15 Days To Halloween

There are 15 days left to Halloween.

I love Halloween candy and baked treats for Halloween, especially if caramel is involved- but vegetables are nice too- you thought I meant pumpkins, didn’t you?  Go on. You did.

Feast your eyes on the Devil’s Tooth. From what I understand it is not as sweet as it looks.

Kind of like me.

Happy haunting upon your next 15 Days to Halloween.


16 Days to Halloween

A few nights ago my son was driving home from work-

he lives in a small town in the Midwest with an awesome cemetery, some of the streets are well lit and  with a others are not well lit. There are cornfields that should be in horror films  and a church with a slightly spooky shrine to Lady Fatima out front and a funeral home that is in a real house and there are two rattan back chairs on the porch.  I do wonder if anyone actually sits in them, I would.

I mean it, that’s a fact.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Anyway my son looks up into the sky and it looks spooky, ominous and my son says to himself, ” You know who would love this? Mom. ”

So he took these pictures.

I hope you are in someone’s  Halloween thoughts today and that you stay there for the next 16 days and beyond.