My New Short Story!

How cool is this?

Modern Creative Life, an E-Zine that features all kinds of wonderful articles about the creative process as well as short stories and fiction,  has published my short story ” Grandmother’s House “.


You know this isn’t a normal story about a normal Grandmother, right?

Check it HERE

Thank you!


Photo A.M. Moscoso

My Grandparents Used To Be …

This is me, Anita Marie.

A long time ago I used to live in Hawaii and then we moved to Seattle.

I climbed trees lot. I even climbed them when the branches were covered with snow. I always made it to the top.

This is Luis.

He grew up in Iowa and used to raft on the Mississippi River. He used to climb trees during lightening storms. He used to get up into those branches as well.

He ended up in Seattle too.

We are about to meet our first Grandchild, Jemma.

I think she is destined to climb trees too.

I hope she makes it to the top like me and Luis did.


French Toast In Bed

Everyone is saying ” thanks Mom ”

because it’s Mother’s Day.

I am wondering why on Mother’s Day we don’t decorate eggs and hand those out to our Mothers.

It makes more sense to me then giving Moms coffee cups with “1 Mom” stenciled on the side and serving  them  French Toast in bed.



Songs Of The Golden Frog

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Once upon a time my Dad’s Mother looked at me and said, ” not everyone can be pretty or beautiful. ”

My cousin who was sitting next to her was pale and blond and from what I understood- a beautiful child.

I had dark hair, dark skin. I was refrered to at times by her  as ” sallow”  and slow.

“You should work on a talent.”

I decided to take my Grandmother’s advice and I decided to sing.

I learned songs from the radio, I learned all of the songs I heard my family sing. I even made up my own songs. I asked for my own record player and went to church with my friend so I could sing in the Children’s Choir.

One day I decided to sing a few songs for my Grandmother and she sat there until I was done and then she smiled and then she laughed and then she said,

” Maybe you should work on your personality.”

I was seven years old at the time.

I didn’t know what ” personality”  was  but I was sure I probably didn’t have that either.


Daily Prompt: Song

Along For The Ride

Today I thought- when it comes to life I feel like I just went along for the ride. It’s not the best way to reflect on your years but there it is.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

My Mom’s friend planted these trees over 40 years ago.

They were scrubby looking things when she first put them in and we used to like to jump over them. We made it most of the time. At least we didn’t kill any of the trees but I think we damaged a few.

I remember Sandy used to yell from her living room window, ” Hey cut that out. I don’t want a yard full of dead trees!”

Those trees outlived the daughter of my Mom’s friend, they outlived our pets and family members.

Her house is gone, we’re all but gone but the trees are still there.

Those scrubby little trees.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Daily Word Prompt: Passenger


Dirty Deeds ( Done By Sheep )

When me and Luis’ kids were little- they were about  six and seven years old at the time I played them  Joan Jett’s cover of the AC/DC song ” Dirty Deeds ”

They thought she was singing ” Dirty deeds, done by sheep ” .

So to this day that’s the way we sing it.

Other kids a few years older then they were at the time have a different but still highly amusing take on AC/DC – who- when they came to Seattle had first aid cars parked outside the Seattle Center Coliseum and first aid tents inside which I fondly referred to as  ” The Vomitoriums” ( thank you Saturday Night Live )

Good times…and good music!


And now for … Dirty Deeds Done BY SHEEP….dirt cheap as rocked out by Joan Jett ( and STILL  a family favorite )

Grow Up

” What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked one of my family members who should have  known  better then to ask me a question that demanded a sensible answer.

Or maybe they did know better, but at the time we were at my Aunt’s house and she had recently put in a wine cellar that was apparently well stocked with some high end stuff and most of the adults had made more then one trip down there for ‘wine tasting’.

I thought about it.

” A Werewolf.”

” Be serious.”


” I want to go to college and fly spaceships.”

” Good for you.”

I saw my Dad and one of his cousins standing in the doorway to the living room.

They were popping my Aunt’s homemade Bourbon Balls into their mouths. They were also looking at me like they were about to watch a train wreck and they could not, no matter how hard they tried- to look away.

They were also snickering.

” I want to go to college, fly spaceships but mostly I want to be a werewolf.”

” Anita, that’s the silliest thing you’ve ever said.”

My dad.took time away from getting hammered on candy and wine and said, ” No it isn’t. Not by a long shot.”

” From your lips to God’s ear Bert.” His cousin said.

I remember looking at them standing there and had I known the saying back then  I would have said,

” Challenged Accepted.”

Sometimes we get wrapped up in the expectations and trapped in a cage of ideas that our families put us into- and you can’t fight it, you can resign yourself to it…

or you can celebrate the hell out of it.

Guess what I’ve done.

Daily Post Prompt: Blanket