Dream A Little Darkness

I have a lot of nightmares.

The funny thing is, they’re not so scary that I have to write about them-but they are haunting all the same.

Here are a few portraits and a quote that speak to that.

John Atkinson Grimshaw –

I don’t think nightmares are necessarily bad for you.

Brian Reitzell


For Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

The Falling Dreamer


Word of the Day Challenge: Dream

I used to dream about

airplanes flying sideways

and falling through the clouds.

I used to dream about

locked doors, cold rooms

the smell of flowers a new dress folded in my arms.


I used to dream about

trying to wake up

I used to dream about

trying to open my eyes

until the slumbering bones around me

dreamt me back to sleep.





It’s What I Do


Years ago  I had a nightmare that was so vivid, I remember not being able to fall back to sleep and to this day I still remember each dark image.

My Aunt who passed away years ago was teaching a dance class.

Each of the  student dancers had numbers written on their chests in yellow chalk.

They were dancing inside of a chalk circle on the floor and at first I thought of a clock. My  Aunt said, ” Can’t you hear the music? How will you learn to dance Anita if you can’t hear the music?”

There was no music but I saw musicians  playing their instruments and  could see that they had sheet music on their music stands.

” I can’t hear anything.” I said to her.

She reached out and turned me around and I could feel her write something on my back.

” Can you hear it now?”

” What did you write on my back?” I asked.

” You have to hear the music before you can dance.”

” Why are you teaching dead people how to dance?”

She handed me her chalk and she said, ” It’s what I  do now  and one day you will too.”


I don’t know what she wrote on my back, or what kind of music was playing or why my Aunt was teaching dead people how dance.

But what she said still haunts me ” It’s what I do and one day so will you.

Daily Prompt: Invitation