Late on Halloween

Word of he Day Challenge-Improvizing

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I wasn’t ready for Halloween

I didn’t have a costume to wear

My pumpkin didn’t have a face

my decorations were still in their  boxes



I didn’t know what to do

I wasn’t ready to make merry that night

What would I do when the witches, monsters  and ghouls

knocked on my door at twilight.


Hand them some candy, cupcakes or snacks

shaped like coffins, body parts and fangs

or better yet I suppose I could-

give them the real things instead.

The Nervous Tenants

Word of the Day Challenge: Nervous



Did I check the basement door

a hundred times before

I went up to the attic  last night?


Did I lock the  front door

check the windows


a hundred times before

I walked the halls to my rooms

each night?


I can’t say, I can’t remember

if I checked the locks on the doors

a hundred times before

but I know I should, I know I must

because I hear desperate  voices ask each other all night

” Did you hear that? Did you see that?”

When I haunt my house

each night.






Word of the Day Challenges: Urges

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The pumpkin fields by my house are empty-

not a single pumpkin was grown there this year


The abandoned farmhouse,

the cemetery down the road

not a soul is haunting them this year


The masks are faceless

the costumes have no bodies

the monsters have deserted us this year.


It’s going to be

a deathly quiet Halloween

but I still look forward to it

this  year.

Perfectly October


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Today I said to Hamish:

It is perfectly October

the leaves are flying , the air is getting colder

the rain is falling and the fog is creeping

up the road to our home.

Need I ask, I said to Hamish:

When October knocks upon our door

with it’s deathly pale hand

Shall we let it in?

I think we will

because it is perfectly October

and the ghosts of Autumn past

are  really




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Putting My feet in the Dirt October Prompt #10: Profound Mutterings