Did You See That?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I thought I was taking a picture of a fallen tree, but when I got home and looked at my photos

I saw that there was a face looking back at me.


Photo A,M, Moscoso..

I’ve never been photo bombed by a plant before- have you?


Photo A.M. Moscoso

I wanted to take a picture that expressed how I felt about being changed and formed by the world around us.

Much like driftwood.

Instead I got a picture of  a sleeping dog.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ve  never really been able to capture anything I’ve wanted on  my camera- but I’m thinking that’s ok.

I like surprises and the sense of adventure that goes along with it


Daily Post Photo Challenge: Surprise


Photos Taken At Edmonds Beach, Edmonds Washington USA

More Fun Then A Gift Wrapped Basket Full Of Puppies

christmas-clip-art-holidays_christmas_holly_1For me, nothing says holiday fun like puppies and dogs- and the more the merrier!

Here is a clip of the biggest collection of pups you will ever see (my cousin’s pup is in this clip ) – I mean WOW! All that’s missing is some snow!

And of course it wouldn’t be  Christmas without my boy, Hamish Macbeth ( his Holiday pics follow )


So look close and prepare to have your winter heart warmed up- for me it wouldn’t be that time of the year without my dog. Enjoy!


Among this over flowing basket of puppies is my cousin’s dog, Xavier.

(YouTube video of the pack of beauties and baby Xavier:)

1. Xavier shows up first on 0:42 in the middle of the screen.
2. Coming down the hill at 3:49
3. At the water hole, to the right, at 6:40
4. And sitting on his favorite rock at 8:09.


Can you spot the 120lb nine month old puppy in this happy holiday snap?



Two years ago my Hamish was just a puppy- so in the spirit of the holidays my nieces wrapped him in gift paper and he kept it on until the tape warmed up and it all fell off.


Hamish and Pualani

Hamish and Pualani Christmas 2014

Here is a picture of Hamish from Thanksgiving 2016- minus the wrapping paper!


Hamish might be a bit big to wrap up and Xavier is most definitely to big- but because of these two special guys, there is going to be some fun and love around our homes this Christmas.


Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of The Year Without