Dust Bunnies Take You!


Used kisses

over used promises

the same old tales of passion

repeated mindlessly in a haze of cigarette smoke.


Over played love songs

from the 60’s

they use them to sell cars and yogurt now.


Fusty valentine sentiments

printed on faded paper and rotting under the refrigerator

the cemetery of lost memories.

My Clock With Broken Hands


Photo by Mark Neal on Pexels.com

From an embrace to a kiss


to muscle and bone

to a beating heart to fingers to a spinal column

a Galaxy of promise waiting to be born.


To a student, to a traveler to defeat and despair

to the good days when the air smells good

 and my  face hurts from laughing.


From heartbeat to pulse

am I just a collection of moments  wrapped in  skin?


From sleeping to dreaming to waking

my clock with broken hands  tries to keep time

and it will, like it’s supposed to







And Nothing But The Truth

RDP Thursday: DINKUM


Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

This is her truth:

The reason Public School lunches are a failing program is because  Michelle Obama made the schools serve fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is his truth:

I don’t know why they  are complaining about racism now. We have always had problems with racism. But the Democrats think if they get them upset they’ll vote for Democrats.  You know how bad it is? The Democrats are hiring coyotes to bring Mexicans up on a election day to vote.

This is my truth:

I think that the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs showed up 66 million years to early.

Rat Tale

RDP Tuesday: ODOR

Working in a Mall really did stink.


One summer

I took a vacation from work

and when I got back my work area smelled like death.


For real, it smelled like death because something had died.

” Something ”  turned out to be a huge  decomposing rat.


My Co-Workers were so  SURPRISED when I opened the door which is normally NEVER closed and the smell of decay raced out.

“That rat must have just died!” they said in surprise.

The rat, I said was not fresh, it probably died shortly after I went on vacation.

Oh, they said. Well. There is some Lysol under the bathroom sink in the Book Store Manager’s Office ( which is where I worked at the time ).

I should feel free grab that and use it- you know in MY work area which is separate from THEIR work area where if something say like a rat dies they don’t have to pick it up.

We all worked for the same company but that was putting to fine a point on things.

“Thanks I said, I think I’ll grab that giant can of air freshener and  spray YOUR area first to get rid of the over powering smell of bullshit.”

You wouldn’t think words can actually stink, but they really can.

Don’t they?