Photo A.M. Moscoso

Once upon a time

a storm moved through here

and made this place it’s own.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Did it use lava or ice or snow

did it race through or walk through

these now ruined hills

did it take away it’s victim’s bones

to feast upon later?

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Could it have been held back,

could it have been fought off?

The scars it left behind


I wish.



Oh. No.

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but not for the first time


it happens more often then you would think

someone committed suicide

in the cemetery where I worked.


I think that when that happens

it is so  loud

it wakes the dead


and when the dead open their eyes and  realize what has happened

I think

it makes them sad.


The Writer Has The Devil For Tea

There is a story in your head

the Devil told the Writer

in her garden


over tea

” The Characters are determined, engaging, energetic and fun-

they are also homicidal, devious, really quite lovable each and everyone.”

The Writer finished her tea and she sat back in her chair.

She savored the scent of ripening apples that filled the air.

” They’ve asked  me to free them, turn them loose on the world, they offered me

you eyes and I’m sure they’ll offer more.”

The Devil put down his cup and leaned forward in his chair, ” I’m inclined to accept. ” he said as he savored each word.

The Writer stood up, she asked if The Devil would like more tea and then she said weighing each word carefully.

” They are in Hell and in Hell they will stay. Join them if you’d like, I dare you. Join them inside of my head for just one day.”

The Devil looked into the Writer’s eyes and when he saw himself reflected there


saw himself


The Writer reached out and touched the Devil’s horns




Part 9


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There is a nightmare under the Writer’s  bed

and I think it has teeth.

There is a nightmare hiding in her closet

and I think it has teeth.


Very long, very jagged, razor sharp teeth.


What does it feel like

when a nightmare bites you

with jagged, razor sharp teeth?


Tonight just before she falls asleep

I think her closet door’s hinges will

whisper to the Nightmares with teeth

” Is she dreaming about us?”