Glitter Or Horns?

This year I tried to find a new Krampus tree topper- but at the end of the day I don’t want to replace this one. He’s just perfect.

Photo A.M. Moscoso November 2022

Photo A.M. Moscoso December 2021

I didnt consider changing out my Christmas Cards. I hand out the same Krampus cards out every year.

Once and awhile I send out happy clappy ones just because I like to imagine people opening up one little corner of the envelope open to see if they catch a glimpse of glitter or horns.

Sometimes traditions are on display for the world to see and sometimes they are not. But as long as they are fun that shouldn’t matter.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Johannnn Gustav Lange ( 1811-1887 “Winter forest landscape in the moonlight”

I hope it snows

because for a few days ( maybe ) I won’t see the needles, or human waste or the masks that homeless people use for toilet paper , I won’t see the trash and the clothes, I won’t have to clean up heaps of cardboard padded with bug infested garbage bags and sleeping bags that reek of rat urine, for a few days the world will look clean and bright

I hope it snows.

Charles Leaver (1824–1888)


Flick Dared Me

Over the weekend I watched a Christmas Story Christmas.

I had to sign up for HBO to get it and once the holidays are over that channel is going bye-bye.

Anyway, after I got done watching it I went ahead and put up my tree and my dog’s brand new Christmas stocking. Normally I wait until the night before Thanksgiving I break out the tree and decorations but this year I did it early because I heard this little voice say-


Hamish’s Stocking
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso