It’s 22 Days Until Halloween-Watch Out for Vampires!

In the event you are plagued by Vampires or believe you might fall victim to one this Halloween, you can take the following steps.

In 17th and 18th century Poland, people who were candidates to become one of the living dead were buried with sickle across their throats ( so that when they got up they would cut their heads off ).

You can also place a large rock under their chins ( and in some cases jam them down their throats ) to prevent them from drinking blood.

Another female skeleton, this one with a stone placed on her throat (Credit: Amy Scott/Gregoricka)

Scott/Gregoricka)A female skeleton, this one with a stone placed on her throat (Credit: Amy 

Or you can go old school and stake them through their chests with iron rods like this man  who was was believed to be Vampire.

He was staked over 700 years ago and buried in a monastery in Bulgaria:

Believe or don’t believe but you can be sure of this- Halloween is 22 days away.

Milo and Jingle Hungerford

I was inspired by my friend’s new Journaling Project Anastasia Riversleigh to resurrect- as it were- two characters I created several years ago.

They’ve come back to haunt me now and then and I think it’s the perfect time to give them the chance to come out and play.

I hope you enjoy their re-entry into the world!


” What are you looking at Jingle? ”  Milo Hungerford asked his wife.

Jingle was standing in front of their living room mirror and at first she didn’t seem to hear him. In the semi gloom of the evening filtering in through the drapes she turned slowly towards him and said, ” I don’t know. “

He came up behind her, stared into glass and shook his head.

” That’s not right Jingle. “

She put her hand to her face and looked into the mirror again and when she turned back towards Milo she started to cry. ” Milo what’s happening to me? “

Milo  pulled Jingle to his chest and turned her away from the looking glass.

” Is it still there Milo? “

Milo held Jingle tighter and said, ” yes. “

” The one in the foyer- let’s try that one too. “

” Jingle- it won’t…” he started to say and then when he saw the look on her face he nodded. “okay, we’ll try that one too.”

Milo held his wife’s hand and they walked down the dark halls to the entrance to their home and together they looked into the mirror there and Jingle burst into tears and grabbed her face.

” Oh Milo- oh Milo what’s happening to me? ” she cried.

Milo looked into the mirror and there in the glass he saw his wife distraught wife, her dark hair framing her face- all alone in the mirror except for the darkness that shrouded their home both inside and out.

He turned her gently towards him and said,

” I don’t know how it happened Jingle…but I think you’re alive. “