What’s In A Name

Word of the Day Challenge: ATMOSPHERIC

When I want to write about

tortured souls

and desperate Demons

trapped in Hell

under a burning sky

Howling in grief

crying dry bloody tears

in passion and pain

I close my eyes

and picture the surface of Venus

Earth’s twin sister

A planet better called Hades

Named  after the Goddess of love instead.

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus

Try It On For Size

Word of the Day Challenge: Borrow

Chaim Soutine

My skin

my bones

my crooked smile

my cats, my dogs

my time on the clock

You wanted to touch them, hold them, own them for awhile

it would be fun, you said.


My home

my friends, my herb garden

the meteor shower I could have seen

but you needed that spot I was standing on

to see it better, to  feel it with more passion

what a rush, it would be  so much fun

besides,  you wore my life better with that leopard tatoo, you said.


My demons

my nighmares, the things I buried in the basement

inside of the walls, under the beds, inside of the closets, that I

locked safely away with skeleton keys, are you feeding them, caring for them?

Please let me know if you have had fun

living with them,  dreaming  them, sleeping with them

they’ve told me you aren’t! Say it isn’t so!


That can’t possibly be true.

My skin, my bones, the  demons and nightmares I locked away with

skeleton keys were all the little pieces of me

that made my life

the thing you wanted to borrow so badly

because  you said,

it would be fun.


Wedding Day

RDP Wednesday- CONTEST


I fought for you

walked through Hell for you

carried you when no one else would.


I believed you in

trusted you

when you had no faith in yourself.


I love your face

your voice

your body, imperfect to you, a work of art to me.


I love you

Delores, he wept as he married me

in the park under a cherry blossom tree.


I looked up

into  his eyes and sighed

” My name is Margo. “