The Hallow Heart

PROMPTUARIUM Prompt: She Was Sad

Stitched together

glued together

fastened together with  pins and ribbon and tape

I am a gift, a treat, I will make you feel

loved, wanted, cherished.

I am here to make your house a home

and love you

I will love you, I promise, I swear

A soulmate with no soul.

That is me.

The nightmare of your dreams.








Ragtag Daily Prompt: Wrest

Anrea Kowch 1986
In the Distance 


I do what I am supposed to do-

I am polite

I am punctual

I do not throw things when I am angry

I do not buy things when I am sad.

I do not run red lights, I do not push  my way to the front of the line.

I do not chew food with my mouth open.

I am simple, predictable, boring.


If there was ever a moment when I could have been wild, done something reckless

stayed out all night and walked home with my shoes in my hand

laughing about that crazy night with the stray dog who followed me home

with it’s head tilted slightly to the side, snickering the way dogs do

that glorious unlived time has passed and laughed at me as it strolled by.

When It Doesn’t Add Up

For: November Writing Prompts #1- Sweet Chaos

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I’ve inched through life

crawled through countless days

watched the time fly, watched it stop, heard  it roar like a beat up truck with a

broken  muffler and then  die


at the end of the drive  with a plastic lawn jockey , missing an eye

and beaming a gritty mossy smile.




I’ve watched people walk, got out of their way as they ran for the door

without as much as a cherry  goodbye or a heartfelt go to Hell.




Sometimes I went along for the ride, sometimes I was pulled out by the tide and tossed

around like a leaf by the wind, by the rain

looking for that drain in the road to

send me home.




My life has been

like a wad of gum stuck

on the bottom of a dog’s paw, a cat’s claw

picking up gunk and fuzz

everyone knows it’s there but nobody wants to touch it.




My. Life.