Boo Hoo Sun Slaves


The Snow Demons

are running amok

where I live

near Seattle.


I like the cold and the ice


I love

to hear

my Sun Worshipping friends

gnashing their teeth

and crying over their flip flops

banished under their beds



when they are pulled out from the darkness

and wept over, held by shaking hands


in the coldness, in the Winter

that has no end.

I Think I’ve Found It

When I was younger

my Dad told me

not everyone made it in life, that some people

were going to die

unhappy, unfilled and alone.


That was my legacy from him.


Now I just want to make it home from work


on time

to find my dog waiting for me at the door

with a smile on his face

Mozart playing on the radio

my laptop humming softly

waiting for me to create a world or two.


Legacies can be chains

knowing who you are

is the key

to unlocking them.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Ultimate