The Radio Is ON

I missed my calling by YEARS- it would have been great to write for radio back in the day. Enjoy these, they’re really fun!

Inner Sanctum episode titled The Death Deal about a man found dead in a car but it’s not the man who owns the car or is it? Find out what happens next in this episode of Inner Sanctum. Originally aired 04/18/1949.
The Witch’s Tale episode titled Rock A Bye Baby about a Man Robert Christie from Missouri and his wife who has the nickname Rockabye Baby wager $100 that one of them can spend the night in a haunted mansion in England. Originally aired 07/25/1932 and aired again in 1934.
Mysterious Traveler Episode Titled Locomotive Ghost. Originally Aired 07/06/1947.

Tune In

These stories are great to listen to for the fun of it- in addition if you write short stories listening to these really does help teach you pacing.


” The Shrunken Head “

The Whistler

Boris Karloff:” Corridor of Doom”

Inner Sanctum 1945

Orson Welles ” Dracula “

Mercury Theatre 1938

It’s Mystery Time!

What will life be like in the 21st Century? This story asks the question when disaster strikes!

” Bottom Of The World “

Arctic scientists must escape when threatened by a planetary catastrophe. Air Dates: First Run – May 6, 1977

It’s never to early for a Halloween story- here is an episode of Radio Mystery Theatre titled,

‘ The Witch’s Sabbath’

CBS Radio Mystery Theater Halloween Show The Witches Sabbath. Original Air Date: 10/30/1976.

You can choose your enemies, but you can’t choose your family

CBS Radio Mystery Theater ~

The Recluse

His Father is dead and his Grandmother has just died. Also, Grandma was a creepy mean spirited recluse in life and she’s left a will and a last wish that you know is going to cost someone big time.

Air Dates: First Run – February 10, 1977

Did You Hear That?

I love radio shows from the old days so now and then I try to dig some up and post thembut I think they are so neat I’m going to make it a regular thing.

So to start off

here are three episodes from some programs that I enjoy:

Inner Sanctum always had great stories, but my favorite part was when the psycho narrator sold Lipton Chicken soup before and after the show.

Inner Sanctum Mystery

Orson Welles…come on how could this NOT be great?

Tales From The Black Museum

The Whistler! I love the whole intro and the stories which were pretty edgy back in the day. My Aunt said she usually couldn’t make it to far into the episodes before freaking out.

The Whistler