Taste of Bone

RDP Wednesday – GLEAN

Bones are porous  and that means that if you touch one to your tongue it will stick.

It’s science. I learned it from a book about forensic anthropology by William Maples and when the opportunity presented itself, I tried it.

It turned out to be true and it wasn’t as gross as touching your tongue to the business end of a 9 volt battery- don’t ask.

So here’s to you my bone licking friends in Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology – because  I thought those of us from Funeral Services were all alone on the odd side.

That’s okay, it was getting a little predictable at our end of the table anyways.

For the rest of you here are some pictures of bones- and I guess you could ask yourself:

Do I dare?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My Monsters

I wanted to craft a story

with ink, with needles with thread

I wanted to craft a story about

monsters and graveyards and the living dead.

I wanted to carve a story on bone, on stone on the insides of

my eyelids

I wanted to write a story

but the words

are staying out of my head.

The cowards.

Hail To The King, Baby

The son of Seti,  he is considered to be  be the  greatest of all the Pharaohs-Ramesses II ( Ancient Egyptian: “Ra is the one who bore him” )

Pharaoh  by the time he was 20, he reigned for over 66 years and died at the age of 90.

As was the custom,  Ramesses was mummified so that each night his BA would recognize and be able to rejoin his KA ( earthly self ) and he would be continue his life in the next world.

Today I am here to take the position that Ramesses achieved  his goal- he does indeed live again- he has a passport and he has traveled this Earth by earthly means.

Hail to the King, Baby.



Halloween Wishes

Photo by Michael Morse on Pexels.com

Will any super heroes, super villians

or princesses from the Sea

knock on my door hold out their bags

and cry out Trick or Treat?


My dog is dressed in a pirate hat

my cat is sporting gargoyle’s wings

and I am dressed up like a ghost

we’re ready for Halloween.


My Jack O Lantern is lit

my trees are hung with bones

my demons are in the attic

my zombies are lurking  downstairs.


We’re all eagerly  waiting

for someone to appear

to knock on our door

so that we will know-

Dinner is served.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


My Halloween Tree!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ve joined the club and put up a Halloween Tree!

I struggled with what kind of tree I wanted and of course the bigger plan at work was could I find one that I could keep up year round because I am sort of a spooky yet whimsical weirdo at heart.

Well guess what, I found one and oh happy day it turned out to have a lot of promise and it was even better then the picture on line promised.

I paired it up with a couple of fun skeletons and towards the back is a candle holder that is shaped like a human skull and has this rich earthy cinnamon smell  ( and I haven’t even lit it yet ) as opposed to the light scent you run across.

I’m not sure where the skelotons came from, or the candle because Luis gave them to me as gifts, but here’s where I got the tree.

Happy Almost Halloween!


Four Heartbeats

I can hear it breathing

I can hear it moving around in it’s nest

it is restless, it is thirsty  and it is so dark  tonight


I don’t care, the window is only four heartbeats from where I am hiding right now

and anything- absolutely anything is better then being trapped

so close to that thing  whose face is covered in streams of yellow and green mucus and the remains of it last unfortunate meal.

It  smells like a sewer where legions of rats have lived and died, have I mentioned that?

It’s above my head, close enough for me to reach up and touch, worse I am close enough to hear the sweat dripping from it’s pores.

Stay quiet, stay still says the small voice in my head-that voice is my last shred of sanity. I should listen to it.


I don’t care  if it touches me, if it gets close enough for me to smell it

I want out of here.

Four heartbeats and I’m free.


I slide, I crawl I cower and then…


” Mommy!” the hideous monster above me screams ” I want a drink of water! PLEASE I just want a drink of water!” it screeches again. ” Mommy…I’m so thirsty! I’m dying ’cause I’m so THIRSTY.”

” If only.” I sob. “If only.” 


I Slither back under the bed and I let my tail stroke my cheek. I hold my horns for comfort.  I  pray to my Dark Lord for strength and just a little courage  and I wait for that creature called Linzzy to fall asleep and I try to hold my breath for a little while longer.

Please let it close it’s eyes and it’s foul smelling mouth

it has to fall asleep soon-

doesn’t it?


Where Nothing Lives


Photo by Emre Can on Pexels.com

There are no locks on the doors

in the rooms  where nothing lives.

There isn’t a single sheet of glass


the window frames at the house where nothing comes in  and nothing ever leaves.

Nothing is down in the basement

nothing lives in the walls

nothing is rotting in the attic

nothing was forgotten in the kitchen cupboards.

Nothing is in the dead house

at the end of the road

from where you live, from where I live.

And In that prison

nothing screams in it’s endless terror

without ever taking

a single breath.

Friends for Life.

I was left for dead

in a house full of rats

where the rooms were

decorated with treachery and betrayal.


I was left for dead

in a house full of rats

denied a decent grave

it’s as if I never existed

but the rats knew I was there.


I think they dream of me

I know I still dream of them.

We talk about you when our eyes are closed

and we plan to

visit you


for a bite.