Last Year

Last year I did the Goodreads Challenge and my goal was to read 100 books in 2018

I didn’t make it- I only made it to 13 books.

Goal not met aside, these were all great books and I consider my brain well fed. I learned a lot from “Halley’s Quest”  ( it actually helped me understand the ” The Terror “.

But each of these books made me proud to be a writer to- they were all inspiring on a creative level.

A Higher Loyalty by James ComeyThe Georgian Star by Michael D. LemonickNeverwhere by Neil GaimanThe Door to Saturn by Clark Ashton SmithMadame Tussaud by Kate BerridgeFire and Fury by Michael Wolff

  • The Terror by Dan SimmonsAtlas of Cursed Places by Olivier Le CarrerAlt-America by David NeiwertDr. Mütter's Marvels by Cristin O'Keefe AptowiczHalley's Quest by Julie WakefieldWisconsin Death Trip by Michael LesyShadow and Evil in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz


I probably should have started the challenge earlier, but I didn’t. So this year I guess  because I’m starting earlier, I’m going to do the sensible thing and comitt to 101 and books.

I think I can do it this year, yes I CAN.


I Usually Skip That Part

Today I got my James Comey Book,  A Higher Loyalty and  because I got it delivered to work I only had time to zip through the Author’s Note. I usually skip that part because for the most part they’re no fun to read.

This time I read it.

And it was a total LOL moment.

The biggest criticism I’ve heard about James Comey by disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters and talking heads and Republicans ( which is a puzzle to me – because if you go down that rabbit hole he helped Twitler get elected ) is that

James Comey is  prideful, over-confident, and driven by ego.

You know who else says that?

James Comey  on page two of The Author’s Note .

I probably found that funnier then I should have.

I used to work at a bookstore and it was my job to sell books like The Turner Diaries and other White Supremacist BS books that would make a decent person’s eyes bleed before you got through the first chapter.

What I learned by reading those books and having conversations with the people who read them was this- I’d no more tell a person NOT to read write a book than I would burn one

My reason though, probably isn’t what you may assume.

When somebody commits their thoughts to paper, they are exposing who they are and how they tick. You can wrap your story in well structured sentences or emjois but it doesn’t matter because you’ve just given the world a road map to your brain.

So to my friends who wondered why I would buy and read a  book that I have been told ‘should never have been written’ all I can say is this- if you have started to walk down that road- the one where you feel that’s it’s ok to tell people what to think and what to read-  you probably need to read this book more than I do.