Hey! Steal This Why Don’t You?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Hey Kids!

Let’s play Sunday Stealing.

Sunday Stealing asks you questions that they find floating around on the internet and you answer them- so here we go…

1.Where were you 3 hours ago?..

Ha! I’m at work right now, no way am I answering that one.

2.Have you ever eaten a crayon?

Only the green ones. They taste like chicken. Go on try it. It’s true.

3.Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

Does this count?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

4.When is the last time you went to the mall?

” And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

Stay away from the Malls. They’re Evil! EVIL I say.

5.Are you wearing socks right now?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

6.When was the last time you drove out of town?

I live in a town with a population of 40,000  that has ONE  bookstore and it only sells religious material. I don’t drive out of town- I race out on a very regular basis.

7.Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?

Unless a theatre magically appears in my new neighborhood  that  brings your food and snacks to you in your seats and they serve popcorn in giant bowels like the theatre in my old hometown did,  it’s safe to say Satan will be riding to work on a snowplow before that happens again.

8.What was the last thing you had to drink?

The blood of those who angered me! Just kidding, it was carbonated water. I think it tasted like green crayons.

9.What are you wearing right now?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

10.Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?

I don’t even pump my own gas. I pay my relatives to do it.

11.Last food that you ate?

 I swallowed a bug when I  took the garbage out . I hope it didn’t have friends. I don’t need vengeful bugs  after me.

12.Where were you last week at this time?

Waiting for Friday. It eventually showed up. We had a few words. It better do better this time or else  I am going straight to Saturday.

13.Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

14.When is the last time you ran?

If my mouth counts, I ran it a little while ago. Nobody was amused.

15.What’s the last sporting event you watched?

I watched people fight to get on the Commuter train FIRST so they can get a seat. It was  awesome. Next time I’m bringing chicken wings, a lawn chair and I’m wearing one of those hats with the name of my favorite Pushy Jerk on it.


What, that’s it no more questions?

Okey Dokey then

Thank you for letting me play Sunday Stealing.

It was fun!


Soul Surgery

Photo A.M. Moscoso

For the better part of

my life

People have told me

I could be so much more

then who and what I am right now.


For the better part of my life

I tried my best to be more

then who and what I was

only to have the people in my life say

I could be more then who and what I am right now.


And then one day

I told the people in my life


and found

I was just fine

the way I was.


Daily Addictions  Prompt: Augment

Crow’s Peregrination

Installment to my Soul Food Café Project ” Manhole Covers ” from my blog ” At The Crossroads “

At The Crossroads

Creativity is a monster- eventually you have to turn it loose:

Inspired by the Soul Food Café Project: Manhole Covers

” It’s like this, ” the crow said to  me  from above ground, where it is always light ” if you come out of there I can show you the mysteries and the curiosities of the world. ”

” All of them? ” I asked from below the street where it was always dark.

” Well. Most of them.”

” But if you’ve discovered them they’re not mysteries anymore. Right? So what does that leave? A trip to see the world biggest ball of string?”

” You’re a smart aleck kid. Climb on up and let’s hit the road.”

I put my hands up above my head  and had every intention of pushing the heavy metal manhole cover to the side, but what was the rush? I’d  been down here for so…

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Consider Yard Art

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is a snowman- He showed up in all of his glory on Christmas Eve and he and his snowy friends left the day after Christmas.

His time with us was brief but it was magical and fun.

My dog tried to run him off because- silly boy- he confused the snowman with yard art. My dog hates yard art. Gnomes, Yard Jockeys, Plastic Angels and Manger Scenes. I’m not sure why exactly.


Yes I do.

But it wasn’t on purpose:

Hamish Macbeth
Halloween 2015
Photo by A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is Vlad III, also known as Vlad the Impaler . Vlad lived to be 45 years old, but he found immortality in Hollywood and has done well for himself in the Cosplay Community.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is someone’s tomb in a cemetery in New Orleans.

They took up residence here after they died.

The Gate actually opens and closes and there’s enough room to sit on the stoop and take in the rest of the neighborhood and think about things. Like maybe you’d like to move there one day.

That would change things a bit for the current residents but I think they’re pretty easy to live with.

So to speak.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The Snowman, Hamish’s Fears, Vlad and the Person In The Crypt all have or had a place to call home.  They were in residence. It felt permanent, it looked solid and then one little thing or maybe a couple of big things happened and it all changed.

Is that such a bad thing?

I don’t think so, do you?


Daily Addiction Prompt: RESIDENT