That Didn’t Take Long

An artist illustration of the InSight lander on Mars.

NASA has a wealth of information  about the InSight Mission you can see at their website HERE.

I’ve been noodling around there and it’s fun, so check it out.

But come on, we all know what comes on the heels of cool and historic pictures- that would be cool and epic photo shopped pictures of course and here are a few favorites of mine:


That Does Not Sound Like Fun At All!

So on the 5th of  November I turned a year older and on the 6th I pulled some muscles in my lower back and spent the rest of the week binging on Netflix and finding new and creative ways to get up and walk without using my lower back muscles.

In case your curious, it can be done but you will wish you never had to figure out how to do it.

Now I can sort of move around and I think my sense of humor is going to show up any day now.


Any day now.