CFFC Photo Challenge – Trains and Railroads

CFFC Photo Challenge: Anything to do with trains and railroads

Here is a little collection of pictures I’ve taken from a train- or at a Train Station.

I’ve noticed that on most of these challenges people list what kind of equipment they used, so I guess I should too.

I use my phone and in a few cases my point and click camera impressive right? LOL.

I keep meaning to take photography more seriously, but to be honest I know I don’t have the eye for it and that my composition blows.

But I enjoy the process so much I just keep snapping- or wait, clicking (?) away.



Photo A.M. Moscoso

Taken from a train- Luis and I were somewhere along the Mississippi when I snapped this. May 2019


Photo A.M. Moscoso

This shirt has been hanging on the fence along the tracks that run by my warehouse since February 2020. I guess it’s here to stay. Also, I think it looks like a ghost.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Anubis at the King Street Train Station, Seattle WA 2012. The statue was 26 feet tall!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Fox Lake, Wisconsin 2018

Photo A.M. Moscoso

You know I’ve heard it said that snow makes everthing look pretty.

This picture proves that it does not.

Railroad tracks, Seattle WA 2010

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Pioneer Square, Seattle Washington Railroad Quotes and Symbols in Granite (?).

Good Boy Hamish!

It’s the 4th of July and my dog Hamish Macbeth is chillaxin with his Escargot toy from Bark Box.

I think he has the right idea, today is a chillaxin kind of day-

Not eating the snail one- Mommy is ordering pizza instead.


Hamish Macbeth-Photo By A.M. Moscoso
Hamish Macbeth Photo A.M. Moscoso

Last Photo Challenge

Bushboys Photo Challenge: Last Photo ( June 2020 )

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The last picture I took was from a train I was riding on that had struck a person and that person died.

As we sat waiting for the various agencies involved to finish their work and clear us to go, people who lived in that area got as close as they could to us and started to take pictures of the person’s remains.

They ran around with their cameras, they looked through the bushes and you could see them wave their arms around in excitement when they saw something.

This picture is of one of the lookie loos who stood on a log with his food in one hand and directed people to body parts with the other.

I’m kind of surprised this is the last picture I have taken for awhile but maybe that’s because I’m really not in humans right now.



Photo: Terry Preshaw


This is the face of a Trump Supporter.

Teeth clenched, lips pulled back into a grimace- his MAGA cap planted firmly on his head.

This photo was taken at a rally calling for the recall of a Snohomish County Sheriff:

( Briefly )

Snohomish County Sheriff Fortney has reinstated officers that were deemed to have made unconstitutional searches by the previous sheriff. He reinstated another officer that committed an unjustified shooting leading to the death of an Edmonds man.

In addition he has declared that the Governor’s stay at home order is unconstitutional

Photo: Terry Preshaw

So at this rally to recall the Sheriff, a Trump Supporter went up to a group of protestors and stuck his face near theirs and breathed on them.

He did it because he feels it is his right to spread a virus that could kill someone, he did it because he wants his America back.

He did it to make his President proud and I am pretty sure he has.

The Fun Firsts

Cee’s Friday Funny Finds – Week of June 26

Cee posted some Funny finds at her site and heaven knows I have tons of those myself, so I decided to post some fun finds instead- and in searching I came across these articles about the first in photographs.

These are a selection of photographic firsts- first selfie, first picture of the Sun the picture of lighting and the first hoax.

I’ve also included a clip of the earliest recording of music to exist.

I think it’s fun to look back on these- enjoy!


Robert Cornelius- first self portrait photograph. Taken in 1839 and even though it is a selfie he managed to keep his tongue in his mouth.

First Hoax Photo and it did not rely on photoshop!

” Self Portrait of a drowned man”. 1840, France.

First Photograph of the sun.

1845 Paris, France

First photograph of lighting.

1882, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

This is the earliest recording of music known to exist.

In 1888 a recording of Arthur Sullivan’s song ‘The Lost Chord’ was etched onto a phonograph cylinder.

The Skinny

RDP Tuesday – What If

What if I gave you the skinny on some pictures I took, stripped away the distractions ( like color ) and told you a little story about each one?

I’d be glad to.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Fox Lake, Wisconsin– I thought this would make a great opening shot for a horror movie. Why? Because that’s how my mind works. That’s why.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Here’s the skinny. Someone died next to the tracks and when I took the picture I had no idea that had happened. I just saw a bunch of police cars and was going to send the picture to my friends who used to scam free parking down here and freak them out into thinking they were all going to get towed.

LOL on me I guess.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Anubis at the King Street Station in Seattle. He was there for the King Tut exhibit a few years ago. Anubis is gone and in his place is something called a ” sanitation station ” for the homeless people so they can have a place to clean up a bit and try to avoid spreading the coronavirus among their community.

I thought you’d rather see the picture of Anubis instead of one of a well maintained port-a-potty and a hand washing station. If not, well. Ugh on you.


Hamish Finds Paradise

Thursday Inspiration 61-Paradise

Life is paradise, and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

With all due respect to the great Dostoevsky, I know someone who has seen paradise.

That would be my dog, Hamish Macbeth.

I know he’s seen paradise because it shines from his eyes-even when they are closed.




Hamish Macbeth Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

I sing this song to Hamish because his Pupper Dad is named Leroy Brown.

Also, when I sing it to him, he grabs his toy that looks like a guitar and runs around the house with it.

Super cute, right?

Like I said, Hamish sees paradise everywhere and he hears it too.



Four Walls Wilderness, USA


Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

I remember it, like it was only just a few months ago

that I could hop in my car

catch a plane

buy a ticket on a train and a ride across the country

without a second thought.

I just packed up and went into the wilderness without a care in the world.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Has it been forever

since I’ve been lost in the wilderness

between these four walls

where it’s always midnight

and the Red Plague

has held sway over us all?

In Whitefish, Montana

RDP Tuesday – Distinction

In Whitefish Montana two people met on a corner and in that moment they each had a decision to make.

One person made the decision to stand on that corner with grace and dignity.

The other made the decision and now has distinction of joining the ranks of Racists and Domestic Terrorists that have plagued this country and pushed us to this terrible point in time.

In Whitefish, Montana two people had a decision to make.


In Whitefish, Montana, a young woman named Samantha Francine is confronted by a large white man with balled fists, shouting, “Black Lives Matter? Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” She does not look away.

This is America, 2020.

(Photo by Grace Jensen

Ivy Vicious

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Bark

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Behind my house

where the bugs and bats and noisy birds live

the trees are being murdered

by something with sweet smelling leaves and smooth cool skin.

I think the trees are screeaming

but I how do I start

to tell anyone about

the Vicious Ivy that tears and eats bark.

What if Ivy Vicious

knows it was me who told


Vicious Bloodthirsty Ivy

figures out where I live?

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso