A Little Magic

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Magic 8 Ball Lyrics

I’ve got a horseshoe hanging right above my door
I had a black cat but she doesn’t live here anymore
I look for romance, I search for clues and
The mystery I want to solve is you

I cross my fingers every time that you walk by
(- that you walk by)
I put the whammy on you with my hypnotic eye
But you’re oblivious, don’t take me serious
So there’s one last thing that I can try

My magic 8 ball tells me just what I should do
(- what I should do)
I wanna ask it whether I should be in love with you
Will it tell me yes or no?
(- yes or no?)
Will it tell me stop or go?
I close my eyes, hold my breath and it says…

Decidedly so, decidedly so, decidedly so
Decidedly so, decidedly so, decidedly so
My four-leaf clover is going right into the trash
My rabbit’s foot my voodoo doll will follow fast
I’ll step on every crack, you know I won’t look back
Because now my lucky streak is gonna last

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The Happy Homemaker

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is TOOL.  It used to be thought that tools were the province only of humans, but we now know that many animals, particularly birds and mammals use tools.  Do you have a favorite? Share your tool inspired creation with us, and thanks


When I set up my first home

Everyone asked if I wanted stuff for my new place and I said of course!

I was very excited you see, to be setting up my own little place.


I asked for knives.

Lots and lots of knives.

I figure every well ordered home had knives, don’t they?

So I asked for knives

and a knife sharpener

and a first aid kit.

And Band-Aids.

What do you need with so many knives?  Everyone who asked somewhat were puzzled and for some reason they were a little apprehensive too.

” And band-aids, don’t forget the band-aids. I like the ones that look like bacon strips.”

That year I got lots of cool things, I mean my family and friends were super generous.

I Didn’t get any knives though.

Among the fondue pots ( got two of those ) and the Wok and the hot air popcorn popper I did get book about the benefits of meditation and  about a dozen of those cds  that play relaxing music and sounds from nature and I got a dvd of a coral reef and fish- it’s supposed to be soothing the cover says.

But like I said.

Not a single knife.

Thinking back on it, maybe I asked for too much. Maybe this time I’ll just ask for one thing.

Like an axe.

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com

A Fool In Lust

Photo A.M. Moscoso

On a fence

near my favorite cemetery

a fool

rings his bells

and calls saucily to me,

” Hey there friend, want to step inside? We’re having a great time and that’s no lie”


I said,  ” Good day ” and prepared to stroll by

by the Fool on the fence said,

” You know you want in, I can see it in your eyes.”


I went to the fool and we stood nose to nose,

” Tell me Fool,  go ahead, do I look like I want to sleep

with a bunch of dusty old bones?”


The Fool pushed his lips, right next to my ear.

” Not sleep, never sleep maybe feast on ten or more, what do you

say my little dark  paramour?”

” I think if your were smarter, ” I said as I reached up

” You wouldn’t offer dinner to a woman who just wants lunch.”

RDP Monday: FOOL

Not A Fan

When Spring arrives

and the Earth turns green and comes alive and the Sun warms my face and my bones

chilled to the core

by the Winter and its friends Ice and Snow

I could just pull my eyes out of my


and stamp all over them with my sassy summer sandals


pinch my feet


I hate the Spring.


I hate listening to cats looking for sex all night long.

I hate

the smell of fertilizer that stinks up the air

because everyone turns into

Old McDonald or that little girl in ” The Secret Garden

and they want to make ‘green things grow.’

Piffle! Stinky horrible PIFFLE


The only thing I like about Spring and the Summer

is when people

go outside and worship the Sun

and I can see their skin sort of mummify right there, in slow motion

and the air smells like barbequed food

and if you are really lucky

you can see yellow jackets fly off with pieces of meat from picnic tables.


Spring is a tease

it’s like Summer without the attitude

and it means that the Winter











A Very Bunny Story

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I use to snap the ears off of my Sister’s chocolate Easter bunnies because I was her big sister and sort of a jerk at times.

Funny thing is, I hated chocolate. I never ate it, the little ears ended up floating in the toilet.

When my Sister grew up she got a real rabbit and named it Chloe.

One day I was at my Sister’s house and I was petting Chloe and my sister showed up in the doorway and said,

” Keep you hands away from her ears. ”


It probably needed to be said.