Ps I Hate You


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Every line

every dark shadow

every bad tooth

the jaw that hangs crooked from my skull,  the dull eyes, the thin lips

untouched , uncared for, discarded.

My face.


The Beast.


Trapped in a mirror

the one that hangs neglected in my hallway.

it screams from it’s glass prison


I shout it down

throw it down

crush it under words as heavy as stone

Shut up

you wasteland of skin and bone

nobody sees you, nobody cares for the looks of you


Not even me.


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With You Always

She was broken,

we were broken

she meant nothing to me at all

in the end

he said sadly through a cloud of smoke

to his hot Mama, the Goddess

his true love

on the night of his final betrayal.


And they lived happily ever after

until she came back

from the dead and tracked the dirt they buried her in

right up







Without A Map To Guide Me

I keep losing my way,

it runs off without me

and I can’t keep up


my way


angry, vicious, blind in one eye

but somehow it manages to

shake me, lose me, elude me

when I need it the most.

My way is lost but it doesn’t care

I do.

I’m sorry I have lost my way.

Siri- Make Me Real

The right color eyes

the creamiest peachiest skin

not a golden hair out of place

a life set to music


Instagram, Immortalized on Facebook

envied by numberless aching hearts beating in bedazzled phones world wide.


I want to be that woman

who exists in perfection with  the swipe of a finger


A command to Alexa an order to Siri

Hey Google

make me like that wonderful girl

that  refined and delicious woman

who wants world peace and never has to open a door for herself


Hey Google,  can you cut my muscles, rearrange my bones fill me with gel and fat until I’m a work of art too?

Can you make me sound like her, move like  Her Alexa?

Will I be valid then Siri?


I want to be as real as her.

The girl who exists in perfection

with the swipe of a finger

against a  plastic cover

on a bedazzled phone.


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