The Writer Is Not Well


The Devil is trapped in the Writer’s garden

it smells like apples and the Writer is serving tea


The Devil is trapped in the Writer’s garden

and he

desperately wants to escape

because he is sure

The Writer who is serving him Tea


devious, loveable, wicked to the bone

a true Devil in the strictest sense of the word


He is sure


wants to keep him

in her Garden

that smells like apples


drinking tea

because the symphony of screams

playing in her head

could use one more member

in the Choir.


The Writer Has The Devil For Tea

There is a story in your head

the Devil told the Writer

in her garden


over tea

” The Characters are determined, engaging, energetic and fun-

they are also homicidal, devious, really quite lovable each and everyone.”

The Writer finished her tea and she sat back in her chair.

She savored the scent of ripening apples that filled the air.

” They’ve asked  me to free them, turn them loose on the world, they offered me

you eyes and I’m sure they’ll offer more.”

The Devil put down his cup and leaned forward in his chair, ” I’m inclined to accept. ” he said as he savored each word.

The Writer stood up, she asked if The Devil would like more tea and then she said weighing each word carefully.

” They are in Hell and in Hell they will stay. Join them if you’d like, I dare you. Join them inside of my head for just one day.”

The Devil looked into the Writer’s eyes and when he saw himself reflected there


saw himself


The Writer reached out and touched the Devil’s horns




Part 9