Having Fun With Words

This Fun Creative Writing Exercise Will Change Your Life 

( Playing With Words )

Fun creative writing prompt- you choose one word and then another word and  you keep going and you’re not supposed to care where you go, the words don’t even have to go together.

However I started with cemetery and went to popsicles and bits and pieces of a day at work came back to me, so I improvised. But that’s what being creative is all about!

This was a fun prompt-follow the link above and give it a try.




crunchy leaves

dogs on leashes

who is in that car

Cherry blossoms are gone

crows dancing on graves

she shot herself at dawn

by the reflection pond

Marble cats, granite angels

the caretaker’s cottage

is full of empty coffins.

(Playing With Sounds and Words )






angry teeth fighting

behind bloodless lips

kiss me when I’m angry

do I taste like pennies or nickels?


Tumbled To Perfection

Putting My Feet in the Dirt: September Prompt #18 : Polished to Perfection


Photo by u795d u9e64u69d0 on Pexels.com


Her nails were perfect

her hair was too

her smile was the best smile money could buy

and so were her boobs.


Her beauty was like those rough little stones

you polished and tumbled for nights

and when they were done and looked like jewels

you wore them with childlike  delight


but if they were flawed,

straight to the garden they went

to live with the mulch

and slugs.


Operation Be Someone Else

Putting My Feet in the Dirt September Writing Prompt# 15 Crimson clover compassions

Photographer Unknown

You could be pretty if you tried

wear your hair like this, wear your makeup like that

wear scarves, flowing skirts- think exotic!

Of course, you’ll never come up to scratch

but you could be pretty if you tried

just a little color here and a little color there

might make you pretty, almost average, of course not as splendid as that woman walking by

you could do it


if you just tried.