Bear This You Sons of B*&%$#!

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the death of the Children in Texas-the only other place I could do that is on Facebook and seriously, that is where good ideas go to wither away

but for real I cannot take it because Texas is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back so here I go-


First, the politicians in Texas let some their people freeze to death or die trying to keep themselves warm last winter. I want to make it clear I say THEY LET IT HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WAS PREVENTABLE.

  Then some of Texas’ elected officials tried to overthrow a FAIR AND LEGAL ELECTION.

And the State of Texas’ ongoing assault on immigrants and women’s rights has just brought me to the point to where I can’t stomach watching elected Representatives from Texas or any other Republican infested state go  on TV and champion and weep- for their guns.

For their Goddamn effing guns.

It’s sickening and it takes a lot to turn this woman’s stomach.

Slow clap and here we go…

Andrew Wyeth. ” Incoming Fog”

I am sick to death of Gunhumpers and Republicans saying-

‘they need them some ‘firepower’ in case someone breaks into their house and tries to rape their wives or daughters- ( seriously, people I know OFF of Facebook love to throw this one around )-

that they need guns to protect themselves from those waves of ‘illegals’ just waiting to  break into their house and steal their ‘stuff’  ) By illegals of course they mean not white people  and those “illegals ” are always up to no good so you have to arm yourself against ‘them’.

I am sick death of Republicans and the ill-informed harping on that is a ” Christian Nation built on the word of God”- so THERE now- “Gimme gimme gimme ma’ GUNS! The ALMIGHTY HIMSELF wants me to have Guns! He commands it!”

Gunhumpers and Republicans need to seriously STFU because for all of their religious spew and talk about gangs of rapists roaming the streets and ‘illegals’ just waiting to steal their stuff at gunpoint because when it comes to someone ‘exercising their right to bear arms-

all I’m seeing are children-CHILDREN being gunned down in cold blood in their class rooms and the best Republicans and Gunhumpers  can offer is their ” thoughts and prayers ” oh and then they toss it out there that maybe teachers should carry guns because that is the answer for Gunhumpers and Republicans- more guns will solve the problem.

I am sick to death of Gunhumpers and Republicans pretending that they are all about God and Family and protecting ‘their women’ from being sexually assaulted  and terrorized when it is clear to anyone with eyes-

THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about those things. They refuse to do anything to help or support women, children or our families. They’ve voted, against them  slammed them on social media and on their ” news channels”

Screw these thugs- every last one of them.


The Nail

A few days ago I was outside playing fetch with my dog and we got into a friendly game of ” drop it what does drop it mean?” When all of the sudden one of my acrylic nails popped off.

I was looking at my now naked nail and ugly finger ( my hands, yuck they are UGLY ) when this thought popped into my head.

” You know Anita, if they all popped off you could play the guitar again.”

After we went in ( I lost at the game of drop it, what does drop it mean)  I pulled my guitar out of the closet, took it from it’s case and tuned it’s dull yet ok strings. Here’s the funny part. I gave this to myself 6 years ago after not playing guitar for over 15 years and then put it away.

I was surprised I could tune it by ear. It was a surprise.

Then I tried to find the rest of my gear.

Most of it was gone, I gave it to my brother and my Amp is a Vox Super Beatle that can NO WAY be used where I live now because that baby is LOUD.

So I went on line and ordered a little practice amp and all that stuff you need if you want to play.

Plus I bought headphones.


Then I went to work at taking off the rest of my nails- not so awesome. But I did it and managed to not hurt myself. I tell a lie. It did hurt. Oh well.

I am ready to go back to playing the guitar- without a doubt that impulsive little thought was the best decision ( coupled with taking my writing seriously ) I’ve made in years

and it came to me out of nowhere all because I broke a nail.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My beautiful Ibanez.

I’ve always used Boomer strings-no reason.  Strings are pretty much all the same as far as I’m concerned, but I bought these because of those Millennial Snowflakes who decided I’m a World Destroying Bernie Bot Hater – an ignorant  Boomer who stumbles around with the help of a walker and I take loads of medication so I won’t die 

It’s a derogatory  term when it comes out of their tender littler mouths.

So yeah.


Eff you snow flakes.


This is my dog and my guitar- toss in my writing and that is my world now.

I know- awesome, right?

Something New

Most of the time all I see on this street are Seattle Bike riders zipping down the sidewalk instead of the bike lanes that they refuse to use because- you know they just don’t want too and I see a lot of people on their phones  and commuters rushing to the buses and the train  and sometimes I see something neat like this:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I thought it was a nice change, but of course it’s gone because it got in the way of

the righteous bike riders

and people who need a clear path to walk on because they’re on their phones and they’re distracted and why should they watch where they are going

and commuters who don’t want to be here any longer then they have to.

It was a change, like I said and a nice one.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Stephen King Was Right

Facebook, oh Facebook… really?

The picture below, which I posted on my FB wall, shows up in books and magazines- and probably has for ages with little butt hurt as far as I know.

Of course the post as a whole is critical of Twitler aka Trump aka King of Walmart shoppers, Fake Christians and Gun Humpers everywhere.

So Facebook did it’s small part to direct the conversation away from the obvious comparisons made in the post between the words and deeds of Twitler and to protect the cocoon of self righteousness that Twitler’s supporters have wrapped themselves in.

FB stepped up and did their MAGA duty.


So what happened?

Well  TWO YEARS after the fact FB banned my post.

By banning it the idea is Facebook is, as FB messaged me by way of explanation, they are  UPHOLDING COUMMUNITY STANDARDS BY PREVENTING OFFLINE HARM

In the mean time though:

In January, Facebook announced that it will continue to allow the spread of false political advertisements through its channels, preferring to allow Facebook users to suss out the facts for themselves.

So to wrap it up, Facebook just protected the interwebs and ” the community”

from me .

Now on to post and the message FB sent me.

Horror Writer Stephen King Has Quit Facebook: Here’s Why You Should Too