The Pumkin Carver

There are 79 days left to Halloween and I found a little treat from Halloweens past to share:

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I want to carve a pumpkin

I want to bring it to life

I’ll give it a face, a smile and eyes

and a mouth so it can speak

and when you come to my door and cry out Trick or Treat

my pumpkin will

scream in terror and say



Late on Halloween

Word of he Day Challenge-Improvizing

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I wasn’t ready for Halloween

I didn’t have a costume to wear

My pumpkin didn’t have a face

my decorations were still in theirĀ  boxes



I didn’t know what to do

I wasn’t ready to make merry that night

What would I do when the witches, monstersĀ  and ghouls

knocked on my door at twilight.


Hand them some candy, cupcakes or snacks

shaped like coffins, body parts and fangs

or better yet I suppose I could-

give them the real things instead.

The Nervous Tenants

Word of the Day Challenge: Nervous



Did I check the basement door

a hundred times before

I went up to the atticĀ  last night?


Did I lock theĀ  front door

check the windows


a hundred times before

I walked the halls to my rooms

each night?


I can’t say, I can’t remember

if I checked the locks on the doors

a hundred times before

but I know I should, I know I must

because I hear desperateĀ  voices ask each other all night

” Did you hear that? Did you see that?”

When I haunt my house

each night.