Sounds Like A Plan


I have been asked.

What are my plans for Halloween?


Not much, just going to hang around with some friends.

Want to meet a few of them?

Well of course you do…I’m sure they’ll be out and about your way eventually.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso

Photos Taken at The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

As A Matter of Fact, I DID Find That Amusing

My Sister set out fun Halloween decorations in her front yard- skeletons, spooky cats and a coffin full of bones.

I like the traditional Halloween fare,  so I took some pictures and got a little story- like the skeleton in the coffin has an ax buried in his chest- nice touch, so to speak.

My favorite part of the display wasn’t obvious and you might not notice it if you were to stop by and look around.

The squirrels have been chewing at one of the tombstones and digging around the cemetery.

I don’t know why that made me laugh but it did.

Grave Robbing Zombie Squirrels.

Gotta love it.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Care To Danse?

Photo A.M Moscoso

That could not have been you

I saw at the cemetery that day

sneaking out of your crypt in your finest

Sunday clothes.


That could not have been you

I heard singing in the cemetery that day

a dark little waltz

sung  sweetly off  key


Please tell me it wasn’t you

I saw in the cemetery that day

calling me to join you

in my finest Sunday Clothes.


Inktober 2018: Double

The Abandoned House on Elman Drive


The dolls were packed shoulder to shoulder, face to face, cheek to jowl, hip to eye on  every single shelf in every single room of the Abandoned House on Elman Drive the Groundskeeper told me on my one  and only visit.


One thing I should clear up here is this, the house wasn’t Abandoned per se, it was just called the Abandoned House because people went there to abandon their dolls that they no longer wanted. Most people would tell the current Grounds Keeper that there was nothing wrong with the doll, they just didn’t have the heart to toss it in the trash like it had never mattered at all.


The current Grounds Keeper, I was told,  would nodded non-committedly and then unlock the door and let the dolls last owner in to find a place to leave their doll that had nothing wrong with it, you understand,  wherever they chose.


After the doll was settled in the Grounds Keeper would go in a little later do a bit of arranging if need be and would leave the Abandoned House to it’s own device until the next doll  and it’s confused and somewhat embarrassed owner showed up.


How often do people stop by with their dolls I asked.


Now and then the Grounds Keeper said. Every once and awhile. Always before dark and never after.  There house has never been wired for electricity and someone who get hurt in there if they weren’t sure about where they were going.


” Can I go in and take a look around? ” I asked.


The Grounds Keeper reached over and pushed at the door and it whispered open, a cool draft crept out and brushed past my cheek.


I stepped back.


” Go on in, take a look around. Nothing in there but dolls that no one wanted. They used to matter and now they’re just cluttering up people’s lives. So they bring them here and leave them wherever they can find a spot. They don’t just drop them anywhere, like they never mattered.  People place them very carefully. Some get left shoulder to shoulder, others are  face to face,  a few are even cheek to jowl or hip to eye.”


” I don’t have a doll with me. No. Wait I do. I’m sorry. I just wanted to look around before I-”


The Grounds Keeper  watched my face.




I decided it would be ok. I could leave my doll here. I could choose a spot for it and leave it there with all the others.


In The Abandoned House.


I went back to my car to my trunk and opened it slowly because it felt like the right way to do what I was about to do.


I looked back up to the house, packed with dolls and regret and carefully reached down into my trunk and began to lift mine out.




Daily Addictions Prompt: Dense

The Magic Bottles

In a locker

where I work

are rows of bottles

that will give you back your  looks.


They’ll make you look radiant

they’ll improve your skin

each little bottle

will make you live again.


So I will choose one with care

and feed it to you with ease


each little bottle


make you immortal


I turn off the lights

and gently




Inktober: Bottle

Almost There

In fourteen days

It’s Halloween

and all of the Crows will fly

into the night

among the graves

the ruined ones, the tended ones,

the secret ones

unmarked but not forgotten.


The Crows

will ferry the dead

with dark care

one by one

silent against the night

until they reach our homes.


Will you answer

I wonder

if one tries you locks

and gently knocks

upon your windows ands doors?