Now THAT is a Treat!


I love ALL of these songs! Check them out, you’re going to love them.

In case you’re curious, my favorite is the last track on side B: Marie Laveau


Side A: Swinging Ghosts Salty Holmes –

The Ghost Song (1954) Steve Jeffries, Mary Carewe & Donald Greig – Evil at Play (1986) The Upperclassmen – Cha Cha With The Zombies (1959) Terry Teene – Curse of the Hearse (1960) Danny Hutton – Monster Shindig (1965) Milton Delugg – Créature From Under Sea (1964) The Cadillacs – Frankenstein (~1955) The Corsairs – At the Stroke of Midnight (1962) Interlude: Sandalwood & Wine Roy Fox – This House is Haunted (1934) Jack Hylton – Bogey Wail (1929) Ozzie Nelson & Rose Anne Stevens – Strange Enchantment (1939)

Side B: Forget the Light Forever 

The Deadly Ones- There’s A Creature In The Surfer’s Lagoon (1964) Larrys Rebels – Halloween (1967) The Calico Wall – I’m A Living Sickness (1967) !Action Pact! – Gothic Party Time (1983) Jim Stick Revelation – Night Of The Witch Doctor (1978) Night Creatures – That’s The Night (1976) Some Bizarre – Don’t Be Afraid (1983) Forbidden Fruits– Disco Halloween (1986) Bobby Soxx – Scavenger of Death (1981) Papa Celestin – Marie LaVeau (1954)

What the heck here is the 2018 Version too-  it’s freaking fantastic:


The Devils Cavern Aki (Aki Aleong) Voodoo Drums (1961) Bill Buchanan – Beware (1963) Baron Daemon & The Vampires – Ghost Guitars (1963) Gerald Dole – Cajun Halloween (1999) The Three D’s – Graveyard Cha Cha (1960) Alessandro Alessandroni – Demon Arise (1971) The Poets – Dead (1958) Jimmy Fris – Serpents & Spiders (1964) Horror Charly – Horror Horror Dance Part 2 (1971) Ralph Lundsten – Horrorscope (1979)


The Seventh Order Magic Mail – Devil Of The Fire (1980) The Heaven’s Magic Watch Out For 666 (198?) Nostromo – Alien (1979) Triangolo – Muerdeme Dracula (1980) Orgue Electronique – Le Notti Del Terrore (2005) Boney M. – Rasputin (1978) New Mayfair Orchestra – The Haunted House (1931) Bill Carter – Baby Brother (1959)

It Begins

Today is Halloween,

The night will be full of walking terrors, hungry vampires and  yellow eyed demons.

Witches are getting ready to cast a hex or two in honor of the season and spiders,  black cats and werewolves are getting ready to do a little cruncha cruncha muncha muncha on all things great and small.

I spend a lot of time in the Halloween World, so this  sums up my daily existence.

Not to be a killjoy but today is business as usual for me!

But what the heck- you all go out there and have some fun.

When you’re done, I’ll be right here.