It Really Is That Simple


From The Article :

In this instance, what occurred led the chairwoman of the Snohomish County Republican Party on Monday to demand that an executive of the county Democratic Party resign and the party’s leader apologize for the spread of falsehoods online about a GOP member.

The Republican party leader is not going to get what she seeks, although it’s pretty clear the Democrats’ portrayal of events does not sync with reality.

Back in the day we called that LIEING.

False claims online ignite a snit among local party leaders


For your consideration:

One who gets up in a Public forum and refers to a Democratic Representative as an ” Asshole ” is probably not above slamming  an  individual from the opposing Party in foul and crass terms.

Abandon Ship

I’m not sure why I use Facebook.

I prefer to write and explore new ideas, I get a lot of satisfaction in creating my stories and poems and when it happens my photographs.

Facebook and the Facebook universe most certainly does not care if I do any of those things.

In the Facebook Universe I am invisible.

When I write here I feel like I’m accomplishing something- when I facebook I’m just a little spud on vine that is tended to feed marketing departments. I know that, in fact we all know that now.

Everything we post, our friends list, the groups we like- all of it was a fun way to give Marketing Departments, Political campaigns all the info they needed to sell us ‘stuff’ and to sell us someone else’s ideas.

My writing – which  will tell you more about me and my world view then what I ‘like’ or angry face on Facebook posts ever will doesn’t matter on Facebook newsfeeds.

I like being a writer, it makes me feel like an individual, it gives me a sense of independence and yes it does make me feel unique.

Here on my blog I’m not a little spud on a vine being tended until I’m ripe and plump and ready to be harvested where I will end up on a serving platter waiting to be devoured by some jackass who probably slathers everything is ketchup and chews with their mouth open.

I’m not sure how I’ll transition from Facebook back to my blog- I’ve tried it before. Now though it would appear that it’s time to make it happen.

Daily Prompt: Invisible