My Dark Companions

There been


Wolf at my door


Hell Hound at my heels


 giant black dog that followed me home in the snow

and disappeared when I  turned around and called him to follow me inside.

Next time I will stop and whistle softly,  call a little more gently

to bring my nervous companions in darkness to my side.


The Monday Peeve 13

Photo by Pixabay on

I had assumed that when people clicked the like button on my blog links at FB, it meant that they had taken a quick peek at what I had written.

Not so.

Some people thought that I was posting pictures and golly gee, those are so neat-o and I deserve a big pat on the back for sharing  it, and sometimes they are ‘saying’ that the little blue thumb is informing me in Emoji shorthand that they are ‘supportive’


I don’t know why I bother with Facebook, it’s a wasteland.

The Railroad Ghosts of Christmas Past

Inspired by Dickens and  recent events along the tracks I commute to work on:

5 people struck by trains within days in Washington state

From July To October 4  people were struck-    The Tracks

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

followed me home

from the railroad tracks

down the hill from where I live.


Sometimes I hear them, sometimes I see them

sometimes I feel them breathing down my neck

into my ear

“Give us a place to dream, give us a place to eat,

give us a chance to sleep- we are so tired and it is so cold.”


I ignored them

for as long as I could.


” Go away, you’re keeping me awake at night I am so tired, I am so cold, I can’t eat

and I need my sleep.”


The Ghosts of Christmas past

whistle to me

from the railroad tracks

down the hill from where I live:


” We know you can hear us, we know you can see us, we know you can hear us breathing,  no matter how far away you are from us you go.  You might as well join us from up the hill where you live.”


I am thinking, here in the dark up on the hill where I live

where I can’t sleep, or eat or dream,

where I am so lonely and I am always so cold

that I might visit them a few times and get to know them-

before I let them move in.

RDP Friday – Scrooge

Less World


There are two kinds of Hardware stores, do you know that?

One store is considered ‘ the man store ‘.

The man store has pallet jacks parked at the end of some of the aisles, the stock in most cases are stacked neatly on the shelves in the boxes they were shipped in and out dated fluorescent lights glare down at you from high empty ceilings.

The lady store has food vendors in the entrance way, there are pretty kitchen vignettes up in the front of the store and there isn’t a pallet jack to be seen anywhere. Plus the ceilings are lower and you can’t smell fertilizer anywhere except for the garden center- which unlike the man store which  for the most part only carries outdoor plants and sometimes end caps full of little cactus plants- the lady story carries tons of indoor plants and rocks, marbles and gnomes and plastic woodland animals too and wind chimes. I almost forgot to mention that.

I like the wind chimes because every time the doors open and close it sounds like Tinker Bell is jacked up on speed and flying around with her eyes closed.

Sometimes guys will shop at the Ladies Store and sometimes Women go to the guys store and women act like, hey it’s just a store. I’m hip, I just need a hammer and a bag of animal poo for my vegetable garden- plus check it out, I’m wearing ( fill in the name of the NFL team here ).

When visiting the ladies store  guys will trail around the aisle with the lamps and kitchen vignettes and ask all kinds of techy questions about pipes and wiring , just to remind you- check it. I’m all man, baby.

I think it’s a riot, but I also like sitting on my deck and shooting spit wads at the lamp post at the foot of the path that leads to the woods behind my house because the lamp post only works some of the time and for reason that really irritates  me.

So I’m not so sure that I would recommend going to a store just to see a small example of how men and women are wired differently because I hate shopping myself and I hate ‘just looking around’ even more.

But it is fun in it’s own weird way- however  I would recommend hitting the Ladies Hardware store after visiting the Man Store because there’s probably food and picnic tables and benches to eat at and during the holiday season Kettle Corn is around. . . and the chuckles are free.



The Black Paintings

This is a wonderful piece on the Black Paintings of Goya and in it the author tells us about the which paintings disturbed him the most.

That painting is actually one of my favorites- so after this clip I’ve posted two of the paintings that I’ve found to be the most disturbing.

I’ve always found this painting to be the most disturbing:

Black Painting by Goya
” The Dog “

In this painting the dog is alone in an empty Sea and it is drowning- worse maybe it will never drown. Maybe it will almost drown, alone and  almost drown alone forever.

I’ve been that dog, that’s why I find the painting so disturbing.

I guess I see myself in it.

Black Painting- Goya
” The Fates “

I’ve always found it amusing that lovers claim that “fate” brought them together.

In my mind fate has a cruel streak and a sick sense of humor- and by the way it doesn’t really care who you are or what your desires or wants are.

This painting expresses that.

Black Painting By Goya
Pilgrimage to the Fountain of San Isidro

I don’t find the above painting disturbing but I’ll include it anyway.

What I hear when I see this painting is are questions- were these people crazed looking

before they made their pilgrimage or did it happen along the way- and once they get

there are these pilgrims the ones that were expected?

For the sake of drama with a touch of darkness- I’ll say



Winter In May


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I took these  pictures  in May when we were  on the train to Wisconsin to see our Granddaughter Jemma.

I believe we were passing through Glacier Park at the time.

I’m not a fan of Spring or Summer, so this was a very pleasant surprise- Winter has a cold yet gentle hold on my heart.

I am enchanted by dark winter nights.

I wonder what it looks like up there now-wait, why wonder – this is the interwebs! Here is link so we can see it