Sweet No More

She should have been a ballerina

a Girl Scout

a collector of dolls.

She should have had a sweet laugh

her hair should have been in pigtails

her knee socks should have matched.

When did the darkness settle

in her eyes, fill her heart

when did it murder

her laugh?

When was the monster born

and when exactly

did that little girl die?


Daily Addictions Prompt: ATROCITY

Malvados Sueños


I dreamt you died last night


I woke up beaming into the darkness.

If you ever cared for me, loved me, desired me

I hope you will die

when I close my eyes

every night


for me

just to make me smile.


Inspired By The Daily Addictions Prompt: Enigma



I’ve Always Wondered About That


Everyone needs a little “me” time.

Especially if you’re the Grim Reaper.

After all, he’s got a dead end job and those are types of jobs




I used to BEG my parents to give me these models for Christmas.

They bought them alright- for my little brother and he HATED monster movies

I always wondered about that.

I still do.