The Lights Are Back On

If my posts look like they have been skinny, it’s because they were and if you noticed you get a gold star.

This is what happened.

My youngest son and his family came from out of state for a week so I was off doing stuff with my four year old granddaughter- things like lighting stuff on 

fire, taking pictures playing on playground equipment and eating snacks- there were oh so many snacks.

But I’m back now and I’ll be writing for real posts starting on Monday.


A Very Bunny Story

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I use to snap the ears off of my Sister’s chocolate Easter bunnies because I was her big sister and sort of a jerk at times.

Funny thing is, I hated chocolate. I never ate it, the little ears ended up floating in the toilet.

When my Sister grew up she got a real rabbit and named it Chloe.

One day I was at my Sister’s house and I was petting Chloe and my sister showed up in the doorway and said,

” Keep you hands away from her ears. ”


It probably needed to be said.