The Mystical Madame Esme

Halloween Night

Seattle, Washington



” No Felicity. No. Not this again.”

Felicity was digging her heels in, like she did every Halloween in front of one doorway or another with a tastefully handwritten  printed placard taped on the window  inviting you in for a ‘consultation.’ with- who is it on this night?

Madame Esme.

Why not Archie thought to himself. Why the heck not. Last year it was Madame Francesca and the year before that The Amazing Zephron.

” Felicity, this never works, it will never work and you’ll spend the rest of what should be a festive night for the both of us crying over spilt milk. Come on old girl, it’s Halloween. Let’s kick up our heals and maybe have a little fun for once.”

Felicity gave him that look- the one that said we have had a lot of fun and look at where it’s gotten us.

When she was sure he heard, or rather saw that, she continued:

” I have a feeling about this one Archie. I think this is the one that will help us -please don’t turn away Archie. Look. ” she took his hand and placed it on the glass door. ” Can’t you feel that?”

Archie closed his eyes and his lip curled back. He tried not to gag. ” Felicity. Something is sticking  to my hand and it’s sticky.”

Felicity’s eyes welled up a little and she let her tears, cool to the touch Archie knew, roll down her cheeks. ” Please Archie. Let’s try. What can it hurt? Maybe tonight we can talk to our Son. Maybe tonight is the night we can find him and  he’ll forgive us.”

Archie loved Felicity. He loved her weird taste in music and the way her eyeliner always ended up getting smeared so her eyes ended up looking like they were melting and the way she always poked herself in the chest when she put on one her Great Grandmother’s many broaches that were shaped like Bumblebees and said, ‘oh it stung me the nasty thing.”

” Oh Felicity. Ok. We’ll try. Again. ”

He held the door open and Felicity went through first.

Madame Esme by far, had the best fake British accent Archie had ever heard. Both he and Felicity had grown up just outside of London, but that was a long time ago and they have lived in the States for so long that only the faintest hints of their old life came through when they spoke. Still they could spot a fake accent in a heartbeat and Archie for one was ready to write Madame Esme off right then and there.

But not Felicity.

They followed Esme into her Parlor- it was lit with candles,  the windows were shuttered and there were ferns  hanging from the ceiling in baskets . All around the room there  were shelves lined with little jars full of dried herbs and plants and shells. A cat was asleep on an ‘offering table’ next to  silver box with slit on the top.

With a little bow, Esme invited them to sit at the table in the center of the room.

After they were seated, Madame Esme leaned forward and looked deep into Felicity’s eyes after first  looking  into  Archie’s less then amused ones. ” I think for you, we will use the Crystal Ball.”

” It’s very pretty. I think that’s a  wonderful choice.”

Madame Esme remembered to learn forward and to gaze with intensity from Felicity’s face into the crystal before she dramatically  took Felicity’s  hand into her own . But she did she pull  back a little when looked up and she thought Felicity’s eyes were melting. Before she broke character all together she realized it was her eyeliner it was smudged ,  apparently the  lady did not have a steady hand.

Esme ( aka Edna  Phillips ) took a deep breath, she looked up and wondered if she remembered to turn the coffee maker on before the  couple came in and then she closed her eyes and dove into the Crystal Ball remembering to let her earrings and bracelets and necklaces swing and jingle as she leapt.

”  Close your eyes and imagine that we are standing in front of an elevator in the lobby a  grand old Hotel ”

” I’m seeing the elevator in the Marsten, what are you seeing Archie?”

” Felicity, shhh.”

“The doors open and together we move into it. The doors shut and a button on the panel lights up and we start to move slowly up  to the top floor.”

Esme opens her eyes and  looks into the crystal ball and she says, ” We’ve stopped.  I see the door opening, I see someone standing there, wrapped in shroud. It’s falling away from the figure. This gentle Spirit has been waiting for you with a full heart for a very long time. ”

” Who -. Oh no Archie. Oh NO!” Felicity reached for Archie and if she could have moved fast enough she would have been out of her chair before anyone could stop her.

Esme reaches out to Felicity and takes her hand and gently encourages her to sit down. ” Don’t be frightened. This Spirit means you no harm. He has a message for you.”

Archie puts his hand on Felicity’s shoulder. ” Listen here Madame Edna ”

Esme dropped Felicity’s hand. ” What did you say?”

” You’re scaring my wife. Now fun is fun and it’s the night for it. But  I can not tolerate…-”

” It’s someone who loves us very much? Only one person could say that without laughing. Our Son. But in the end, we even let him down. We should have never gone out to the Circus that night. We got a little tipsy you see  on the way home with some Gin we bought from the Bearded Lady and on the way back…”

Felicity  reached for Archie and she took his hands in hers and lifted them to her cheek. ” We had an accident. At the Bridge. And we lost our Son, he was only five years old and he is the only other person we loved more then we love each other.”

Esme was on firm turf here. ” Your son says all is forgiven and that he has known great peace.”

Felicity dropped Archie’s hands and she lowered her head down and sobbed. ”  Our poor Son. He was such a gentle creature. Two Devil may care people like us should never have produced such a  lovely soul.”

Madame Esme aka Edna Phillips went into Earth Mother mode. She dropped the dramatic gaze, she fluffed her hair just a little, just enough to let the scent of lavender fill the air. ” But he loves you and we wants you to know that he is waiting for you, that he will be there when the time comes. ”

” But he’s gone. He lived an entire life without ever knowing how much we have missed him. ”

Edna echoed ” You left him and he lived an entire life? ”

” Our Son is dead Archie. I really thought we’d find him first and that we could say we were sorry for leaving him and now he’s dead and he’s on the other side and we will never be able to…” Felicity grappled for the right words and found none.

Her sobs were heartbreaking.

” He wasn’t in the car Felicity and that is all that matters. He wasn’t in the car with us that night…Now calm down. I’m pretty sure that Madame Edna here got her wires crossed and  she stopped the elevator at the wrong floor and had a chat with the wrong Spirit.

It wasn’t our Hamish, I’m sure of it and nobody we know has ever, geeze I can’t believe I’m going to say this- rode the elevator to the top floor, so I’m sure Hamish is fine. He’s probably out there right now with his  Grandchildren, he might  have a dozen of them by now. I’d bet the farm that they are out there right this second celebrating Halloween. Our favorite holiday. Just picture it Felicity. Our Hamish with his big wonderful family laughing and happy and Trick or Treating. I’ll bet he even has that dog you always wanted him to have.”

”  I wanted to give it to him for his Birthday that year. I wanted to name it Champ.” Felicity hiccupped and covered her mouth with her hand.

” I am POSTIVE”  Archie glared at Esme ” that Madame can  gaze into her crystal ball, ride the elevator and find a spirit who can tell us where to find Hamish so we can pop in and see how he’s doing.”

Archie’s eyes  burned like coals and before she could cry out Archie was on Esme’s side of the table – she wanted to look anywhere except for Archie’s face because Sixth Sense or not she knew what she was going to see wasn’t going to be good. So she looked down  and that’s when she saw water was pooling at Archie’s feet and  she turned away and looked across the table and saw  small slow moving rivlets of water  were streamimg from Felicity’s forehead and into her eyes and that her eyeliner was running down her cheeks.

“Give it another go Edna. What have you got to loose? Two lost  Devil may care spirits like me and my wife are game for another try. Are you?”






Maggie Drew started to take classes, all kinds of classes after her world fell apart two years ago.

” Do something to occupy your mind.” Her friend Bernice said, ” That’s really important because at our age  Prince Charming isn’t going to ride up and save you. He’s to busy chasing a twenty year olds and he’s not going to have the time help two little old crones like us stranded at the side the road out.”

Bernice was laughing and tossing her  hair around like one of those girls in a shampoo or Tampon commercial, but Maggie got it. Bernice wasn’t talking about them she was talking about Maggie.


Just after September rolled around Bernice invited Maggie out to remind her that anyone who wore Pink during the Fall should be shot  ( yes indeed, pink was Maggie’s favorite color and it is always somewhere on her person ). They  were at a The Pie Stop when Bernice launched into her newest lesson in how Maggie should  present herself to the world and they were sharing something called a Milk Shake Pie. A milk shake pie  is something you got when you crammed a slice of pie into a blender with ice cream and smooshed it all together.

It looked like puke, but Maggie had vowed to jump into trying new things with gusto and she did, every chance she got.

Prince Charming wasn’t going to save her, like Bernice said,  so giving edible vomit a try  while she had all of this free time on her newly defined by Bernice- “old lady hands” didn’t seem like such a bad idea.  She wasn’t considering suicide anymore, but her stomach had a mind of its own.


Maggie spent all of her free time at the Community Center- she took sculpting classes and watercolor classes and oil painting classes and she took one on candy making and an entire course of belly dancing.

She even went to a series of lectures on Beekeeping- which if she had to choose turned out to be her favorite.

Bees, she decided would never endanger their hive by running off with another colony they hooked up with on a dating app after 35 years of marriage.

Bees, Maggie decided were pretty trustworthy when you came right down to it.


On one of Maggie’s  increasing number forced marches with Bernice down the ruined road of her life, Bernice noticed that Maggie always looked vaguely surprised when Bernice reminded her that her husband had run off and left Maggie an invisible Crone, stranded at the side of the road with the rest of ‘us Crones’

That was ok. Bernice was here to remind her. Because that’s what Crones did for each other. They supported each other, they were each others ‘she-roes’  and Bernice was happy to remind Maggie that is  where she was and belonged  in the grand scheme of life.


Maggie of course didn’t see herself as a Crone, but sometimes you had to let things slide- especially if you aren’t in a real position to get a word in edgewise. One should not be defined by other people. She read that in a self help book once- the cover had flowers on it and Maggie still had it on her bookshelf at home.


Bernice, oh Bernice, Maggie’s little cloud of bitterness drifted around to Maggie’s end of the street now and then to check up on her and to most importantly to remind Maggie that ‘ at our age’ women need to stick together.

That was  Bernice speak for” I’m going to hang out with you, whether you me to or not.”

Maggie had opted to drive instead off taking her motorcycle out on errands on one of those days that Bernice decided  ” Crones like us ” should stick together.

Bernice hopped into  car right after Maggie started it and the auto locks hadn’t kicked in yet. Bernice slipped her sunglasses down from the top of her head. ” So what’s up for today?”

For a second Bernice’s entire performance in that moment reminded Maggie of one of the men’s shaving cream commercials where a woman was on hand and ready to admire the amazing results of this must have product.

”  I have to pick up some supplies for a project I’m going to start work on. Want to come along?”

It really wasn’t an invitation on Maggie’s part, it was more of an affirmation- she had taken a class on making life affirmations  at that Community Center. They put their affirmations on poster boards in magic markers and decorated them with  glitter and their choice of stickers that the instructor had brought in for them to use.

She found that class to be very helpful in this moment, like what she was affirming in her head at that exact second  was that Bernice was a fixture in her life a and that this unhappy situation could really work out to become a positive experience and an advantage too.

Anyway, what she learned in  her class.


The craft store was big and bright and surprisingly  utilitarian for a place where creative people bought their fabrics and glues and wax and needles and chocolate molds and doll eyes.

The downside was that setup  didn’t really invite you stop and chat or browse. The racks and shelves invited you to find what you needed and be on your way.


” What class are you taking now?” Bernice pushed her sunglasses up over her forehead and tossed her head around a little and lifted her chin up when she was done.

On cue Maggie asked ” Are those the Dior sunglasses  your sister got you for Christmas?”

After a quick series of lectures on how ‘crones like us”  ( Meaning mostly Maggie) should dress and act and let their hair go gray ( meaning Maggie ) and should accept their invisibility status ( absolutely meaning Maggie because no way  in Hell would Bernice let herself go to seed ) Maggie jumped in.

Could you grab me that package of pins from the shelf over there?”

Bernice held back a smirk. For all of her classes and riding her Harley to work on sunny days, Maggie still needed someone to get stuff off of the to shelf for her.

 Bernice reached for one of the little acrylic boxes offering an assortment of pins ” Oh not those, -” Maggie reached over Bernice’s shoulder and pointed ” those”

Bernice reached up and as she did Maggie bumped into her shoulder.

” Oh sorry.” Maggie moved back and Bernice tossed the pins into the cart.

” So what class are  you taking now?  I think it’s great. Crones like us should share our talents with each other.”

” Actually, I’m not taking a class for this project. I’m sort of brushing up on an old talent of mine.”

Bernice wasn’t listening, of course.

Maggie let Bernice walk ahead of her and she kept her hands behind her back until Bernice turned the corner at the end of the aisle because

in one hand Maggie was holding a tiny pair of scissors and in the other a snippet of Bernice’s hair.

Maggie’s eyes went from dark brown to yellow and back again. Then she took the handle of her shopping cart and pushed it down the aisle to the check out counter.



In the dark and cold kitchen in the last house on La Pierre Drive, crammed into a corner behind the  swinging door, Ivy Plum is listening to her family, her Father, her Mother and her two sisters dying in their bedrooms.

They are coughing and wheezing and gurgling like raging creeks during a spring flood and her Father is calling out in agony for his dog Prince that he had when he was just a little boy.

She clasps her phone to her chest and try as she might, she cannot open her hands, they are locked over her phone and they will not open no matter how hard she tries

Her family is dying above her head and Ivy Plum is too terrified to move, to scream or to push herself out of the corner to the backdoor across the kitchen that is open and is inviting her, it is begging her,  to run.

Ivy Plum is trapped in the Hell inside of her head where all she can here is her Father crying out in fear for his dog to help him, to come right now and help them all.

“Come on Prince, come on boy!” Ivy hears her Father is begging his long dead dog, his first and always best friend. ” Good boy. Come on boy.”

She tries to unfold her hands and as she pushes them against her chest she takes a breath and she falls forward. Her hands fall away from each other. One hand is still clutching her phone. She nearly cries out in relief but remembers to not make a sound. All that matters now is- she moved!

Ivy braces he shoulder against the wall and holds herself up, she pushes the door away with her free hand and she walks slowly because she is  dizzy and everytime she turns  she sees stars but she takes one step and another and another and she is halfway across the kitchen to the backdoor when she hears a thump on the stairs.

It’s a gentle thump, soft, padded.

Someone is coming down the stairs, someone is trying now to take each step slowly because, Ivy knows-

someone is looking for her.

Ivy looks at the  back door and the phone in her hand and she keeps moving until she reaches the door and the cold icy air hits her in the face and she takes a long deep breath and tries to scream for help and then she see it all

this terrible night is going to show her everything.

It shows her the tracks in the snow that lead into the kitchen and she turns her head slowly and sees the puddles of water, the melted snow go through the kitchen and out the kitchen door into the hallway and then

she sees the bloody footprints coming into the kitchen and her eyes obediently follow them into the corner behind the kitchen door.

She goes to the counter and she looks out of the kitchen window above it and into the dark and endless snowy night.

Still looking out the window, she lets the phone fall from her grasp into the sink so that she could wash her bloody hands.

She picks up the bloody knife that is sitting in the bottom of the sink next to her phone and she washes it too…

because she has too, because she always does.

Ivy hears the kitchen door whisper open and she hears the clicking of dog paws behind her. Prince growls and she can’t hear it as much a she can feel it and she waits from him to close in on her.

Sometimes it seems to take years before he jumps and sinks his teeth into the back her skull and bites down and begins to tear her apart.

She wonders, as she always does, if every night in her Hell will be like this.

In the end, she thinks, it probably will be.

Uncle Percival’s Birthday Present

Seattle Washington

October 31, 1960

Dora June wasn’t an exceptional 14 year old and she wasn’t unexceptional either.

She was just sort of always there, like that box of baking soda you put in your fridge and you forget about it until one day when you’re looking for the mayo or maybe some something cold to drink and there it is and you say to the faded box of soda, ” Hey, where did you come from?”

It wasn’t the greatest place to hold in the world or in your own family, but Dora June didn’t seem to mind her almost non-existent status. She thought of herself as a Ghost In Training. Plus it was always fun to sort of see that look of confusion when people had when they realized Dora June was standing right there and for some reason they just didn’t see her.

It’s like when you’re picking your nose because you really, really have to do it and think that no one is looking, but TA DAH, they are.

So when Dora June asked her Mother if she could have a party, a Halloween party with maybe five of her friends and party food and games, Wilhelmina looked up from her cup of coffee- which she thought she was drinking alone in her kitchen in genuine shock.

First of all, she was surprised Dora June had any friends and second of all- she couldn’t shake the thought because it nagged at her-how long had Dora June been standing there watching her drink her coffee before she looked up and noticed her?

Dora June’s little brother, who had just turned 13, right after Dora June turned 14 was named after their Dad, Sydney.

Everyone called him  S.J.

S.J. was the type of kid you noticed- he was always jumping his bike over ramps at the end of the street that he and his friends built. He never walked, he trotted and ran and one summer he even found a dead body in the woods behind their house.

The ladies in her Mom’s Coffee and Cigarette Clutch called S.J. a charmer and joked about marrying him off to one of their daughters and S.J. would say something back like he’d rather marry one of them…ha.ha.ha.

Dora June, the Ghost in Training would be standing right there the entire time her Mom’s friends gushed over her brother and she wondered if any of them would look at Dora June and make a joke about sons who she could marry one day.

She would hitch a sigh and guess not.

Dora June, the Ghost in Training did have friends- she had met three of them at the library and the other two when she was out looking for tadpoles at Lake Townsend.

Alice and Gerty, Irene, Gordon and Freddy and Dora June weren’t outcasts, they weren’t bullied, nobody pranked them or egged their windows or tp’d their trees . For anyone to do that, they’d have to notice you and nobody ever seemed to Dora June or her friends.

That Halloween though, the night of Dora’s Party was the night all of that changed.

Halloween treats like cookies and candy were set out on the tables in festive bowls shaped like pumpkins and cauldrons around the living room, there was more food set on serving platters and trays in the dining room and there were pumpkins on the porch and in front of the fireplace.

Dora June had done most of the work herself and she even hung up cutouts of witches and black cats.

But Dora June and her guests weren’t interested in the food, or the decorations. They didn’t even bother to dress up in costumes.

When Dora June was sure her parents had retreated to their bedroom for the evening after the last Trick or Treater stopped by and the porch light had been snapped off ( more then likely they had forgotten Dora June and her friends were even in the house ) Dora June went up to her bedroom and came back down with a box in her hands.

” It’s here.” she set the box, which was wrapped up in bright slick paper decorated with cakes and candles and a topped with a bright yellow silk ribbon, on the dining room table.

Freddy reached out and touched the elaborate silk bow. ” It was a birthday present? ”

Before Dora June could answer, the front door opened and then slammed and S.J and two of his friends walked in- one was a girl in braids. Dora June saw that S.J.’s other friend looked like a taller and somewhat hairy version of the girl in braids. . Her brother Dora June guessed.

They were all holding pillow cases and plastic pumpkins full of candy that were no doubt the property of some very broken hearted Trick or Treaters-S.J when you came right down to it was a jerk.

The three of them sort of slunk through the living room and into the dining room and were about to grab some food when S.J. noticed the present on the table.

” Your birthday was last month. Have you been sitting on that all of this time?” S.J. asked in the smarmy tone of voice he used when he offered to run away with one of their Mother’s friends and marry her.

Dora June laid her hand on the still wrapped present. ” No, I haven’t been sitting on it. Does it look like an egg to you? Do I look like a hen to you? Why don’t you leave S.J.? I don’t want you here. Not tonight.”

S.J.’s friends looked at him expectantly. They were sure he was going to take his weirdo sister down in flames. But he didn’t. He just motioned for them to follow him back to the kitchen.

Dora June followed them and shut the kitchen door behind them.

When she came back to the dining room she sat at the head of the table and her friends took seats after her. ” This is a present from my Great Uncle Percival and his wife Mariana Mote.”

The table had been set with punch and cookies and finger sandwiches cut into pumpkin shapes. Dora pushed her plate to the side and made room for the gift. ” Great Uncle Percy told my Grandfather to give it to me for my 14 birthday, but that I shouldn’t open it until Halloween. It’s been in my closet in the top shelf.”

Her guests sat patiently as Dora June continued. ” Well, as you know my Grandfather died 3 years ago and Uncle Percy died before I was even born, but Grandpa told me where my gift was and said Uncle Percy knew he could count on me to keep my word and wait until Halloween of this year to open it.”

Dora June added. ” And use it.”

” Why tonight?” Freddy asked, why couldn’t you actually open it on your birthday?”

For the first time, maybe in her entire life Dora June let a little ripple of emotion move across her face. ” Well, it was on Halloween night that Uncle Percy died performing his famous magic trick, the Burning Coffin. Aunt Mariana died trying to save him.

Dora June’s friends had wished over the years that they could have had an Uncle Percy who had been a famous magician who had performed in places like Egypt and New Orleans , Mongolia, Italy, Canada and Peru and even in Chicago- (which is where he and Mariana died back in 1939) and that they had his posters designed and printed by Percy’s oldest brother Lewis, hanging up in their rooms the way Dora June did.

They were sure she had some of his props and costumes too, but she hadn’t shown them those things, yet.

Dora June began to carefully unwrap her gift and when she was done she folded the paper and wound the ribbon around her wrist.

They all looked down in front of Dora June.

The box was long and thin and unlike the wrapping paper, the yellowed slightly damp box showed it’s age and it turned out to be as fragile as it looked because the box fell apart when Dora June pulled the lid off of it.

She carefully lifted something out lightly wrapped in what turned out to be a delicate lace veil. Then she set her gift on the table.

” Where is the rest of it?” Gerty asked.

Dora June shook the veil and something fell free and landed on the table with a little thunk.

It was a planchette , and it was not molded from plastic. Not this planchette. It was molded from something a little more earthy.

Dora June’s gift was a Ouji Board.

” Do those really work Dora June? ” Irene asked as she reached out and touched the side of the board.

Dora June moved the board a little closer to Irene and nodded. ” Go ahead, You can touch it. Look. See? This board has all of the letters and numbers carved into it, it’s not painted like the common everyday ones you can by in the store. ”

Gordon added, ” Yeah, the toy store. They stack them next to the Monopoly ”

” This, ” Dora June said ” is the real thing if it’s from Uncle Percival and Aunt Mariana”

They all moved closer to the board.

The edges of the board were scorched and so were the edges of the letters and numbers.

” It smells like smoke, ” Gerty told Alice and they all agreed.

None of them were surprised.

” So who are we going to- you know. Summon?”

Dora June thought for a moment. ” Well. It’s Halloween. So I think I’m going to summon an evil spirit. It’s Halloween. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel. The world is full of them and ghosts tonight and no way can we miss if we aim for one of them.”

” Makes sense.” they agreed

They took their places at the table and just as they placed their fingers on the planchette and Dora June called out her invitation to the dark spirits of Halloween to join them, the lights flickered and then went off.

A second later they flashed back on.

Dora June worked her jaw from side to side.

She went on:

” Who is here with us? ”


“Are there evil spirits here with us tonight?”


The planchette flew from under their fingers and took it’s own place at the left of the board. It was a second, just a breath after it came to rest, the lights in the dining room and living room flashed began to madly off and on , the basement door banged open and shut as if it trapped in a hurricane and in the middle of the flashing lights and banging that was now coming from the walls too, Dora June jumped up from her seat and slammed her hands on the table and screamed ” Damn it SJ! Cut it out!”

SJ and his friends fell through the kitchen door and landed in a heap in the dining room.

He took a breath to stop himself from laughing and then he took his sister down not one but by an entire factory of pegs exactly the way his friends had expected from him earlier in the evening

” Who is here with us? ” Could you have asked a dumber question? And you got an answer right? None of this stuff is real. You guys moved that bone thing around with your own brain waves or something and I know that’s true because you got a boring stupid answer that matches your stupid boring face.”

S.J. and his friends were laughing at them, for the first and only time her brother ever really saw her, he looked at her and laughed so hard he wet himself.

Dora June was about to take the board off of the table and bash it across her brother’s face when a tall man and woman with long dark hair and soft caramel colored skin flared up, like a flame on candle hit by a cool draft, from the shadows at Dora June’s feet.

The man rested his hand gently on Dora June’s shoulder and Aunt Mariana said, ” She received an answer to her question. There are evil spirits here tonight. Three of them. I suppose her next question to us will probably be-”

“What she wants done with them. ” Uncle Percival said.

The Broken Sky

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Doctor Cooper suggested to Flora’s parents that they go outside to the little park across the street and have a chat while Flora freshens up. They could all do with a little fresh air she said with certainty.

Flora’s parents followed Doctor Cooper out of the Center and into the fresh air and open spaces that the Doctor felt would do them all a world of good.

Flora’s Mother looked up into the sky- it should have been a beautiful sky, a beautiful day above them and all around them but today the world seemed dark and muddled.

Instead of feeling like the soft white cloudy sky, tinged with just a little pink as it was at this time of day, went on forever it felt like it was crashing down on them.

” There is no good way to put this. We know this, don’t we?”

Flora’s father nodded. ” It’s killing her. Isn’t it?”

Doctor Cooper wouldn’t have been that blunt. ” It’s metastasized . I am sorry.”

The sky seemed to drop down a little more and it felt unseasonably warm. Funny. It was like this a few years ago, the last time that the Universe and Flora’s own body turned on her.

” I suppose we could pray.” Flora’s Mother suggested. ” I mean, it can’t hurt. Can it?”

Flora’s Father scowled. ” Yeah. Well. Go ahead and through a few Hail Satans in there too while you’re covering all the bases. That won’t hurt anything either”

Doctor Cooper wanted Flora’s parents to focus.” Listen. Your daughter is a fighter. This has beaten her down hard, but she’s been through this before. We thought she wasn’t going to make it the last time. But she did.”

Flora’s Father saw his daughter drifting towards them- God, it looked like she was disappearing right before his eyes. His poor baby who should have had nothing but time to waste and enjoy looked so tired. Nobody that young should look the way his daughter did.

But she was sick and there was nothing he could do to help her.

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That winter, Flora waited for her last breath, she waited for the darkness to work its way into her and she wondered if she would feel like she was drowning from the inside out- like the last time.

Only instead of drowning from the inside out, Flora woke up a little more each day.

It didn’t happen all at once.

One day she woke up and felt a little hungry. A few days later she woke up with her alarm and she made her way to her family downstairs and they actually had breakfast and even lunch later that day.

Then on her own she went to the creek down the trail from their house and she waded around in the stream and she looked up and the sky looked a little brighter.

Nobody knew why Flora recovered- her Father would say it had something to do with the prayers Flora’s mother offered to any God who was listening and Flora’s Grandmother thought it was the Creek that finally brought Flora back- all of their guesses were just as valid as the last one that was offered, but it didn’t matter because Flora lived and she grew as strong as the Creek she visited every single day.

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Flora grew up and she had children and Grandchildren and even Great Grandchildren.

She went to her Creek everyday and waded in just up to her knees and FLora let the cool water and the little creatures that lived in it swim and nibble at her toes and she always, always kept her face up towards the sky.

Truth be told, the beautiful sky and the lights shining from it were the only things she would have missed had her illnesses taken her away. She would never admit that to her family but it was true.

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When Flora was very old and when it was her time to go- she looked up and she saw the sky. Of course her eyes had been weak for a few years but she could still see a bit of the light from it and she since she had been doing since she was young she always kept her face up towards it.

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In those last few minutes Flora was with her family she looked up and the sky was blazing with light, beautiful light swimming with colors.

She reached towards it with one hand, then she raised both of her arms up and then she flew.

The sky broke apart where Flora sailed through it. In a single breath she turned into a stream of color, wrapped in the coolest of breeze and she flew, and she swam and she heard the wind roaring all around her-

but the wind was made up of words that Flora could never have understood and what it said was-

” I think he saw me in the end.” His name was Phil and his daughter gently closed his eye lids with her hand. ” I saw it in his eyes, he could see. Don’t you think so? ” Phil’s daughter asked her family.

Gathered around his bed were Phil’s family who never once left his side when his brain cancer came back and robbed him of his vision early in his disease and took him away a month later.

Phil’s sister put her arms around her niece and hugged her.

Phil’s son had been standing on the other side of his Father’s bed and he had looked down at the same time into his Father’s face when his sister did.

It didn’t seem to Phil’s son like their Father was taking anything into his wide open and focused eyes as he looked over his son’s shoulder and out the window

It looked more to him like something was breaking out.

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Baby Tahnoose

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Back in the day when Star Trek first aired and there was no way anyone could tell you what the entire episode was about in the first 5 seconds and jokes about the crewmen in redshirts were still far in the future, the biggest, the best, the doll every little girl worth her salt asked for that Christmas was Baby Tahnoose.

Baby Tahnoose had bouncy blond curls and ivory skin and huge unnaturally blue eyes that were painted onto her plastic face along with her improbably pink lips by a machine the factory workers in Iowa called, for no particular reason, Shirley.

Baby Tahnoose had been modeled after a real girl name Dennie Cahill and she came in a box with an extra fancy dress and buckle shoes and a brush with a cat stamped on it’s handle.

Most people would never know that Dennie ( nicknamed Tahnoose ), the beloved child of the Cahill Family, the child whose face was the face that embodied the perfect child had smothered her new born baby sister because Dennie was a true psychopath by the time she was six years old and guess what- she didn’t need a reason for what she did and she never really gave one.

Anyway, Baby Tahnoose was the toy that every little girl in America wanted under her Christmas tree that year- most of they would have said they’d kill for one, which is pretty funny when you think about it.

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The very same year that Star Trek and Baby Tahnoose made their debuts Gail and Sam Burns lived in a new house in a new subdivision called View Ridge where the yards and foundations of older homes had been buried under concrete and a school and a church and the new City Hall had been built over their remains.

Everything about Gail and Sam’s was life was executed to perfection- from the shade of Gail’s bleached blond hair, to the Martinis that Sam mixed for their friends when they came over to sit by the Pool when the evenings were perfect for that sort of thing.

Their daughter, Marina had been crafted to perfection too- not a hair on her head was ever out of place, her knee socks clung obediently to her calves her dresses never got wrinkled her shoes were never scuffed.

So when Gail saw those adds for that doll, that doll that was crafted to represent the perfect child…she just new they had to have one under their tree too.

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Later on Christmas morning Baby Tahnoose took her place on a white canopy bed in the most perfect bedroom any little girl could have wished for.

The walls had been painted the faintest shade of pink and the pictures hanging from them were in simple white frames and the window was covered with lace curtains.

There was a music box on the dressing table with a ballerina that popped up and started to dance when you opened it- the box contained real jewelry- little pearl earrings and a necklaces with tiny gold crosses and flowers and a charm bracelets all them came from the finest jewelry store in Evanston

The shelves were lined with beautifully illustrated story books ( hardcovers of course ) and stuffed animals ( rabbits and ponies and bears ) all of the animals were as bright and colorful as the day they were brought home from the toy store.

The room was perfect absolutely perfect.

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A few days after Christmas Gail was in Marina’s room. She had just finished making the bed and after several failed attempts finally found the perfect pose and the perfect spot to place Baby Tahnoose when Marina appeared at the door and cleared her throat.

Gail spun around, ” What’s the matter, are you coming down with a cold?”

” No. I fell when I was coming home from Maggie’s house and I skinned my knee. See?”

Gail looked down and saw that her daughter’s knee had indeed been scrapped and her white knee sock was sprinkled with blood.

” Maggie’s Mom put a band aid on it. I thought that was kind of her, wasn’t it?” Marina said with the same colorless voice Gail used.

Gail looked at the band aid and winced.

” That won’t do Marina, it will not do. Come with me and let me fix that.”

Marina looked down and then she saw what her Mother saw.

The band aid was crooked.

” Let’s go to the bathroom and fix this. Right now. Right this instant.”

Gail brushed by her daughter and Marina followed her down the hall into the bathroom where a few minutes later the water in the tub started to run.

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View Ridge for almost 20 golden years was the neighborhood that was the jewel in the crown of Evanston- and then people started to move away because Ferndale had a bigger and better crown and along with many of their other neighbors Gail and Sam left too.

They were long gone when Gail’s perfectly crafted home was pulled down to make another perfect house for another perfect family. Only on the final walk through one of the demolition crew was up in the attic and found something wrapped in plastic and bedspread covered with a daisy print and mold.

He pulled some of the wrapping back and he stopped when he saw a sock and a band aid still attached to a small mummified leg.

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Gail and Sam moved away to a brand new house in a brand new suburb and their lives spun on with clock like precision.

Gail’s hair is still colored to perfection, Sam still serves his drinks mixed with skill and their house is decorated and furnished to showroom standards and upstairs in their daughter’s room their child, their perfect child crafted and created by a machine named Shirley in Riverside Iowa stares out of her lace covered window and I think that if Baby Tahnoose has a single thought in her perfectly crafted head, she’s probably very glad she will never skin her knee.