Patience Has Teeth

Turn on every light

burn every candle

that you have

in your room

to keep the darkness


Close the closet door,

jump up on your bed

and whisper those prayers

you learned in Sunday school

when you were a child.

Maybe they’ll work

They’re so old and comforting.

Like a warm blanket and a warm sweet drink wrapped around your shoulders

sliding down your throat

when it is dark and  the air is thick with ice and fog and despair.

Don’t look down to the floor

towards the window

Oh God

did you lock it?

Did you lock the window you scream to yourself

in your head where you thought the monsters lived.

Why didn’t you draw the curtains closed

how could you forget such a simple thing?

What will keep you safe now?

Could you scream for help? Cry to the Devil

to anyone, to someone to save you now.

Please save you now?

Go ahead.




I’m listening on the other side

of your window

where darkness is forever

and I’m not going anywhere.

Daily Prompt: Creature

The Ruined


” I trusted you! ” his eyes were bright, his breath was sharp he pushed his face close to hers.

” I did everything you asked of me, gave everything I promised to give, I broke the rules, changed the rules, I ended lives, I set the hills and sky on fire for you. “

She looked down and he was sure she was smiling.

That’s the way she was, that’s the way she had been since the day she drew her first breath and it sailed down her throat to her empty chest and the place where her heart should have been.

” We had a deal. You made me a promise. You said you’d give me your love and you Soul. I thought you were perfect. ” he closed his eyes and welcomed the darkness he saw there.

That darkness, that abyss was reminded him of her.

His heart burned, it ached, it was no more.

His eyes flew open and burned into hers.

” You are oblivion. You are a cheat. You are a lie. “

She raised her hands to his face, reached up and rested them on his horns.

” And you, my poor sad creature  are a trusting Devil.”



Photo A.M. Moscoso

I used to think that footprints were


a mark we left behind to


 ” we were here “

I used to think that

time blew those marks away


after it said

” Yes you were.”

But footprints are forever

they are everywhere we step





Footprints are forever

trapped in dust and stone

long after we are



Daily Prompt: Static




Forgotten Keys

Photo A.M. Moscoso

An empty room,  a blind window, quiet floors

Photo A.M. Moscoso

A glass of champagne sipped alone

 In a Universe of stars

Photo A..M Moscoso

Unturned locks, forgotten keys, tightly shut doors.

How lonely we all are.


Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Have You Ever Been Bewitched?

Have you been bewitched

by a song that you heard once

long ago

on a radio

during a storm

when the sky turned black and the lighting cracked and opened the sky

a silver wound quickly healed?


Have you ever been bewitched

by a painting

of  The Devil or maybe  Sin

hanging in a gallery above your head at the end of the room

their eyes finding yours

and then you smiled at each other like long lost friends?


Have you ever been bewitched by a story

you read late at night

when you were all alone and feeling lost and cold

a stranger in your own skin reading your life

penned by someone else’s hand?


Have you ever been bewitched?

If you’re lucky

you have been.

Franz Von Stuck

Daily Prompt Winsome