Sometimes House

Word of The Day Challenge: SOMETIMES

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all of the doors in my house swing open

on their own



all of the doors in my house slam shut

on their own.


Sometimes the windows in

in my living room

frost over during the Summer


Sometimes the windows in

my living room

are hot to the touch in the Fall


Sometime I can hear noises

coming from my kitchen

a thump, a gasp and then…



all of the doors in my house slam shut

on their own over and over again.


Human In Being


Frankenstein’s monster as created by artist Ross Rossin.

Create a human

it’s not hard  to do

A little song, a little dance, maybe a little

romance and

nine months later



If that doesn’t work there is reliable, though slightly less passionate,  science.


Or you could, if you are so inclined

to stitch together, cell by cell, bone by bone

a human form and wire it’s brain,

make it’s eyes see it’s  tongue move

to cause it’s heart beat

created in your own image and

by your command bring it together as




And if that doesn’t work

there is always romance, though slightly less passionate then science.




Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Junk

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Up In my attic

down in the basement

are boxes and trunks

packed with junk

of a life that came to an end

in an alley

along side a highway

in ditches and backyards and empty parking lots of super box stores.


I collected them all

and I stored them all here

I even labeled some with names in marker pen that bled over time

a phone, a hat an over due library book about how to pick up women

a purse still carrying makeup, a hairbrush, tic tacs  and cash

up in my attic, down in my basement tokens and trinkets

my private stash, undeniable proof of a life lived until it breathed it’s last.


When I sit in my kitchen,  watch tv in the living room,  before I fall asleep in my bed

I think about my attic, my basement

and I worry and fret, what happens when I run out of room?

What then? Oh my God what then?

Where will I hide my treasures of all of those lives once lived?

Slow down heart, slow down brain, down blood pressure I say.

There is always the shed.


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