The Rats In The Wall

Daily Writing Prompt: No Turning Back

One year

the rats chewed through my bathroom wall and that night

they were racing up and down my hallway

for the heck of it I suppose.


They got into the cat food in the pantry, they chewed through the cord on my tv set.

But I didn’t care. I didn’t freak out.  It’s not like I could kill them with my bare hands.

I just sat there in the dark and watched them and when they were done

they actually went back out the way they came in.


My cat followed them to the hole in the bathroom wall

and I heard one of the rats hiss at him.

I went out, right there and then and bought poison

and set it out for my nighttime visitors.


It was three in the morning when I got home with the poison  from the all night market,

three in the morning, I am told is the hour that demons are the most active.

You know.

Those rats would probably agree with that.

All I Have Ever Known

Halloween Prompt #29

Photographer Unknown

There is something about a room


with wax flowers under glass

and portraits of stern ladies with lace collars

hanging from walls hiding behind faded wallpaper

and outfitted with chairs that aren’t

comfortable to sit in

and couches that are meant to be looked at

that makes me hunger for the days

when ghosts could haunt places

like dark cavernous bus stations on stormy nights

and the bus is going to be late, if it shows up at all

and long empty hallways at hotels where the elevator takes ages to reach the

floor they’ve been called too and it’s just you and that

lady with her face to the wall mumbling the time over and over again

waiting for it, will it show up you wonder.

It’s a shame

that with all of the places I could haunt

the only places I have to chose from

are already dead.

Francie Had A Dream


” Kelby, ” my wife was whispering into the dark next to me, ” Kelby, are you awake?”

It was way past midnight, close to three in the morning. I was hoping if I just laid still and kept breathing slow she’d think I was asleep and I wouldn’t have to go through this with Francie again.

” Kelby.” she touched my shoulder and then took her hand away. ” Kelby can you hear me? I had that dream again and it’s freaking me out.”

Freaking her out? I thought. That’s a laugh. Nothing freaks Francie out. It’s not in her nature to freak out.

She used to asleep at horror movies. She’s always asking me how they end. It’s pretty annoying as you can imagine. She likes to hold the popcorn bucket so when she falls asleep the bucket usually slides off of her knees and if I don’t catch it, no popcorn.

It got to be a waste of money, she never saw the entire film and they don’t give away that popcorn as you know.

Francie powered on like it didn’t matter if I was awake or asleep or even in the room.

” It’s that dream where I think I’m dead and then I think I’m awake and bonus-  I’m alive and someone, sometimes it’s you or Lily from down the street will tell me, ” But Francie, we buried you yesterday. Shouldn’t you be in your coffin?

And then I wake up and it goes around and around. It’s enough to make me crazy. ”

There’s this little catch in Francie’s voice and I feel like an award winning jerk. She’s scared and I’m pretending to sleep.

I turn over and she has her back to me.

” I’m sorry Francie. I’m sorry you’re having that crazy dream. But you’re awake and this is no dream and you’re going to be fine.”

Francie pulls the blanket over her shoulder and she says to me,  ” I’m not dreaming. I know I’m not dreaming. I know I’m awake. And I know this Kelby. You’re not here. We buried you yesterday and you’re in your coffin.”