It Had To Be Said

The reality is,

if I had slapped every single person who has ever made a racist comment about

someone in my family

or made fun about people with autism- which my niece has

or suffered from physical disabilities like my late nephew  endured in his short life,

I’d be in jail right now and tagged as a repeat offender.

So if you are on Will Smith’s team, take your effing victory lap and the STFU.

Facebook Has Feelings Too!

A week or so ago I got into a spat with Facebook over a cartoon they pulled- the reason being they said that if you looked at it you might commit suicide.

They did put it back up:

But then they decided that some sort of punishment was in order,  so two years after the fact and a week after agreeing they were incorrect  they restricted me from ” Going Live ” or advertising.

Two things.

How do you go live- because I have never done that and I’m not interested in that option because my dog gives me all of  the instant adoration I need


I wouldn’t give Facebook money to advertise and I never follow their links to buy things. If it’s a legit site, I always leave FB and go in through the site’s address.

So I guess Facebook has feelings, who would have guessed?