The House Always Wins

Prompt: Monday Pet Peeve

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Just before Thanksgiving, way ahead of Christmas and New Years Eve people were warned to not get on those planes, to not fly all over the Country and to not celebrate the holidays with people who don’t live in your house.

So during that time,  on the news people were interviewed and they said things like, ‘they wore masks and they weren’t sick and they people they were visiting were fine’ so they felt they were being responsible and taking responsibility  for themselves’ and I guess they felt their reward for taking these so called actions was to be able to do whatever the hell they want.

One young woman I talked to on the commuter train I ride said she just ” had to be with her family ” so she was flying to California ( yeah, anybody see their numbers today? ) and then she sniffed and stiffled a sneeze.

Fast forward and guess what, Covid 19 is raging like a wilfire in the mountains during a draught  and there are pictures of freezer trucks for the dead  and bodies wrapped in plastic being carted out of the hospitals on the news almost every night and people still DO NOT EFFING GET IT.

So let me break it down.

I like to go to Vegas and I like to play the slot machines.

I usually break even and sometimes I win.

My secret: Every time I hit the spin button I say to myself:

” They house always wins. ”


Basically  I’m playing  it safe and my reward is watching a bunch of candy riding a roller coaster or I get to see a bunch of dalmatians jump on fire truck and put out a fire or a fisherman pulls up buoys and tells me what a great catch I got.

It’s fun in its own way and guess what, I don’t lose any money and I have a few laughs- but no way do I think  I’m beating the odds and winning.

On the other hand, every time you pull a jackass stunt and think you’ve got the odds figured out and you get on a plane and go to an event with a bunch of other people as ‘responsible ‘ as yourself, or you go blow out a bunch of candles on a birthday cake with five other people and then give hugs and eat cake off of the tableware you just spread your germs all over keep in mind:

You are taking a gamble, you are playing the odds but  it would be wise to say this to yourself:


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Every Dog Has His Day

The Monday Peeve 28

Today’s Monday Peeve isn’t my peeve exactly.

It’s what ticks my dog off most of all in the entire world.

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Hamish is not put out by things like having to wear ‘the cone of shame’.

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He doesn’t exactly hate it when I make him wear hats- though he probably wishes I wouldn’t make him do it at all for any reason. But I’m the Mom so tough.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

What Hamish hates is my phone- he hates it when it rings, he hates it when I take pictures he hates it when I plug it in next to the couch.


Over the weekend Hamish Macbeth expressed his feelings about my phone:


This is a picture I took Hamish.

When I was done instead of saying ” in ” which was his cue to run into his play area I said ” drop it ” and he jumped up and grabbed my phone ( which he hates with the hatred that could fuel the Sun for a trillion years ) and dropped it.

Into the bushes.

Next to dog poo-which I am sure he very aware was there.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Below is the picture  Hamish Macbeth took.

Did he run off after dropping my phone into the bushes next to the poo?

He did not.

He just sat there looking very pleased with himself.

Photo H. Macbeth

Every dog has his day…just ask Hamish Macbeth.

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