To Heck With You

RDP Sunday: Aghast

Gertrude Abercrombie

Over the last few years until just a few days ago

I have had terminal illnesses carry away some members of my family and threaten the lives of others.

I’ve watched these people fight and watched their loved ones rise to  breathtaking heights of  bravery in the struggle that  they faced and it humbled me.

So if you are an Anti Vaxxer, if you are an Anti Masker and I had to sum you up, as an individual in one word,  I would ink this word on your forehead for all of the world to see:


Wake Me Up

Word of The Day Challenge: ENDING

Photographer Unknown

According to the calender, 2020 ends in three more days.

For me, it ended back in March.

I was put on standby at work for a month, I put myself into quarantine- and there was no cheating or playing around. I didn’t go shopping, I didn’t visit my friends or family.

It would be foolish to assume that those relationships have not withered on the vine.

I haven’t been to a museum or to the symphony or out to listen to music in  almost a year because when the word got around in February that Covid-19 was nothing to fool with I actually stopped going to large gatherings back then.

My year ended in March of 2020.

I’m waiting for the clock to start ticking again, for the dates on the calender to makes some sort of sense.

I’m waiting for this Non- Year to end.


The Not Quite Decorated Tree

Word of the Day Challenge: Perplex 

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I am trying to do the right things

I am trying to follow the rules

I am trying to be a good friend, a good daughter, a good aunt and sister

I wear my mask, I sit alone I stand alone,  I am alone.

I am so alone.

Sentenced to solitary

For doing the right things.


Sentenced for doing right by my neighbors, people I will never meet, the people I know.

I wish we could all go home

but if we did that right now

all you would see

is an almost decorated Christmas Tree

standing in the corner of my living room

that I keep forgetting to plug in.