The Yuletide Hits The Shore


Photographer Unknown

I really did try to find inspiration in the Christmas season.

I left myself open to holiday cheer, to watching a couple of those Hallmark Christmas movies so that I could try to wrap my brain around what made them ‘fun’. I even went and did a little Christmas shopping instead of ordering everything on line. I even did the meaningful stuff like giving to charity and smiling to people instead of nodding when I greeted them on my dog walks or when I got on the train.

I enjoyed being with my family and  participating in Christmas festivities, I really enjoyed seeing how much fun my Granddaughter was having. Hands down, seeing her enthusiasm really was the best part of the Christmas season.

But in the end all I wanted to do was to get through it.

Bat World Sanctuary-

Right before Christmas we had an ice storm and by Christmas day it was near 50 degrees out and I had all of my windows open. That cool fresh air felt great after being locked up in dry heat for the better part of a week.

Dare I say? I felt a little cheerful.

After my family had eaten our fill, opened the presents, played some games and told some stories,  this little voice whispered in my ear, ” go on- kill the tree-stuff it in the garbage. You know you want too. It’s an old fake tree. Nobody will miss it. Just wait until everyone is gone and do it.”

That evening after everyone had gone home, I went to get the storage box for the decorations and I got ready to take the tree down and toss it.

I thought- you know it IS sort of pretty because it’s a little faded and crooked. It’s not a perfect tree but it’s charming in it’s way.  Plus for his own reasons Hamish Macbeth wasn’t going out of his way to stand next to the tree and wag his tail so that he could watch the ornaments fly off the tree and he could chase after them.

So that night I left the tree up and when I got up in the morning the lights were still on. Hamish was laying next to it the way he used to when his Cat brothers were alive and with us.

That’s when I decided I’ll wait a few more days before I take it down. What’s the rush? It’s just there in my living room looking warm and festive and that’s not such a bad thing to have around.

I think I’ve found it to be a little inspirational.

Hamish and Krampus
December 25th 2022
Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Henry Did It!

My Granddaughter Jemma was really happy because someone ( nope, wasn’t me ) sent Jemma her very own Elf on a Shelf.

She named him Henry.

Henry settled in and did what Elves do. He started to create mischief the minute everyone went to sleep.

You might have an Elf on the Shelf, you might have giant inflatable Grinch on your lawn and Santa and his Reindeer lit up with festive lights on your roof.


I have a Krampus on my tree and as I pondered on naughty old Henry I thought I’d make a Christmas wish- and wouldn’t you know it?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It came true!

The take away from this little Christmas adventure is this.

If your Lola  (Lola is the Filipino word for grandmother) has shelves full of gargoyles in her living room and Krampus has a place of honor in her home during the holidays

and you are bedeviled by an Elf on The Shelf,  its a safe bet

that little devilish little Elf  is going to spend a lot of  the Christmas season looking over his shoulder.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Merry Christmas and while I’m at it- Happy Halloween.

My Christmas Writing Challenge 2022

I was watching a Holiday Baking competition over the weekend  and one of the challenges caught my eye because I thought the themes would make a great prompts. 

I’m posting it now because I want to post my responses starting at the end of November and into December, so I’ll have lots of time to work on them.

There are four themes/prompts  listed below and I think they would make four great stories – as I’ve mentioned HERE before, my family is big on telling ghost stories over the Christmas holidays so that’s the direction I’ll go with these prompts.

Where would you take them?  Will you write stories, poems? Create a photo essay? If you take up the challenge post your links in the comment section I’d love to read them.

Anita Marie

Gothic Christmas

Antique Christmas

Roaring 20’s Christmas

Masquerade Christmas

Christmas Time Writing Prompts

I always get stuck trying to figure out what to write about over the Christmas Holidays- I mean I can spin stories about ghosts and such, but sometimes I would like to branch out a bit, so here are some ideas I will probably  work with and I encourage you to do the same- plus there’s a neat ambiance video at the end to help get you in the mood if you decide to tackle these along with me.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I write my responses to prompts ahead of time, bank them and then post date them for later publishing. That’s what I’ll probably use these for.

anita marie

Your favorite Christmas movies to binge

Your best Christmas memories from childhood

What makes the perfect Christmas?

If you could celebrate Christmas anywhere in the world where would it be?

How do Christmases in this day and age compare to old Christmases?

What’s your Christmas traditions?

What Christmas party games do you play every year?

Last-minute gift ideas

Write your own letter to Santa

Do you have a creepy Christmas story? If so share it

Do you have sentimental Christmas decorations? If so why are they so special to you?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without…..

Your favorite Christmas books

Do you have a Christmas eve box? If so what’s in it?

whats your elf on the shelf ideas?

Make your own advent calendar

How to celebrate Christmas if you’re an introvert

How do you handle anxiety during Christmas?

Photo Journal your entire Christmas day

How to deal with toxic family members over Christmas

Your Christmas eve tradition

Self-care ideas for December

Share your goals and resolutions for the year ahead

Share your new years eve traditions

How do you celebrate new years eve? do you party? or do you like quiet nights in?

Did you achieve your new year’s resolutions you set yourself for this past year?

What do you want to let go of this year?

What’s the best thing you’ve purchased this year?

Pick a word that perfectly sums up the year we’ve just had and write about it

Travel plans for the year ahead