13th Hour


Midnight Syndicate are one of my favorites bands- plus they put out music that will get you into the Halloween Spirit or on help you get into a place to enjoy those dark nights winter nights when Jingle Bells just isn’t cutting it.

Midnight Syndicate Site HERE


The Next Chapter

Hand to page


word to eye

the writer’s nightmare

is mine tonight.


Will I wake

will it end

will I ever sleep again?


The Writer’s Nightmare

is inside of my head

and it will feast on my fear

until I am cold and dead.


Am I gone

am I a ghost

am I just a neglected

and forgotten corpse?


Book in hand

trapped in a scream

am I bound to be

the Writer’s Next Dream?



Yes. Yes I Really Did That.

When I was a Mortician’s Apprentice I used to take the hearse through the drive thru at McDonalds.

With the image of yours truly scarfing crunchy delicious golden fries here is a really cool version of ” The Hearse Song” by Harley Poe with some  pretty amazing artwork: