Happy Halloween Music

For #100daysof Halloween Happy  ( Music )here are four songs that aren’t really Halloween songs, but under the right circumstances ( like this post)  they could be:

It’s a song about sugar and candy:

This song has a spooky sounding vibe:

A song about darkness, well the color black:

And of course this song is about an Evil woman and she may have been evil to only one man but let’s not get nitpicky:

Little Windows

The train I take to work passes by a field that at this time of the year are full of wanna be Jack-O-Lanterns.

Over the last couple of years were rows of nothing and this year there are rows and rows of – at long last- pumpkins.

For weeks it seemed like those leaves and vines were just sitting there doing NOTHING until I saw, with my own two eyes splashes of orange mixed in with the greenery.

Now those splashes of orange are getting bigger and that can only mean that after months of waiting,

Halloween is REALLY on it’s way.

Photo by Essow Kedelina on Pexels.com

Photographer Unknown