Paradise In The Suburbs

Word of the Day Challenge: Paradisiac

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Jolyn Tallman lives on a street

where all of the houses look freshly painted

and all of the women bob their hair

and wear jewelry they bought on their last vacation

to Mexico or L.A. and

Labradoodles and cats sun themselves in their picture book  backyards.


The woman on Jolyn’s street belong to book clubs

and sniff their wine before they sip it

except for when they are alone

and no one is around to watch them

and applaud them for how cultured they are

with admiration beaming from their eyes.


Sometimes on Jolyn’s street

a visitor from another world stops by one of the houses

that always looks freshly painted

and the visitors all sit on the edge of their chairs,

with their hands clenched tightly in their laps

and smiles plastered on their faces until it’s time to leave


and when they leave

those visitors get into their cars

and roll the windows down

they turn the radio up

push their seats back  and in that moment

they find  Paradise in the suburbs.

The Curve In The Road

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Prompt#1- Creases and Curves

Landscape with Storm
Franz Von Stuck

Turn here

stop there

are you on the right track?

Are you absolutely  sure?


Proceed with caution

beware take care

are you going to fast? No?

Are you absolutely sure?


Are you reckless

feckless, don’t care if you jump the curb?

Are you concerned for the safety of others?

Yes? Are you absolutely sure?


Every line carved on my face

every crease etched across my brow

every sleepless night I’ve  watched the moon set

will have to be enough to show I cared.  I’m absolutely sure.


When It Doesn’t Add Up

For: November Writing Prompts #1- Sweet Chaos

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I’ve inched through life

crawled through countless days

watched the time fly, watched it stop, heard  it roar like a beat up truck with a

broken  muffler and then  die


at the end of the drive  with a plastic lawn jockey , missing an eye

and beaming a gritty mossy smile.




I’ve watched people walk, got out of their way as they ran for the door

without as much as a cherry  goodbye or a heartfelt go to Hell.




Sometimes I went along for the ride, sometimes I was pulled out by the tide and tossed

around like a leaf by the wind, by the rain

looking for that drain in the road to

send me home.




My life has been

like a wad of gum stuck

on the bottom of a dog’s paw, a cat’s claw

picking up gunk and fuzz

everyone knows it’s there but nobody wants to touch it.




My. Life.