By This Candle

A hand of glory holding a candle, from the 18th century grimoire Petit Albert

Deadmen tell no tales, but a hanged  man’s left hand could be turned into a candle and used to break into people’s houses ( Vampires take note).

The hand of glory has the power to freeze people in their tracks- so I’m guessing you would be conscious (  it doesn’t say the victims are rendered unconscious) and that the victims would be fully aware of what was going on around them.

Those things being robbery, murder, mayhem and the victims can’t make a sound, or move.

That’s truly devilish.

A rider and his horse recoil at the sight of a gibbeted man- Artist Unknown

To create this grisly source of light and you were to come across a dead man in this particular condition, you could craft this candle and raise all sorts of mischief:

Take the right or left hand of a felon who is hanging from a gibbet beside a highway; wrap it in part of a funeral pall and so wrapped squeeze it well. Then put it into an earthenware vessel with zimat, nitre, salt and long peppers, the whole well powdered. Leave it in this vessel for a fortnight, then take it out and expose it to full sunlight during the dog-days until it becomes quite dry. If the sun is not strong enough put it in an oven with fern and vervain. Next make a kind of candle from the fat of a gibbeted felon, virgin wax, sesame, and ponie, and use the Hand of Glory as a candlestick to hold this candle when lighted, and then those in every place into which you go with this baneful instrument shall remain motionless

A hand of glory on display at Whitby Museum North Yorkshire, England

On this #100DAYSOFHALLOWEENHAPPY where we are asked to consider #24 “Candle” I am thinking about the Hand of Glory and the macabre tree they fell from.