Songs Of The Golden Frog

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Once upon a time my Dad’s Mother looked at me and said, ” not everyone can be pretty or beautiful. ”

My cousin who was sitting next to her was pale and blond and from what I understood- a beautiful child.

I had dark hair, dark skin. I was refrered to at times by her  as ” sallow”  and slow.

“You should work on a talent.”

I decided to take my Grandmother’s advice and I decided to sing.

I learned songs from the radio, I learned all of the songs I heard my family sing. I even made up my own songs. I asked for my own record player and went to church with my friend so I could sing in the Children’s Choir.

One day I decided to sing a few songs for my Grandmother and she sat there until I was done and then she smiled and then she laughed and then she said,

” Maybe you should work on your personality.”

I was seven years old at the time.

I didn’t know what ” personality”  was  but I was sure I probably didn’t have that either.


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I Usually Skip That Part

Today I got my James Comey Book,  A Higher Loyalty and  because I got it delivered to work I only had time to zip through the Author’s Note. I usually skip that part because for the most part they’re no fun to read.

This time I read it.

And it was a total LOL moment.

The biggest criticism I’ve heard about James Comey by disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters and talking heads and Republicans ( which is a puzzle to me – because if you go down that rabbit hole he helped Twitler get elected ) is that

James Comey is  prideful, over-confident, and driven by ego.

You know who else says that?

James Comey  on page two of The Author’s Note .

I probably found that funnier then I should have.

I used to work at a bookstore and it was my job to sell books like The Turner Diaries and other White Supremacist BS books that would make a decent person’s eyes bleed before you got through the first chapter.

What I learned by reading those books and having conversations with the people who read them was this- I’d no more tell a person NOT to read write a book than I would burn one

My reason though, probably isn’t what you may assume.

When somebody commits their thoughts to paper, they are exposing who they are and how they tick. You can wrap your story in well structured sentences or emjois but it doesn’t matter because you’ve just given the world a road map to your brain.

So to my friends who wondered why I would buy and read a  book that I have been told ‘should never have been written’ all I can say is this- if you have started to walk down that road- the one where you feel that’s it’s ok to tell people what to think and what to read-  you probably need to read this book more than I do.




Seriously, I love you James Comey But…


I don’t want to go into the weeds about how Russian Trolls and Racists looking for their place in the sun, Bernie Bros and dare I say it poor judgment calls on Hilary Clinton’s part cost Democrats the White House and that James Comey all on his own cost the  Country a sane President.

Face it, we got played like those people on the Twilight Zone Episode called “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street”

I’ve had a front row seat and actively participated in Party Politics, Campaigns and interactions with Politicians and learned the hard way that sometimes the good candidate who was going to be a great leader doesn’t always win.

People are people and there is nothing new under the Sun and if you don’t believe that you CAN’T  be figured out and worked into a Campaign Field Plan, all I can say is the advertising industry doesn’t make a gazillion dollars for no reason at all.

I said I had two things to say here and here they are:

First off, I bought three copies of James Comey and Joe Biden’s books because my Hillary ” friends” on Facebook flamed my Comey and Biden Posts and dropped the eff bombs to boot ( and I don’t drop eff bombs on ANYONES wall let alone my own- except for in rare occasions ).

So Hillary Supporters  and Bernie Bros- this is where I say, Bite Me.

This is my blog and not my Quippy Feed on Facebook  and this is where I put anything I really have of value to say. So let me say it again.

Bite me.

Second of all,  I learned  something interesting about James Comey when he did his interview with George  Stephanopoulos last night.

When James Comey  had to meet with Twitler in the Blue Room  he actually tried to blend in with some blue curtains ( because he was wearing a blue suite )  so that he would not have to touch Twitler’s   P*&! Grabbing hand on camera and in front of the entire World.

Who could blame him, but I digress.

I discovered Comey wasn’t one of those FBI agents who mastered in disguises. I thought they could all do that. Frankly, I was surprised,  really surprised and a bit disapointed. I mean Hollywood, you really suck sometimes. I bought that idea.

As to the rest of the interview- it was great.  I hope it makes Twitler and all others concerned bust an artery.

I consumed much popcorn, drank a little wine and felt that my call on Comey was a good one.


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It’s Time

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I’ve been meaning, for ages it seems, to make my leap back from Facebook to blogging.

I’m not sure about the how or why, but my efforts in the past have always been thwarted.

I have my sites for my writing and photography and those are actually pretty well used and maintained. I don’t goof off there and I don’t put anything on those sites without a reason.

Those sites are where I post my writing- and my writing is something I put a lot of work and my guts into. So it’s not a compost heap of the bits and pieces I pick up along the way when I’m on-line.

I admit. It is fun to sort of have a random place to go-like Facebook to express ourselves like we used to do on Bathroom walls and on notes and letters to our friends.

Facebook serves it’s purpose well in our…

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Get Thee Behind Me Donut!


Photo A.M. Moscoso

This donut, you must know will do the following if you consume it:

This donut  will keep you from having the perfect body, this donut will keep you from finding true love, inner peace and the perfect relationship with the perfect person who we will assume has not consumed this donut.

This donut will, if it passes your lips will keep you from getting the perfect job, from climbing mountains from seeing the word from being praised and loved and cherished by your fellow human beings and – horror upon horror, especially  your Facebook Friends!

This donut,so pure, so tasty so delightful to the eye will corrupt every single hope and dream you have ever had.

I ate two of them a few days ago and this is what happened.

I had some great laughs, my dog did great learning his lessons, I started reading a book about the man who discovered Uranus and I took some great pictures.

Plus I did some writing that I was happy with right out of the gate.

I suppose my life would have been really great had I not scarfed those tasty donuts. I would have been desirable, I would have known perfection and what it’s like to be a complete and perfect human being- pure of mind, body and spirit.

Let  me tell you though, the poem I wrote said exactly what I wanted to say.

I learned that William  Herschel is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to bring art and science  and music into their lives  and that you can do it on your own with books, with study and participating and engaging with other people with enthusiasm and patience.

I learned from reading about Herschel  that little things like failure are a nuisance- and that they are not life ending deal breakers.

I ate those donuts and   mind and body came through the experience, can you believe it?

My dog still loves me with those donuts in my ignorant gut and my cat did not kill me when I accidentally hit his murder button and my friends and family did not shun me.

So yes, I did eat the donut.

Therefore I will never know perfection . I have consumed sugar and fat and chemicals sneaked  into my food by Big Pharma and made by bakers who probably don’t ride bikes instead off driving cars and sold in a building owned by people who dare to leave their carbon footprints all over a planet that will be consumed by the Sun when it finally gives up the ghost.

I am told I should be ashamed and okay  I probably was for two entire seconds- or however long it took me to get the donut out of the wrapper and into my mouth.

In that moment, I am being made to understand,   I destroyed  every  and any small chance I ever had at making myself acceptable in the sight of my fellow humans.

But have Mercy, it was a good day all the same.


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