Strictly Speaking

Photo A.M. Moscoso

When someone stands over you

with a gun or a badge, with an open hand or a fist

with the key to the door that you can’t exit or enter


they are holding a gun or a badge or their hand is closed into a fist or  they are holding the key that we need to get through that door

we are told, schooled, expected

to show

the badge

or the gun

or the fist



If you want to keep body and soul together

if you want in or out of that door


show  it from your knees

while  your eyes are fixed firmly on the ground.


Time to make our actions match our words.

When we say


we are really saying

Fear Me

Fear My Power.


Maybe that is why

so many of us

have problems with




Daily Addiction Prompt: Respect

A Winner In Every Crowd


Desperation and Despair

such a lovely couple

wrapped in the loving arms



wedded by


Reflecting through an endless wine filled night


yesterdays that never happened

Crashing, collapsing, careening on the razor sharp edges of reality

where time is a brutal killer

waiting to collect it’s prize.


Daily Addiction Prompt: Plummet





The Travel Guide

Would you follow me to the end of the world


to the ends of the Earth

Which would you choose

which do you think

I’d bring you back from

or would I?

Do you trust me?

Most of the time I don’t.

Shall we pack now

before it gets dark and we can both still see

                                                                           what is ahead.


First In The First

I know


I had you

figured out.

How dare


be something


                                                                                 be someone else

how dare you

make me doubt

my reality


I am God

where  the Songs of Snohomish

In the First,

  trapped forever

 in the First

                                                                                   drone like bees

lost in a field

under a blazing  unforgiving  summer






First In The First





                                                                             Daily Prompt: Broken

The Endless Lover’s Dream


It only took 24 years

but eventually he got around to killing her

and leaving her

in someone else’s nightmare.

It was a justifiable homicide he defended himself

from someone else’s nightmare.

Now he was  free

to screw and laugh and drink and smoke

until the night

from his endless lover’s dream

he heard a knock

on a door

from someone else’s nightmare.

Daily Prompt: Abrupt



A Writer’s Rivulet

One word tied to another word tied to a sound an image for no reason, just because.

One breath after another breath when will yours end?

One idea bound to a thought, chained to a sound, creating an image becoming a story

where will it take me, what will it show you?

A knock upon  your door.

Will you answer it, do you dare?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Daily Prompt: Rivulet


The Doctor’s House


Down the street from where I live

with my two black cats and a dog named Sin

is an empty house where a Doctor lived.


I think the monsters got him.

I think they took him away.

Screaming and bleeding and dreaming.

After dark on that Friday.


I think sometimes he gets loose

I think sometimes he come back

Because sometimes late at night I hear him howl,

” Where are you hiding? Step right up. Don’t be afraid. The Doctor is in.”