RDP Tuesday: SCRAP


Bits and pieces from my life

before it was mine to live

hanging from a branch on a dying tree

spit here the commercial says


you can watch it come back to life and live!


I guess you could say I’m haunted by the past

by those names and dates and faces

but to be fair I have become aware

that maybe

I haunted Percival’s future.

Percival Godfrey




Ghost of Me

RDP Wednesday – SIBLING

The only sibling dynamic I have ever found interesting is the one that involves human Chimerism.

Human Chimerism occurs when a woman is carrying fraternal twins and one of the embryos dies very early in the pregnancy and the surviving twin absorbs it.

Cain and Abel? Ha- Cain has nothing on an embryo that absorbs it’s sibling and then carries it’s twin’s DNA around like a hunting trophy or something.

While that thought rolls around in your brain, here’s an interesting factoid about Chimerism.

I read that in utero twin loss runs up to 30% so it’s thought that there are actually more then a few human Chimeras out there.

In essence, these Chimeras are carrying around the ghost of their twin, which I suppose makes them a human haunted house.


I went there.

So. Like.

Happy it’s almost Halloween.

The Birth of Weasel Eyes

When my youngest son was small he asked me what color eyes his cousin had- they weren’t brown, or blue or green so what color could they be?

Was there any other color he asked in amazement, could someone say, have yellow eyes or orange eyes?

His face was pale because an entire universe that had not existed for him a few minutes before had opened up in biblical proportions right then and there.

Sorry to say, I informed him with heartfelt regret, humans could not have yellow or orange eyes…his cousin’s eyes I told him were hazel.

” Really? ” he asked me ” she has….Weasel Eyes?

My son was six and I was once the older sister who moved her younger sister’s doll around at night so that when she woke up in the morning she would think her Baby Alive had come to life at night and crawled around her room.

” Yes. ” I said. ” Yes she does. She has weasel eyes.”

” How Mom, how did she get ….weasel eyes.”

The years fell away from me and as they did the Anita Marie from a long time ago roared back to wherever it was she had hiding, or banished to and she leaned down and whispered into Julio’s ear, ” Her Mom got them on sale at KMart, they were on sale.”

” Really?” he asked me hopefully.

” Real as Santa Claus.”

Julio stamped his foot, just like the kids in the olden days and he said, ” You’re not funny.”

I thought about it and told him, ” You know, I think I am.”


Here’s the actual funny part- over 25 years later and we still refer to my sons cousin as ” Weasel Eyes ” and for some strange reason, we have taken to calling anyone who is a strange or odd as ” Weasel Eyes.”

Of that dig I am innocent.

My defense is simple:

The apple never really does fall far from the tree and my youngest Son is a man who has taken after his Mother’s heart. If Weasel Eyes grew to new highs or lows, blame him.

On the other hand, I am the older Sister who convinced her younger sister her doll was crawling all over her room at night and to this day, somewhere in the back of her head she still thinks it did.

RDP Thursday – WEASEL

Inspiration Has Teeth

When I was little

my Dad’s mother

insisted that my cousin, a tiny fair-skinned naturally blond child with blue eyes

looked like Shirley Temple.

She insisted my cousin was talented  and special in all  things requiring God given gifts like singing and dancing and being charming.

I was not tiny or fair-skinned or blond.

I did not have blue eyes.

I was told my hair looked like a rat’s nest because it was dark and long and usually messy and that my skin was ‘muddy’ and that I had a ‘grating voice’.

But my Dad’s mother did offer me a bit of constructive advice.

She advised me to develop some kind of talent and to work on my personality because I concluded by the unkind smirk on her face,  that was my only hope at not being a total piece of human wreckage.

I can’t tell you how successful I was, but I’m an okay writer and I’m great with dogs and I’m not afraid to take a punch and my best talent is that I can roll my eyes up into my head and I have no feeling in part of my face so I can stick pins in there and not feel a thing.

Combined with the eye rolling thing, it’s pretty spectacular.

As to my talented Shirley Temple look a like cousin, I have no idea how far her natural God-given talents took her.

She made it clear she wanted nothing to do with my Grandmother or the rest of her immediate family after her Mother died.  Trust me she had her reasons and I don’t begrudge her that. She moved away in her twenties and never looked back.

I, on the other hand was there  just before Grandmother died.

Me and my rat’s nest hair and ‘muddy yellow skin’.

I  wonder if she was disappointed that my face being one of the last she saw and not one that belonged on a Christmas card.

It’s not one of the questions that I wonder about and it certainly doesn’t torture me because

without a doubt

I know the answer.

Daily Addictions Prompt: Develop

She Really Wrote That


When I was little

and  somewhat melodramatic

( that is before I discovered the joys of just being strange and macabre )

I used to tell my family that I hoped that circus that they always said

was going to show up and steal me away because the circus was always in need of sly, sinister and naughty workers

would do it soon because my family were



Running away never figured into my dramatic exits.


But then I discovered the joys of Space Travel from Star Trek

and one day I wrote

in Magic Marker-

I’m not sure what the Magic part was because it’s not like the

ink disappeared

on the contrary, it lasted for ever-

on the refrigerator door:

I’m going to Mars because

I’ll never have to clean my room again  because  it will be on Earth-with the toys I hate and the ants in my lunchbox.


Rag Tag Daily Prompt : LETTER