I Remember That Road


I worked in a Funeral Home and at that home, in one of the storage areas we used to store the toys that people left at the graveside for their children. Each of the elements I describe here are some of the toys I remember seeing on one of the shelves together and I remember thinking it looked like a road. So I wrote about it.

This poem is actually a few years old, but I did some edits and decided to run it again:

“Ghost Road “

A baby wrapped in blanket with a box for a crib

a basket of kittens who stopped crying when they heard the wind

a dog with no collar, but he once had been called Finn.

all of them waiting to feel warm again.

Each of them placed with love and care

on this unmarked road under the stairs


reluctantly left where the ghosts of could have been


Take It To Cerbie’s Mom


Gertrude Abercrombie

I love to watch a couple of animal rescue shows on FB – one is called ” Bondi Vet ” and the other is ” The Vet On The Hill

If you ask me those two shows and  “The Dodo ” are the best things on Facebook.

I’m hooked and I check for new episodes every morning on my train ride to work in the morning.

But I have this thing. I have learned that if I see the crying face emoji above the comment section to skip the episode because the animal probably died so to coin a phrase, when I see the crying emoji  I ‘scroll on ‘.

This is one situation where I refuse to be encumbered by reality- for that little bit of time every single animal I see lives.

It’s not like I can’t face losing a pet.

One of my dogs suffered from a bad heart and I cared for her delicate condition round the clock for the last three years of her life  and my other dog Cerbie  had a condition where her stomach twisted and I had to let her go and a few years before that I had my cat Wolfgang who died in my arms at the age of 18.

With my Cerbie – We didn’t say good-bye.  I told her I  love her. Those were the last words she heard- September 17, 2012 Lynnwood, WA

For some odd reason, whenever an animal- a pigeon, a wild rabbit even crows are injured behind my warehouse ( some are hit by cars, or they get hurt getting away from the trains or they get hurt by people because some people are cruel to animals and I hope they choke on their own tongues one day  )  people box them up and bring them to me.

Not to bury, but to do something for them. And as an FYI they know I was a Mortician so there is that. I mean. I can’t wrap my head around that. But on with the story-

First off, the animal I see are considered pests so Wildlife rescues are no help and secondly all of them are at death’s door. They’re just waiting for the door to swing open so they can move on.

So what do I do?

I keep them somewhere warm and safe until it’s their time to go.

Once I thought this pigeon was going to make it. I took care of him for three days. But one morning I came in and he was gone.

I am no Bondi Vet. I’m a warehouse worker who used to be a mortician. All of the animals that people bring to me to take care of ( I’d say there are five or six a year ) are going to die.


I like to watch those shows because the animals live- it’s as simple as that and when I have to face reality of hurt animals who are not longed for this world I will. But as far as I’m concerned, there is no rush. I’ll pay attention when I have to- and not a second sooner.

Cerberus- my little girl- Photo A.M. Moscoso



Where Wolfie Sleeps

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Prompt#2 Lavender Lullabies

( As a sidenote- my Cat Wolfgang is buried under a bed of Lavender- not the one in the photo though. )

Photo A.M. Moscoso


His bones are sleeping

under a bed of lavender in my garden

and every morning the bees sing to him

and every night

the birds call out sleep tight to him

and when it rains or it snows and

his bed of lavender turns cold

I open the door and call for him to come in

but he is asleep and he doesn’t wake up.

One day, I think he will.

A Story About a Cat and a Dog

Word of the Day Challenge: Magnanimous


This is my cat, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He was born in Granite Falls, Washington in 1991

and he passed away in  during the last  week July of 2007.

The Universe took the time out of it’s big and important day to

take my cat. I was a little angry, to say the least.

My heart also shattered into a zillion pieces.

Seven years later, in the same small town blocks away from were Wolfie was born to

a family who never met or knew their neighbors who bred and raised Labradors,  my

dog Hamish Macbeth was

born on July 20th of  2014.

Hamish Macbeth
by P.C. Knapp

Sometimes the Universe does some pulls some pathetic stunts and sometimes it seems

like it’s trying to make up for it’s mindless gestures.

My heart did shatter into a zillion pieces when Wolife died  and parts of it are still gone,

but I think Wolfie

came into my life for a reason…

and so  did Hamish Macbeth and I think they both had a little help in finding their way

to me.

Thank you Universe.


( Below baby pictures of Wolfie and Hamish, former residents of Granite Falls, Washington

Wolfie aged about 10 weeks old 1991

Hamish Macbeth 2014
by: A.M. Moscoso
aged 10 weeks old