Let The Butt Hurt Commence

A few months ago a FB acquaintance of mine went on my wall and threw a Millennial sized tantrum because he said  Boomers ( I’m actually a Gen X’er )  like me were making the equivalent of $ 70,000 thousand dollars a  year ( working at minimum wage )  back in the 70’s and that it’s our fault that they’re not buying homes, or cars right out of high school or college and that we weren’t saddled with Student debt like they are.

That little S*&T actually has a better job then me and guess what friends and neighbors he works  for the State so you can bet your foamy Latte he makes more then I do NOW.

I gave college a hard pass after high school BECAUSE IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE and guess what that decision cost me in another way, so I shed no tears for anyone who went on to Higher Ed.

So. When I see funny Millennials Memes I post them. I can’t help it. Well. I can. I just chose not too.