What A Little Mischief Can Do

Today is Halloween.

Last night was Mischief Night.

When I was a kid I used to indulge in Mischief Night.

I’d heard about this night from my Grandfather and one Halloween night shortly after my best friend and I busted out of our First Grade class, snuck into the coat room and threw the jackets by the arm full down from the top stairs  into the stairwell.

For good measure we slid down the stairs, head first on our bellies  on the jackets down the wooden stairs.

Where me and my best friend celebrated Mischief Night for the first time.

I got a black eye and my friend cut her lip in the process.

I remember when we got to the bottom of the stairs and looked up and saw those coats and I felt my eye starting to swell shut and Linda stuck a wad of gum on her lip to stop the bleeding – actually I was chewing the gum and figured it would work like a bandaid and she agreed- I remember it actually worked.

I also remember how absolutely wicked I felt.

In case you’re curious we got away with it- with the stories we must have told about the cut lip and black eye.

Me and my friend  actually got caught strolling back into the class and our teacher was upset. Where did we come from? Why weren’t we at our desks?

We were looking at the coats we said.

” What coats?” our teacher asked.

We pointed at the door and she walked out the classroomand looked down the stairs.

My friend pulled the gum off of her lip and handed it back to me. I stuck it on the wall under the pencil sharpener, which is where I always stuck my gum.

We took our seats and sat there, with our hands folded and waited for the bell to ring for lunch.

Like I said.

We never got called on that bit of Mischief or for the many, many Mischief Night adventures that would follow in the years to come.

I say ‘called on it’ because we were caught oh so many very times. For some reason we always got out of it.

It’s like for one night we had the Luck of The Devil.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Read a brief bit of history of Mischief Night at  Smithsonian.com


Feeling A Little Funny

Warning: The following story may be upsetting to some people.

That’s because it’s about clowns.

Yes, clowns. Painted white faces, red lips, receding hairlines with tufts of wild hair, and — of course — the red foam nose. Fun for all ages, yet plenty of people are downright scared of them. There’s even a word for it: coulrophobia, though that’s not an official diagnosis.

Rest of story from NPR  HERE


The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary

You aren’t alone in your fear of makeup-clad entertainers; people have been frightened by clowns for centuries

The rest of the article from the Smithsonian.Com can be read

Hamish and The Costume Search

My dog, Hamish Macbeth just turned three years old and has yet to be dressed up for Halloween.

I am SO embarrassed.

Mortified even.

The problem is, nothing seems to capture the goofy, friendly, somewhat naughty creature that is Hamish.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

And then I saw this fantastic video.

Mommy is inspired Hamish! Maybe we won’t have to resort to dressing you up like a Tootsie Roll or Chocolate Kiss after all!

Halloween Is Fun(ny)

I’ve been decorating my home for Halloween.

I’ve been trying food and drink with a pumpkin flavoring.

I’m STILL trying to find a costume for my dog.

Despite the work, I am remember to enjoy the days leading up to


Here are a few random bits that you might enjoy, I did. I’m partial to the music clips myself.

How about you?



Gallows Humor Quotes: HERE

Quotations For Halloween HERE

Here are a few cool Halloween Songs that I like:

I Almost Had It.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ ve been searching for that picture, for that collection of words that will

capture Halloween.

I want you to taste the fear, touch the darkness, feel your heart pounding against your poor ribcage until you are sure it’s going to crack open  and your poor insides will fly away from their prison to a horrible fate involving bags marked ” medical waste”.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ve discovered that my search has been diffcult because Halloween refuses to be defined, confined, put into a box and set on a shelf until it’s ready to be used.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Halloween does what it wants, with who it wants and treats are involved.

I’m going to keep that in mind for the next few days.


It Started With the Donut

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It’s a Mummy

It’s a donut.

Its a Mudo.

And in case you’re wondering.

Yes the Mudo was good, wonderful in fact

-especially the eyes.

They were crunchy.

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Some people have an eye for art, or talent, some people even have an eye for spotting trouble.

I have an eye for great grave sites.

I know, it IS pretty special.


Deck The Halls

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is year my favorite Halloween decorations- the high end ones that they use in haunted houses- have turned out to be the ones that involve Aliens and Morgues.

Photo A.M. Mosocoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I guess I’m drawn to these props because I’m a Science Geek and I know my way around an embalming room.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

So what do I find the most disturbing about these sets and props? What is it about them that gives me the chills, gives me nightmares, makes me scream ( just a bit) when they come to life and scream and moan and jump at me with their mechanical arms and jaws desperately working before there power is cut off?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ll be honest- that’s not my reaction at all.

My reaction is to look around and make sure nobody is watching me smile.

But I am smiling.

And I’m laughing.

I can’t help myself, sometimes.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Home Scream Home

I want to find a haunted house

to make my very own

I want to find a haunted house

so I can hide my bones

I want to find a haunted house

with a garden full of stones

I want to find a haunted house

so you can visit me

                                                         when you feel dark

and hungry

and cold.