One of Those Songs

This is one of those songs that I like for no one good reason.  The thing is, I like the live versions better, it’s a gritty song and I think it needs that edge that live performances have over studio versions.

Here is one of those songs by two musicians that I LOVE for no one good reason.  Version one by Nick Gilder and the other by Cherie Currie

Check it out:

Foxy from the Roxy,
Might turn some heads tonight.
Flashlight dream.
Peaches and cream delight.
Roxy Roller.

Five-bob job.
She gets bubblegum on her knees,
Down between the seats.
Sometime she’ll pass you the keys.
Roxy Roller,
Oh, Roxy Roller.

Roxy Roller, Roxy.
Her daddy, the commissioner.
Took far more than his share,
So Roxy joined the syndicate,
Knowing it wasn’t fair.
Roxy Roller,
Oh, Roxy Roller.

Roxy Roller, Roxy.
Oh, Roxy Roller.
Oh, Roxy.

Roxy Roller Lyrics as written by James Mcculloch Nick Gilder


Let’s celebrate those cool cats that make us go hmmmm.

As a side note. I adored Frankie and Loui. 

All of the cats featured here are all beauties and I would have been proud to have raised any one of them as my own.

Frankie and Loui
” Janus Cat “

Sphynx Cats


The name “Lykoi Cat” means “Wolf Cat” in Greek. These cats have the appearance of a werewolf due to their lack of undercoat.