Pancakes Are Special Today

Today is National Pancake Day and to celebrate I’ve found some interesting vintage food ads to post here at my blog which caught my eye because the subjects in the ads look certifiably nuts.

 I’ve included an advertisement from the Purina Flour company which made me laugh because when I see ” Purina” I think of the dog food.

As a treat I’ve also added a  tutorial to make some unique pancakes that I may try, but I doubt it because I’m a waffle girl. ( I’ve added a song to express my feelings on the subject) 

Waffles or Pancakes- enjoy the day!


The Weyward Sisters


The weyward Sisters,

hand in hand,

Posters of the Sea and Land…

” First Folio “ Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies


The many faces of the Three Witches from ” Macbeth “

Haunting, aren’t they?


Three Witches, MacBeth (1831) – James Henry Nixon


Macbeth. Compare and Contrast: Opening scenes from five adaptations.

For Nan

I wish my Nan was around to see this, she’d have loved it.

She would also have said to let the plane crash because I can tell you she would have been no fan of the Kardashian/Jenner ‘brand’.

Anyway-check it out. This is awesome.

In an amusing sketch on Saturday Night Live, a pair of Scottish air traffic control agents responded an American plane’s distress call for landing assistance. The agents, brilliantly played by the incredible Kate McKinnon and native Scot James McAvoy, tried to communicate effectively with the person who took over the plane’s controls due to the fact that pilot was unconscious. Unfortunately, the person trying to fly the plane didn’t understand a word due to each agent’s thick Scottish accent.

Wait- What Game?

I haver Zero idea who won the Super Bowl but I did go back and watch the commercials. It was worth the time because they are pretty great.

First off.

I loved the Arnold and Selma commercials but I  was watching them before Commercial Day so I didn’t list them here in my top three favorites.


After careful and thoughtful  deliberations I’ve decided that these three are my favorites because there’s drama, comedy and some great soundtrack(s)

I’ve  also posted a top ten list that I thought included some great ads.

I hope you like them too!

For more laughs: