The Puzzle

Guided Imagery Prompt: Paradise Found

Meditate upon Milton’s Sonnet XX and consider how your light is spent; who you must serve. Peek through the doorway of Milton’s cottage, glimpse paradise and write about ‘Paradise Found’.

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It’s a puzzle to me

how it is that I broke into so many pieces

how it was that my pieces were scattered and lost

in such a small space.


Some of the pieces that I found were bright and looked brand new

others were bent and twisted, their markings rubbed away

a few seemed to be hiding in the cracks in the floor, wedged and hiding

in dusty wooden drawers

swollen shut with mold, wood rot and decay.

How did they get in there I wondered, not wanting to touch them

not wanting to think about them

I wish they would go away I’m not sure they can be saved.


I did try to gather up  as many pieces as I could,  I tried to put them together

I tried to make them look like a picture, I wanted them to tell a story

I wanted to put them in a frame and hang them from a wall and I wanted

them to shine like the other puzzles I’ve seen sitting next to me on the bus,

or eating dinner with me at family gatherings, or puzzles I’ve called husband or friends.


But there are so many pieces of me scattered in such a small space

I’d like to arrange them so that they would make sense.

But where do I start?

The most overwhelming, the most terrifying thought of all?

What will it look like

when I am done?

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The Maybe Tomorrow Woman



and let your little Sister catch up

wait and let your little Brother catch up

to you,

don’t be so selfish

why do you deserve to be at the front of the line

why do you need to be first

What are you, selfish?



your turn

but first

help your friends, your neighbors, random strangers through that door

help them cross that dangerous street

be there, be helpful, don’t roll your eyes up like that.

What are you, selfish?


Wait your turn

and then and only when

the road is clear

and everyone is safe and secure on the other side

then it’s your turn to go.

But first remember to check

is there anyone behind you?

There is?

Then you better

wait your turn.

Let them go first.

Why not?

What are you, selfish?


RDP Thursday – PREEN

Photo A.M. Moscoso




so sweet, so divine

Where did you learn to be

so cool, so slick, so enchanting so clever

so witty

you are devastatingly  sublime.


My cat feels the same way

about himself.

But in his case

he’s right.


Photo A.M. Moscoso



Upon Reflection

Inspired by the Soul Food Café Prompt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The mirror, the only mirror I will allow in my house

is on the floor, next to the basement door that I keep locked

with a skeleton key.

I threaten that mirror

on a daily basis

about the trip, the one way trip

to the basement that I will send it on unless it says what I want to hear.

” Do we feel chatty today?” I asked it very late last night, or maybe it was very early this morning. At any rate it was dark outside. And the mirror had been silent for many years now.

” A little ” it said in a voice that reminded me of crackling ice.

” Good. So shall we try this again?” I asked as I crouched down towards the floor. ” Tell me mirror, what do you see? Do you see beauty? Do you see a face that could launch a thousand ships or do you see a terror of flesh layered with clumsy hands on crooked and broken bones. What do you see Mirror?”

” I see my face you evil witch, and I want it back!” the Mirror crackled and spat in a rage. ” Give me back my face!”

” The face you hated? The one you scorned, the one you were about to take to the surgeon to carve up and remake? It suited me just fine, I promised to never hurt it. So with me it will stay. Unless that is, you’re up to making an apology and a promise.”

” Go to Hell.” was the reply.

I picked up the mirror and considered smashing it against the door- the one I keep locked with a skeleton key- but instead I turned it against the wall and said. ” Enjoy the view my faceless friend, we’ll chat again soon. Maybe.”

A Mist of Words A Touch of Magic

RDP Wednesday – DRIZZLE

Pick a word

any word

and with a click of the keys

a turn of the phrase

I shall create

right here before your eyes

a story with teeth, a poem with claws

a nightmare of letters held together by

old bones and a little skin

that will amaze, delight and confound you all!

So pick a word, any word will do!