My Curious Collection

Putting My Feet in the Dirty Prompt#14- The Tear Keeper

Each memory

each word

each touch

each smile, smirk and curse

I have ever seen or felt

sits on a shelf in a room

that I visit

when I  am happy

when I am tired

when I am angry.


Each memory

every face

every taste

every breath of wind that blew against my face when I was walking alone

sits on a shelf

that I visit

when I am angry

when I am tired

when I am happy and having a good day.


Some of my memories are fragile, some are as sharp as broken glass, some are warm to the touch, some are deathly cold. But I’ve given them a home on those shelves and I treat them with respect and care.


And other memories are in boxes in my shed

I keep the door chained shut I won’t let anyone in

and I feed what I keep in them twice a day.


We roar together

we gnash our teeth together

we enjoy the darkness together and sometimes we enjoy the light together too.


They are my favorites

of course.

And I always visit them when I write.

The Display

Word of the Day Challenge: Dazzling


Soft sweet caramels  draped in smooth cool squares of  wax paper

delicate chocolate baubles lounging   in trays lined with silver paper doilies

 sassy candied fruits and sparkling sugar kisses lazing on cool porcelain beds

all dressed up and ready to go.

A dazzling display of  deliciousness

for the tongue and not the eye.


Photo A.M Moscoso