How To Serve ( the ) Man

Inspired by the Word of the Day Challenge: Propitious

Photo A..M. Moscoso
Ripley’s Museum
Dells, Wisconsin

I’m excited about the movie ” Renfield ” for a number of reasons and NONE of them  include the fact that it’s a movie about Vampires.

In my Universe, Vampires are my least favorite Monsters. I mean, I read the book by Bram Stoker and I love Bela Lugosi as Dracula but I didn’t think they were cool until the movie ” What We Do In The Shadows ” came out.

In thinking about it, I think it was the entire Master and Slave thing that bothered me.  I liked the traditional vampires from old folklore where Vampires were sort of unhinged and went after their own families- which in itself is pretty vicious and horrifying ( your husband , your Mom your child wants to kill you- horrific ) and is really the ultimate betrayal that does shatter your heart and darkens your soul.

So, I am excited to see what ” Renfield ” is all about because in the trailer it looks like  ” Renfield ” is an allegory about people who are trapped in- pardon the twist here- dead end jobs- dead end relationships both of which are places where dead end lives are grown and then mowed over and mulched.

Given the world we are living in, the timing for this story being told is truly propitious.

So I will be taking in ‘Renfield’ and even if you aren’t into Vampires and slo-mo fight scenes, you might want to see it too.

Did You Know?

Daily Prompt: What’s something most people don’t understand?

Gertrude Abercrombie Self Portrait 1939

Some people don’t know what the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard is.

Do you know who does? My Granddaughter.

Jemma by A.M. Moscoso
Fox Lake WI 2021

I’m just kidding. Sort of.

Jokes aside. The difference a cemetery and a graveyard  is pretty simple.

A graveyard is a burial ground that is next to a church:

Photographer Unknown
St Magnus Cathedral & Burial Ground
Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, United Kingdom

A cemetery is a burial ground that is not affiliated with a religion- they’re located on the outskirts of a cities and towns. The idea is that they have more room to expand and they’re out of the way,  but in the end sometimes you find yourself living or having dinner next to a cemetery.

I was going to rent a home next door to a cemetery, but I took a pass because it was not well maintained- and not in a creepy neglected good way. The grass was  dead and the trees had some kind of disease so I found a home a few miles away.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

So there you go, that’s the difference between a Graveyard and Cemetery and now you

( might ) know something that you did not know before.

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Marked Woman

Daily Prompt: What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

I was in my 20’s I wanted a tattoo and I wanted it on my shoulder.

At that time, we still called them tattoos, not ” tats ” and they weren’t something that everyone was doing. Women didn’t really start getting them until the 90’s.

So my choice was a Wolf.

Wolves have always been special to  me- I saw the last of them in the area I live in during a snow storm in the late 1960’s. Late that night  my Grandfather and I watched them stop in our front yard, they got their bearings and then they were gone.

I was really keen on the idea until it really sank in that the wolf tattoo was proudly worn by rednecks, bikers and boys who played heavy metal and wore more makeup then me.

So I went off the idea.

My Mom suggested I get a flower instead, a pretty one on my shoulder. I chose  Nightshade.

Then Goth become a thing and Nightshade was popping up all over the place. I liked the Goth culture. I wasn’t a part of it though.

So I let the idea  go.

I remember when it was I fell in love with the idea of getting a tattoo.

When I was little Jiffy Pop Popcorn used to give away little rub on tattoos  and I used to pull my Big Sister rank to score every single one that made it’s way into our house.

I also remember at some point I got tired of looking at it and I would go into my Mom’s vanity and use her nail polish remover to take the little tattoo off. I hated the smell and I always vowed to give the next tattoo from Jiffy Pop to my brother or sister- but I never did it seemed like it was just days later I would be back at my Mom’s vanity and spilling her nail polish remover all over the place and getting rid of another tattoo.

Looking back on it now, I’m glad I never got those tattoos- it takes a lot more then nail polish remover to take those off, doesn’t it?


The Brilliant Idea

RDP Wednesday: WINNER

Funeral Symphony. III from the cycle of 7 paintings.
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis1903

Last night I had a dream about a funeral.

As far as funerals go, it was  boring  affair.

Everyone was dressed in black, the sun was shining , the light coming from it was pale and the air was cool. The coffin was a light gray and the  locks and handle were silver.

They weren’t fancy locks either. They were there to lock the coffin and not to look impressive.

I was sitting in the front row, to the left of the casket and my head was bowed, my hair was in my face and my hands were resting in my lap.

I heaved little sigh and bit the inside of my cheek in the hope I would wake up. It didn’t work. Drats.

A little side door to the right of podium opened and a figure ( dressed in black of, course ) walked into the Sanctuary.

The Minister was one of those clergymen that Funeral Directors call to officiate the ritual. You can rent a car and you can rent a Minister. It’s the way the world spins.

These kindly Ministers don’t know a single soul in the room so they sort of look above everyone’s heads- but not quite all the way to God and they smile gently- then they scan the room while still looking over everyone’s heads from left to right and this time they look all the way up to heaven.

When the Minister’s gaze hits the center of the room, they always nod.

That’s when Funeral Director whose job it is to close the doors when the service starts,  is also the one with the remote for the sound system, because as soon as the door swished shut the always  music a starts.

I was wondering when I was going to wake up when a fresh faced young man wearing a surgical mask with little blue and pink dots said to me- ” Who do I have to kill to get out of this dream? “

I reached over, put a warm motherly hand on the  back of his neck looked over at him and said, ” what a brilliant idea.”

And do you know what?

It was a winner of an idea and  it worked like a charm.

I woke up almost right away with a smile and a face mask with pink and blue dots on the night stand next to my bed.

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