In The Blood

My granddaughter went shopping or a Halloween costume, on I kid you not, Stephen King’s birthday.

If you’re not a King fan then that probably means nothing to you but if have read every book Stephen King has ever written and you have collected them one by one by one for over 30 years then that will mean something to you.

It means a lot to me.

So to kick off Mr King’s Birthday, Jemma tried on the demon bunny mask first. I don’t think Stephen King has written about demonic bunnies but he’s probably dreamed about them. I mean, who hasn’t?

Photo Moscoso

But then in a world of Disney Princesses and Disney Heroines and Youtube superstars that she adores

Jemma decided on this costume-

Photo Moscoso

For Halloween, 2022 my Granddaughter, the apple of my eye and the brightest star in the sky ( well, she and Hamish my dog- it’s a big sky so that’s okay ) decided to be Pennywise the clown from “It”.

I’m not sure why Stephen King’s Pennywise appeals to Jemma – maybe it’s something in our blood.

Best Guess.

Photo: Moscoso

I know that as the years and days and months go on Jemma will make me proud of her every single day, but on this day- on this 39th day before Halloween I can’t imagine being more proud of her then I am right now.

Something I Dug Up

There are 41 days left to Halloween and here is a treat from last year to nibble on- just don’t let it nibble you back.

There are  no painted pumpkins placed upon the porch

there are no styrofoam  tombstones dotting my freshly mowed lawn

no zombies stuffed with shredded plastic are hanging from the trees,

there are no linen ghosts  tied to the window screens


Not a single black cat cut out is tacked to my front door

no paper marche devils are sitting on wicker chairs

I have no tin pressed witches on my porch holding  bowls of treats

nothing that runs on batteries will cry out Trick or Treat


There is  no one home at this House

on this Halloween

unless you count me,

the witches, the zombies, the ghosts,

the devils and demonic cats

who were most certainly not created in a factory by machines.