When Halloween Leaves

RDP Tuesday: WEEK

When this week is over and Halloween is gone for another year

what will I do  with myself?

What holidays or seasons besides winter and fall are there really  left for me to enjoy?


I hate Christmas. I am notorious for buying stupid presents that no one likes and I’m a rotten cook so I can’t even do that right. Plus if I have to hear yet another lecture about the meaning of Christmas one more time, I am going to develop a nervous tick because-


Freaking Valentine’s day- which in my opinion is Halloween for Wussies

Easter? I’m not a  fan of Zombie stories or movies so hard pass.

Summer? Well, I do think it’s funny to watch my friends bathe in hours of sunlight and literally tan and mummify their skin right in front of my eyes, but that just makes me nostalgic for Halloween.

Plus when people talk about how cold it is at the start of Summer, I want to drive them out into the middle of Death Valley, kick them to the curb and I guarantee you, they will never bitch about 75 degrees not being ‘ hot enough’ ever again and how cold they are.

On one hand I am really looking forward to this week, because it’s been fun.

I’ve done more Halloween posts on my blog and I’ve been happy with it as a whole for the first time in years.

But at the end of the week, when Sunday rolls around Christmas will be upon us – like it or not.

I know the drill,  I will have to play along or be left out and given what the world is like right now, being left out isn’t such a great place to be.

One week.

The last week.

Until Halloween.

And then what?

Halloween Dreams


Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Down the road from where I live

is a field where they grow  golden orange pumpkins.

After the seeds are planted and the field is watered, nothing happens. There is just a big  brown patch of dirt sitting there doing nothing.  It’s obvious though that  it’s a well cared for patch of dirt.

And then like magic-but looking more like an alien invasion, the vines spread across the field.  Their quiet runners reach up towards the fence next to the railroad tracks but they never quite make it that far because of the trench that is full of gray, muddy water.

I guess that’s for the best, ‘ditch pumpkins’ doesn’t  ssound very festive.

As one month moves into the next the pumpkins get bigger and before you know it, there are pumpkins of all shape and sizes and shades of orange as far as the eye can see, just waiting to be harvested.

This  year though, the fields that should be full of golden pumpkins was plowed under and if  you didn’t know better you would think that they were growing  Canadian Geese  instead of pumpkins, because the empty field is full of grey geese sunning themselves, walking around and watching the trains and cars roar by.

There are no pumpkins, growing in the field down the street from where I live,

There’s just an empty swath of land, where Halloween Dreams used to grow.



Forr Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post. Enjoy!- 

I chose ” Macabre “

Each day in October

I give myself permission to capture

each dark cloud  that drifts by.

Each day in October

I  go looking for monsters

from the second I open my eyes to when I close them at night.

Macabre and Merry Mayhem

strikes my still heart  to life with a peal of thunder

each day in October

and every single night.