Meet Lucas Everyone-Yes I’m talking to YOU too

If you can’t find it in your heart to love Lucas The Spider, you have no Soul.

My Name is Lucas I am a spider I want to sing you a wonderful song! And if you see me, please don’t squish me, I want to be your friend all day long!

“Wooden Village filled with tiny wooden people Oooh Hi! Oh Hi I just was passing by! Hey there bob how is the mortgage Hi there frank I like your cat! People think I’m scary but I wouldn’t hurt a fly! Oops oh no oh no! Sorry sorry oh no! AHHH!

The itsy-bitsy lucas built this just for you sticks, twigs, webbing and a little glue You’re probably wondering How I learned to sing, well It’s not important Watch me play with this thing..

Let Them Put The ” Fun” into Funeral!


This is a traditional solid pine coffin- you can get it in made pine and other materials and it will  come in a array of colors too.

And then there are Non Traditional Coffins

They are made to look like ballet slippers and  Nintendo game controllers and even cellphones ,  and then there are coffins like these-


Fantasy Coffins made in Ghana,  Africa

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

These fantasy coffins are made to order.

Six people can all order a  the same guitar-shaped coffin from a manufacture who specializes in that choice but the African Fantasy Coffins are designed specifically for an individual and reflect an aspect of their personality.

The craftsmen are as involved in the Funeral Planning as the Funeral Director which is not such a bad idea. Death is such an overwhelming process that we can all use a guide or two can only be helpful.

I think if my family had to sit down and design a coffin for me they would go traditional and it would probably be pink because they know I would  choose this:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It’s not an actual coffin.