Alexa- Summon Krampus

RDP Friday – Decorated

Vintage Krampus Holiday Card

This year  the Christmas theme


Casa del  Moscoso

will be…


I know, BIG surprise right?

I’ve got a month to


and in that time I will be searching for and expressing the spirit of


in print, in food, and most Christmassy of all -in decorations.

Just to make sure I leave no stone unthrown- I mean over turned

I just my have to resort to asking Google or Alexa for some help- not that I have access to Alexa but I would like to drop in at some of my friend’s houses and say something like:

” Alexa, summon Krampus “.

So far all I have are my Christmas cards and are they ever PERFECT:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The question is, do I send these to my friends and family who have naughty or nice ?

I know, it’s a puzzle but that’s okay. It’s part of the fun and this year for Christmas I intend to have a lot of that.


The Wedding Cake Destroyer Takes Me Down Too

    Photo by Todd Trapani on

At about the time my five year old cousin jammed her tiny fist into the side one of our relative’s wedding cake because she just wanted a ‘taste’ ( and I should add that children had been specially not invited to this event, so I wasn’t even there ) my Dad’s family decided that the  invitation to our Great Aunt’s Christmas party would not extend to me, my brother,  my sister or my cousin who  had since the Wedding Cake Incident, had taken to sticking her hands and fingers into food at ALL of the family events.

My parents skipped the party that year – which was odd because they weren’t known for making grand gestures- but it turned out my Table Manners Deprived Cousin showed up because my Dad’s mother would not tolerate her favorite Grandchild being treated so horribly at Christmas and brought her anyway.

Bless her demonic little heart, my cousin ran around like a thing possessed and refused to sit still for more then three minutes and fingered and poked everything every single treat and dish of food  she could get her hands on.

My Parents got the call a few days later that it was assumed my Dad would bring us because we weren’t the problem and it was assumed he understood that but hell-how was he supposed to know?

For being great story tellers, my Dad’s family seemed to drop the ball in the communication area . It wasn’t one of our strong suits I guess.

The next year we  got our usual invitation, I got more attention then normal and hung out in the kitchen while my Great Aunt made her tradition Bourbon Balls and we watched my Cousin, now a year older and faster and more coordinated running from one room to the next with traces of food on her fingers.

My Great Aunt looked at me and it was pretty clear she wasn’t going to indulge me in idle chit chat, not that she ever did and I took a seat at her kitchen table .

Every time I hear someone yelling for my cousin to put it down, or get off of that I reached out and took a cookie or a piece of candy from the table were my Great Aunt was plating  her treats and helped myself.

I nibbled my treat- I didn’t pop it into my mouth and munch and I held my pinkie finger up the way you did when we took tea.

My Great Aunt saw me of course and she reminded me to use a napkin too.



Grandma’s Kitchen


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Some people have stories

about watching their Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers

baking fresh bread in their kitchens.


The sun was always streaming through the windows on those bread baking days

as  Grandma told her stories  about her Mother baking bread

once upon a time and long ago

and magically you could still smell Spring flowers in her warm Fall kitchen

as she melodically told her story

and you clung to each word.


Sweet memories

always warm and tasty as we share them

exactly like the  bread Grandma used to bake.


My Grandma

didn’t bake bread and she didn’t tell sweet kitchen stories

from long ago.


My Grandmother

used to tell me ghost stories

that she kept warm on her baker’s rack

we shared them

hungrily, ravenously

between us when the world was  dead asleep.


Her stories still  come alive for me


they magically fill  the air

falling around me like crispy autumn leaves

when I am in my kitchen

and the world is dead asleep

and winter is setting in.

Deck Those Halls Everybody!


Every year some members of the population throw hissy fits because of what is or isn’t on Starbuck’s Holiday Coffee cups and those same members are convinced that there is a “War On  Christmas “

To the first point- I don’t care what Starbuck’s does or doesn’t put on their coffee cups because I don’t drink coffee- I’ve never liked the taste. But I do like the cups to be festive  because I get my dog  Puppucinnos  and I like for his cups to be snazzy looking because he is the most awesome dog ever.

To the second point- there is no war on Christmas. If there were do you think you’d see Christmas decorations up before we get a chance to see our Jack-O-Lanterns get sad and moldy on our porches?

However- if there were  Christmas cards like the ones below on the shelves and Krampus was decking our halls and showing up at parades and at the Malls then you can bet your sweet Mistletoe that the same Coffee Cup Haters would be screaming bloody murder about that and demanding that this Devilish mayhem be stopped at once.

Myself, I love the edgy Christmas of long ago and I bring it back in my own way each year- and here’s a sample of  decorations from simpler times and if you have a problem with that go and get yourself a Puppuccino and calm the heck down.

Krampus might see you acting up and you wouldn’t want that.

I would, but trust me- you would NOT.



Dickens’ wrote in a Christmas Carol that we should keep Christmas in our hearts year round.

Can do will do Mr Dickens!

But it will have to share room in there with Halloween.