Let’s Go!

I once read that to keep your brain healthy you should learn one new thing everyday-.

One simple thing was  to take a different route to someplace you go everyday- even if  it was just a walk to your mailbox or around your block or to work.

The thing is, when I did that I saw some neat things and ended up in some interesting places- that’s where all of these pictures came from and how I heard this great song performed by BB King.

Life is full of little adventures and this is a small example of the things I came across on those travels.



Photo P. Knapp

This is me finding something fun to do.

Don’t judge me.

Ha ha ha.

Photo A,M. Moscoso

No matter where I go, if a funeral home doesn’t pop up, a cemetery does. It’s kind of like having a loyal dog or a hungry cat following you around all of the time.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Art is everywhere if take a minute to look around you.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I bought this at a curio shop, I don’t know why. It was very old and falling apart but I  fell in love with it. It has character…

like this song which came on right after I got done watching a show on tv- the show ended and the tv flipped back onto the music channel and here it is.

Well, there’s one kind of favor I’ll ask of you
Well, there’s one kind of favor I’ll ask of you
There’s just one kind of favor I’ll ask of you
You can See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

And there’s two white horses following me
And there’s two white horses following me
I got two white horses following me
Waiting on my burying ground

Did you ever hear that coffin’ sound
Have you ever heard that coffin’ sound
Did you ever hear that coffin’ sound
Means another poor boy is under ground

Did you ever hear them church bells tone
Have you ever hear’d them church bells tone
Did you ever hear them church bells tone
Means another poor boy is dead and gone

Well, my heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold
And, my heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold
Well, my heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold
Now I believe what the bible told

There’s just one last favor I’ll ask of you
And there’s one last favor I’ll ask of you
There’s just one last favor I’ll ask of you
See that my grave is kept clean

Written by Furry Lewis • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Inspired By Waiting for Godot Advent-ure Calander Day#5

Become a micro-adventurer


In My Bones

I’m going to confess something here.

One would think that I would gorge myself on spooky movies and books and music during the month of October.

But I don’t- I do a lot of writing and I actually get into my photography more and I do decorate but for the most part I indulge in ghost stories in all the formats that the modern world offers and my writing even takes on a darker edge during the Christmas Season.

It may have something to do with the fact that when my family gets together we used to end up telling ghost stories, or weird stories about the human oddities we all seemed to run into during the Spring and Summer.

I heard my first stories about demonic possession at a Christmas Party when I was about 8 years old and when I got back to school after Christmas break I went straight to the school library and got my hands on every single book that featured ghosts or anything scary.

And after I ran through those I started to write my own.

So in my world the Christmas Season- joyful as it is- is full of shadows and basements and attics and graveyards covered with snow and it’s haunted by people who will never come home again.

See what I mean?

So here are three of my favorite Holiday Movies that do a lot to put me in the Christmas – spirit:

One of the best Ghost Stories ever-  I think it’s a great movie to watch at Halloween to-

Dicken’s ” Scrooge ”

When I was a child and first saw that graveyard scene I nearly ran screaming for the safety of my room. It was the first and only time a movie ever terrified me. Needless to say, I was charmed by it.

So this movie has a place in my heart- and nightmares forever.

This is a recent favorite- it’s all about family and the train wreck that can happen when we fail to navigate our way through the world together. Plus it has Vampires and Werewolves so it’s awesome:

” What  We Do In The Shadows.”

On Christmas Eve I like to read ” The Raven ” Sometimes I even try to recite it from memory- which amuses my cats and dog to no end because they are my audience.

If I could have done it like this I’d perform it at every single holiday function I go to. As it is, I just pull up the clip and watch the Simpsons telling of  ” The Raven ”

It’s a classic.

It may be odd, it might not make a lot of sense and I’m sure there is something not quite normal about it, but when I watch my movies and I sit back and turn them over in my mind- and if it’s cold or dark or it’s snowing –

it feels like Christmas to me-I can feel it in my bones.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #4 – It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

She Went There

If you are a Science Geek like me two events really made the news in a big way.

First of all Pluto was stripped of it’s Planet Title and a bunch of Scientists went on tour to teach us how to say the name of the planet ” Uranus ” correctly.

When I got hit with those two things at once, I spent my free time watching Cooking shows and ignored the rest of the news cycle. When it was over I went right back to pronouncing ” Uranus ” the way I always have.

And then me and my friend Cle for different reasons decided to post things about Uranus on each other’s facebook walls. Because who doesn’t want their friends and family to see you getting excited about Solar System Lollipops  that include Uranus?

I ask you:

Who among us can ignore news like Massive Storms Erupting on Uranus and not laugh like a madwoman?  I don’t have the maturity required to walk away from a cheap laugh. I admit it. Freely. I swim in toilet humor.I blame it on my massive sugar intake as a child. Oh. And my vaccines. I had ALL of them back in the day.

Atmospheric features on Uranus are revealed in images taken with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph and the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

Today the question popped up at Our Random View where they are putting out daily Christmas Writing Prompts  Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #7 – Where to spend Christmas.

I couldn’t just walk away from that one. I tried to be serious. I tried to be creative and write about something with a feel good Holiday theme. But you know…I just couldn’t do it.


If I could go anywhere for Christmas- oh yes- I’d go to Uranus.

Uranus is no longer a single lady- it has a ring on it.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the Solar system and then top off that grand adventure with a trip to Uranus for Christmas.

After all, this was big news back in October and it would have made a great headline on a travel brochure stuck on the side of a bus:  We’ll all get a great view of Uranus tonight, and we won’t even need a telescope

So if you had a wish or a dream for an awesome holiday trip, my advice is- think big, think fun, think exciting…think


Look What I Got In The Mail Today

I am not sure why anyone else thought these would make fun and amusing Christmas Greeting Cards- but I thought they were hilarious and I am truly sorry I didn’t create them myself:

Nothing says ” Wish You Were Here ” like sending a friend or loved one  a picture of a guy being killed by a bear.

They stuffed Santa into a giant snowball, stole his boots and are probably going to leave him to die of exposure.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Somebody is flying to the top of the Naughty List with a rocket.

Here’s a card from a Goat that ate a kid’s head and then tried to hide his body in a giant shell.

I like Goats.

Especially this one.

Anita Marie, you maybe thinking,  is there a point to this weirdness today ?

As a matter of fact there is.

Today I am reminding myself that writing is an adventure- all the way from being inspired to choosing the music I’ll listen to when I’ll work and even what book I’ll read or movie I might watch when I’m done for the day.

Each of those steps is fun for me- and if I pay attention to what I’m doing at each step I might be lucky enough to see something new or end up in a new and exciting situation.

Yesterday I found these cards on line and had no idea what to do with them- so I played around a bit and ended up making myself laugh and I got a reminder that what I do isn’t just about stringing words together in an amusing and insightful way.

That’s not me, it will never be me, I probably wouldn’t be a writer if I thought that’s what I had to strive for when I tell my stories.

I will forever be the kid who shows up on the playground with something in her backpack and says when the Playground Monitors  (Recess Ladies, we used to call them) aren’t looking- ” Want to see something really weird?”

Inspired By:

While Waiting For Godot Advent-ure Calandar #4

Fantastical Stocking Filler Fun

Deck The Halls With Skulls and Wait- What?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

When I was in Victoria in November, I went to the Royal BC Museum and there in one of the exhibits was the greatest thing ever- it was a skull.

The exhibit was of a blacksmith’s shop- its dark, you can hear someone striking an anvil and you can hear horses moving around to. It’s my favorite exhibit because unless you do a little exploring it’s easy to miss.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I was hoping that the Christmas Decorations would be up- and there were some – and they may have had the town decorated for Halloween and someone forgot the skull was there I suppose or maybe they didn’t miss it.

Maybe it was on purpose.

If you’re me, then seeing something like a skull in a dark exhibit hiding away in a corner WILL be the highlight of your Day At The Museum Trip- even if it is the start of the Christmas Season and you were actually looking forward to seeing one of your favorite exhibits decorated for Christmas ( see the fully decorated exhibit on the Royal BC Museum HERE )

Still, I have a feeling that no matter what I do, or what I hang and pin that nothing will be as  wonderful- as delicious and festive as that skull waiting in the dark for the Christmas decorations to go up.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Our Random View Christmas Special Writing Prompt #6

Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #6 – Deck the halls

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Over the year I took part in and will probably take part again in WordPress’s Weekly  Photo Challenge. For the most part I enjoyed going out and meeting the challenge even if I was only using my phone/camera.

Taking a picture with my phone turned out to be a challenge in itself- using my phone camera is a lot like using my old Kodaks that my parents used to give me for Christmas when I was a kid- remember these?

I got into a debate with a woman about this, she said that the Phone Cameras are just as good as high end cameras that Professional Photographers use and I just had nothing to say to that.

All of that silliness aside, I had fun going out and looking for those pictures- I’ll be the first to say my pictures did look pretty lame next to some of the entries that were taken by people who have real  talent for photography- and trust me the kind of camera I used wasn’t going to make any difference at all.

It didn’t matter though, To me going out and finding those pictures was like writing a story so it was fun, it was an adventure and it’s a great way to see the world around me in a different frame.

Photo A.M. MoscosoFrom My Trip to New Orleans- he walked into the frame and I got a great cemetery picture

Photo A.M. Moscoso- King Tut Exhibit arrives in Seattle WA

Besides, I remember this story about the great Bluesman Robert Johnson.  Johnson was in a diner and one of the staff was telling him he wanted to learn the guitar but all he had was this beat up old guitar and that there was no way he could learn on it.

Johnson asked to take a look at it, maybe he could fix it. So the guy brought it out and Johnson played a bit on it and the guitar and Johnson sounded fantastic.

” Sounds fine to me ” Johnson said.

So I keep that story in mind when I go about learning something and maybe the tools I have to work with aren’t top drawer and I have to make due with what I have- passion and creativity and talent will always find a way to bubble up if you let it.

It’s true for me and I’m sure it’s true for you too.

Here’s a link to the section I keep my Photo Challenge work in. Take a look, try it yourself and I hope my story about Robert Johnson inspires you to enjoy exploring your creativity and finding the means to do it.

My Weekly Photo Challenge Responses are HERE

Photos by A.M. Moscoso HERE

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