The Lines Are Our Friends

I can’t draw, God knows I’ve tried but I’ve given up on it.

Whatever wiring in my brain that would make this happen did not happen for me.

But I have discovered this great new hobby  where I can KIND of draw- color books!

The first color books for adults ( wow that sounds bad ) that I became aware of concerned swear words- I have those. You can color them and finish a page in less then a half hour, so I haven’t colored in those  books yet.

I prefer the ones that take time, I  know you can use pencil strokes and different things to get different results but for now I just like to sort of kick back and have fun:

I like how the pictures you can color are sort of a mess of doodles around the subject – I think that was pretty smart of the artist who created the book.

That way you can feel like you’re creating something too.


I never used to like stuff like this- I just found it confusing.

The mess of colors and lines, I just got lost in it.

20160214_230957.jpgI’ve since learned that  this is the point to art and pictures like this.

I’ve also learned coloring is fun and I’m hoping I keep having fun doing it, I hope I get to my swear coloring books soon and that I find that perfect set of pencils soon.

But to still, I wish I could draw.

It’s magical to me.


In my effort to expand as a writer I’ve been trying new things- most of them are visual.

I know the traditional  thing to do is read more- but I’m looking for stories, inspiration.

Besides, I read  books that have nothing to do with what I write, so if I want strange I have to go out and look for it.

If I can’t find it, I make it- which is the point to my efforts.

I took these pictures in Pioneer Square.

They were fun finds and I figured I could use them for Halloween…and then I decided to ‘see them’ in a different light:



I used my phone app to do that.

The interesting thing I learned was, in the flip of a switch you can spin reality totally out of control.

Or you can tap an icon and change it.

So many options, only one Universe to do them in.

Heavy Sigh.

Anubis and Me

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Last Year when I was in Vegas with my family, I snapped this picture of Anubis.

The reason I wanted it at that exact moment was the little stuffed Unicorn between his paws.

The little girl who put it there for her Mom to take its picture, raced up at her Mom’s request to take it out so that the Lady ( I will never get used to being called that ) could take her (my) picture .

I said, if she didn’t mind, could I get a picture with her toy in it?

That’s the reason I wanted to take it I said.

I took my picture and as the little girl walked up to take her toy away she looked up at me and she looked a little nervous- I know that look. She thought I was making fun of her.

” Thank you, ” I said ” that made my picture very special.”

Not funny.


I could see she knew meant it. I loved her little toy with Anubis.

She held her little toy close and said happily, ” You’re welcome.”

From the woman who has little Anubis statues all over her house thanks you to little Lady- still- wherever you are.


The Monster In My Head Walks

365 Writing Prompts:

73. Last Person You Talked to: Write a quick little poem or story about the last person you spoke with.


I took a little walk

with the Monster in my head

“Where are we going?”  it asked

Somewhere special I said.


Then we walked for miles and miles

and never spoke a word.


When our walk was over

and the sun was dead and gone

we looked up into the



every single star began to fall.