper, reaching a hand out to test the material of the mask. The mask doesn’t come off. It’s not a costume.
  • You are responsible for taking your neighbors’ kids out to trick-or-treat, but you look outside and suddenly feel scared of the gloomy dark…
  • Write a story set in a haunted fairground on Halloween.
  • Write a story about someone spending the night in an old Victorian home-turned-hotel on Halloween.
  • Write a story about a family that goes pumpkin picking together.
  • Your character picks up a fallen leaf and can’t believe what they discover underneath it. What happens next?
  • Write a story that ends with the sentence: “And that was the first and last time that I tried to bake a pumpkin pie.”
  • Start your story with a character taking a sip of hot apple cider.
  • Write a story about a lost scarf.
  • Write a story about someone seeing leaves change color for the first time.
  • Using only text messages, write a story about the start of the school.
  • Write a story about a farmer bringing in their harvest.
  • Write a story from the perspective of a pumpkin patch owner on the first and last day of autumn.
  • Set your story in an orchard.
  • Pick one of the five senses. Write about fall using that sense.
  • Start your story with a character looking out of a window in the middle of the night.
  • An apparent coincidence occurs. Write a story about a character who suspects paranormal, spiritual, or criminal causes.
  • Write a story set in a city where the power suddenly goes out, leaving everyone in darkness.
  • Write a story that involves a reflection in a mirror.
  • A mysterious benefactor will pay $100,000 to anyone willing to stay in a haunted house overnight.
  • Start your story with the arrival of a strange visitor in a small town.
  • Write about a character who doesn’t want to go to sleep.
  • The phone won’t stop ringing, but it’s not plugged into the wall.
  • You hear the crash of plates and a bloodcurdling scream coming from the kitchen.
  • It’s 3 am and you don’t know where your children are.
  • Write about a character who uses a night where everyone’s in costume as cover for something sinister

  • Their black cat Shadow disappeared on Halloween. What happened to their pet Shadow? Write a story about this.
  • Write about a fun Halloween party that you would like to plan. What type of food, decorations, and activities would the party have?
  • She saw her neighbor an ugly old woman with warts and wrinkles on her face wearing a long flowing black robe climb on a broomstick and fly away. Write a story about an ugly evil witch.
  • Sharon observed a young woman who had a black hat, green eyes, blond hair, fair complexion, light green robe, and carried a broom. Write a story about a beautiful young good witch.
  • Create a scary ghost for Halloween and write about what it looks like and how it scares people.
  • Research the history of trick or treating in the United States. Write a short one or two-page paper on the topic.
  • A witch creates a potion and puts it in candy. What happens to those kids that eat the candy?
  • You’re at a Halloween party and walk into an empty room and see what seems to be a ghost. Write a story about this.
  • What happens in the local graveyard on Halloween night when ghosts and ghouls are out and about?
  • You dream about a fiend in the attic or cellar of your home. What happens when you’re left alone one night for the first time.
  • Research All Soul’s Day and write about how it relates to the  Halloween tradition of trick or treating.
  • What is your favorite Halloween candy? Research the topic and write about the history of this candy.
  • What is the worst Halloween candy you ever ate  Describe it and why it is so terrible!
  • Research the history of the Halloween costume in the 1900s. Write a short paper on what you learn.
  • Create a frightening Halloween costume of a witch, devil, monster, or clown. Write about the costume and what the person wearing it does.
  • Write a story about a neighbor that hands out creepy candy eyeballs, creepy fingers, bags of blood, or spiders. Write about what happens when the kids go to that house on Halloween.
  • A ghost haunts a house in your neighborhood. Write a story about the ghost and what happens when a group of kids visits that home.
  • Write a short poem about the fun activities you can do on Halloween. It does not have to rhyme.
  • A harmless bat scares kids on Halloween night because it is flying around or gets in a house. Write a story about what happens.
  • Research vampire bats or other kinds of bats and write a short paper about what they eat, how they find their prey, and their habitat.
  • A werewolf is loose on Halloween night and there is a full moon. Children are out trick or treating – write about what happens.
  • You dream about a monster in the basement or attic of your home. What happens when you’re left alone one evening.
  • What happens in the graveyard on Halloween when ghosts and ghouls lurk about and children visit it at night?
  • What happened to the kid that disappeared one Halloween night without a trace?
  • Create a new candy with magical powers. Describe what it looks like, the ingredients, how it tastes, and what it does.
  • Write about what you would do when all Halloween events are canceled.
  • Create a creepy Halloween recipe other than candy. What is it called, and what are the ingredients?
  • Devise a clever Halloween trick to play on family and friends.
  • Write about your favorite Halloween recipe or food.
  • Write about your favorite way to spend Halloween.
  • Start your story with an unusual sound being heard.

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