This is my Granddaughter Jemma.

For Halloween she decided to be Pennywise for Halloween and she killed it-well. You know what I mean:

Photo: Moscoso

A month or so ago she grew into a the motorcycle jacket I bought her when she was just a couple of years old. I got it for her because it was a copy ( almost ) of the one I bought for myself when I was 16. I wore it into my 40’s until it was worn out beyond repair. I have it stored in one of those boxes you store wedding gowns in,

Hell. I didn’t even go through that trouble for my actual wedding dress.

Recently Jemma picked out a dress, put on the jacket and posed with the family dog for a picture:

Photo J.M Moscoso

She said she was dressed up as the Bride of Chucky:

Her Mom said she reminded her of Buffy The Vampire Slayer- the original Buffy, not the TV version. I get that because Jemma is an athletic kid and the Tv Buffy Buffy didn’t carry herself the way Kristy Swanson- or for that matter the way Jemma does.

I think Jemma captured Tiffany’s spirit ( ahem ). It was something in that smile:

Inspired By The SFC prompt; The Aisle of Ancestors

Once Upon A Time

Photographer Unknown

I know, Halloween is over ( sad sigh ) and you would think that means that someone who writes the kinds of stories I do would be cooling their  creative jets – but I don’t cool my jets at this time of the year.

I fire them up.

My family came from opposite sides of the world- according to my DNA results 50% of my DNA originates comes from the Philippines and the remaining 50 is split between Scotland and England.

Borders and Oceans aside,  my diverse family  actually had more in common then not when it came to a lot of things, which is probably why we ‘blended’ as well as we did because when my parents were married mixed marriages were not exactly  celebrated in the 1960’s.

But here is the one tradition above a few that they shared that I found to be absolutely fascinating.

During the winter at our family gatherings, usually after dinner we would start to tell Ghost stories.

If you are from a big family you might know how hard it is to get noticed- in my family if you could tell stories, no matter how old you were the stage was all yours. So I’m sure that played a big part in me wanting to become a writer and it’s probably why when I write my stories now they lack that tight structure writers striver for and it reads more like someone just sitting next to you and talking.

Bad grammar and all.

So I worked at landing that coveted storyteller role and in the end I got tell stories along with my Grandfathers or my Uncles  or my Grandmothers. It was so awesome. I felt like SUCH a big deal. Nothing I’ve done after that compares to that feeling of accomplishment I had when I got to tell a story with the adults and everyone listened.

As a sidenote, when I started to tell my one stories or I recited a spooky poem or a ghost story I learned I had to do it all from memory. I guess I never made that leap to becoming A WRITER. I write the way I talk. Still. After all these years.

I don’t mind.

Over the years people have sent me links to articles that addressed this once ( and I guess in some cases ) and lost tradition of telling ghost stories during Christmas or the winter season.

It’s a great tradition to be part of.

My family is smaller now, but we still tell ghost stories at Christmas gatherings, or when we get together for the evening and if it’s snowing or the power goes out we are in heaven.

Vida Gabor
” His Party Piece “

Why Do People Tell Ghost Stories on Christmas?

Christmas ghost stories are a tradition going back much farther than “A Christmas Carol”

A Plea to Resurrect the Christmas Tradition of Telling Ghost Stories

Though the practice is now more associated with Halloween, spooking out your family is well within the Christmas spirit



My Nan Your Nan

 I laughed with everyone else at Greg Davie’s song about Prince Harry’s Nan- until I remembered-

I’m a Nan now lol.

Greg Davies and The Dancing Nans

“Your nan’s a constitutional head of state,

And no-one can form a government without her consent.

She’s descended from a thousand-year monarchy.

And my nan’s face is not on money.”

One of Jemma’s Nans used to work in Funeral Home and writes spooky stories- oh NANS!

Little Clown


Little Clowns on Seesaw
Candido Portinari

Little clown goes up and down

give me this, no you take that

you hurt me, but I won’t hurt you back

Little clown goes up and down.


Little clown goes up and down

I’m always right, I’m never wrong

do what I say, do what you want

Little Clown goes up and down.


Little clown

wants her toys to herself

give her yours or else she’ll pout

it never ends, it will never stop

Little clown goes up and down.